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The Rush - new Asheville sports club

Two new sports clubs/complexes are open in Asheville as of November 1st, 2008. One on the corner of Haywood Rd & Patton Ave and the other on Hendersonville Rd. Word is that the one on Haywood Rd is just a spin-off to get members and then they will build a giant Asheville sports complex where the Bilo on Patton is now (just closed down). Ha, the economy is bad, but big companies (Rush has many locations nationwide) know that they better plant now to accommodate the inevitable growth that Asheville North Carolina will see in the next 36 months.

Weaverville growing alongside Asheville

Many new and exciting things come as an area grows. Here is a photo of the Ingles in Weaverville, about 2 minutes from the new Wal-Mart and Lowes being built right over the 19/23 (I-26) bridge on Hwy 25/70. Ingles quickly prepares for the sure growth.

This is a test from my Blackberry 2 Blog... and some more late night small talk

Just having some fun with the new Blogger app for my BB and want to see how it displayed etc. Beautiful day in Asheville North Carolina today!

A few hours later: Nice... it works! I was able to take a few pictures on my cell, start an MMS message to, fill in the subject, write the article, push send (or my little joy ball on my Blackberry), and Bam it is done! Online in a minute on the go! I give it an A.

*Note: You have to register your cell phone number with Blogger before sending mms or emails to them.

FYI, for my fellow Blackberry users... (friends too)... you can write a blog, but you cannot label your posts on your BB or cell, so you need to come back later, on a desktop or laptop to do so.

We all have labels, don't we? Some label themselves, some label everyone and everything else. We ought to know who we are and how others see us. Not that we have to worry about what everyone else thinks, but it helps us get a "side angle" of ourselves. Kind of like a reference mirror that we can look at when we choose. Maybe the situation is in us mislabeling ourselves and not expanding our own views and full potential. For some us that are stuck in a sort of limbo, maybe having a small identity crisis, trying to put some of the pieces together and find out who we once were, who we are right now, who we want to become, and who we actually will become in the future.

Then there are those who have a label they put on everything. Have you ever know a person who always had that "not as good as last time" attitude no matter what the occasion? I mean, sometimes I have went really out of my way to take someone to a place they always bragged about. Then the whole time they are there, they talk about the last time. Then when you leave all they talk about is it "not being as good as the last time". I think it is sometimes just a case of the "honeymoon syndrome", maybe even over-enjoying something, & then waking up to reality a little the next day. Hmmmmm.

Have you ever met someone that labeled everything as evil or bad? They find the wrong in everything and actually make up petty reasons to support their false claim. Then there are those who live life and try to find a fair balance. Accepting people for who they are (not who we think they should be), being kind, patient, loving, supportive, and honest (with others and ourselves). This is the person that I seek... and hope to find in others and myself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moving to Asheville North Carolina

When I first decided to move out of New York City, Asheville North Carolina was not my first choice. I actually looked at many other areas such as Florida (of course), Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado, California, etc. All of these locations had my full consideration, but Asheville kept coming back to me. In the beginning it was the perfect middle ground between New York and Florida. So visiting my family in New York and vacationing in Florida were both about 10 hours away, or 14 for some of you slow drivers. One of the things that really got me was watching Asheville grow. For example, in a suburb of Asheville called Weaverville, there was a main road called Reems Creek. When I first moved here, Reems Creek was only a gravel / dirt road. I felt like the only thing missing was the horse and buggy. It was a step back in time for me coming from NYC. When my son moved down here, he kept a high-end alarm system on his car for several years because that is what he was used to. The crickets scared him as much as the gunshots on the streets of the NYC. It was serious culture shock.

We finally adjusted to the area, people, and culture, and we love it. It is a little slower paced living which is exactly what we were looking for. There is a quality of life that Asheville gave us that no other city in America has ever given us before. I guess it makes me feel as if I am really living and now have a lot more opportunity in life. The people of Asheville are very diversified, but that could mean that anyone, even you, can fit in! There are so many activities available for a single person, family, or group unit. This beautiful area is really growing and planning for a great future.

The true and complete City of Asheville North Carolina goes from Weaverville (North) to Arden (South), and also from Black Mountain (East) to Candler (West). This is just in case you view a map. Some places only show Downtown Asheville. Of course there are so many little towns, communities, and developments in between, that Asheville sometimes fades away when labeling areas, but believe me, it is all Asheville! There is a lot of room and potential in Asheville. There is so much real estate and areas for expansion. When I recently talked to some investors, they kept saying "I wish I would have come to Asheville about 10 years ago to pick up some of the property that was available then...", and "If I had known that Asheville was going to be the city that it is today...". It was a whole bunch of unprofitable regret. I know that in 10 more years, people will be saying the same thing about today. Don't waste time living in an uncomfortable, overextended place you used to call home. I invite you to make that move today and come to Asheville North Carolina; the "Next Greatest City in America".

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Visit Asheville's Business & Resource Hub by going to

Asheville Real Estate 2008

1) We're bullish on the local market as WNC continues to buck national trends with prices sustained and an actual average increase of 10.5 percent for the region last year. Beverly-Hanks just had the third best year in the history of the company; we believe the opportunity is there for us, and we have to do something with it. With interest rates near record lows, an abundant inventory of great properties, I would consider this one of the best times to buy real estate in WNC.

For Sellers - due to the large inventory of properties (competition), make sure your property is priced right, in showroom condition and possibly offer an incentive, i.e. seller will pay up to $4,000 in closing costs with acceptable offer etc. In addition, if you are lucky enough to have a home with mountain views, a great location, or unique in character... you're already on top of the list!

By: Tim Bosonetto of Beverly-Hanks in Asheville North Carolina. You can visit Tim @

2) This is one of the wildest real estate markets that I have seen since I started selling real estate in 1979. We have come from a record high in real estate in 2005 to a almost as good 2006. Our local board states the sales for 2007 decreased by 17%, but yet the average increase in value rose by 7%. Although the interest rates thus far in 2007 have been up and down a little they are still incredibly attractive to most home buyers. In conclusion it is truly a buyers market with rates still quite good, real estate still increasing, and the overall sales down. Now is the time to buy!

By: Jim Buff, CRS Keller Williams Realty 86 Asheland Ave Asheville NC 28801.

*These posts came from the newsletter.

For complete information on Asheville North Carolina, please visit Thank you.

Asheville's EZ-Aire - HVAC Contractors

EZ-Aire was established in 2004 with the goal of providing high quality HVAC service at a competitive price. EZ-Aire works with area builders and homeowners on residential and light commercial jobs. All jobs big or small get the same attention to detail and personal service our customers have come to expect.

EZ-Air offers a full line of equipment including Amana*, Goodman*, and Williamson* brands that provide furnaces, air conditioning units, and heat pumps. Amana is a premium line that combines high end features, energy efficient Seer ratings, and the best warranty in the business - with instant recognition.

Hanging heaters by Reznor* and Schwank* as well as ductless systems from Mitsubishi** and Daikin** round out our comprehensive lineup. Backed by experienced installation, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction with every job.In addition to installation EZ-Aire offers service diagnostics and repair, tune ups and unit inspections. Feel Free to contact us for New Construction as well as inspections and upgrades.

*Made in the USA **Made in Japan

EZ-Aire: (828) 778-9461 or (828) 778-9464 Fax (828) 628-3247 E-mail:

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Asheville Home Energy Partners

The building scientists of Home Energy Partners are dedicated to making a difference. Our mission is to improve the quality of buildings with respect to health, safety, efficiency, and durability. We achieve this through the analysis and implementation of building science principles in the process of new construction, as well as existing structures.

We work with the most demanding architects and the highest quality builders whose clients recognize the value of sustainable approaches to living and desire the comfort and security of living in high performance houses. We offer the guidance, expertise and know-how that are required to deliver a truly high-performance home every time.

We help homeowners make the hard choices on repairs and improvements by providing solutions with fact-based, no-nonsense cost/benefit analysis on how they can make their homes healthier and more efficient. From insulation and crawlspace moisture solutions, to carbon monoxide testing and HVAC and combustion equipment tune-ups, we deliver a process that leaves you with the best performing home possible.

Whether you are considering building, are ready to start construction or own a wonderful older home, Home Energy Partners can help you live more comfortably, in a healthier environment that saves you money on your utility bills.

To find out more about your new home project or existing home, contact Home Energy Partners at 167 Haywood Road in Asheville, or (828) 350-1155, or by email:

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As the demographics in the luxury housing market change, so do the preferences of the luxury home buyer

The term "wide open spaces" certainly has turned a corner in the luxury home market. With the Baby-boomer generation becoming empty nesters, their lifestyle emphasis is now focused on actually living outside instead of looking outside. Baby boomers no longer wish to call their home a castle and interior downsizing has become the trend. Outside is now the new inside featuring large covered loggia's with enough seating space for 2 or 20, a fully equipped entertaining kitchen and a stone fireplace that just might look out over a beautiful mountain vista.

These savvy boomers have set their sights on luxury living with a distinct functionality. The downsizing of space, particularly in the master bedroom, where once a lavish suite designed to encompass an entire wing of the home is no longer at the top of the wish list. The master bedroom has transformed itself back to its actual purpose, a cozy reclusive place to sleep.

What used to be the traditional walk-in his and her closet has been converted to a visual display of beauty and function. A dressing suite furnished in some of the finest wood products available, arranged and organized for maximum capacity and storage options are often two stories tall. These super closets can be equipped with a morning bar for a convenient wakeup coffee and with built-in laundry stations, homeowners can do a load of laundry before stepping into the shower.

No matter how empty the nest, luxury home buyers still want their just rewards, after all, they've worked for it. Bigger may not be better anymore when designing the master suite but luxury and function are still crucial. Relocating the master suite from the rear of the home to an internal space that is private and secure allows family gathering areas to take its place. Homeowners now prefer to use this space for fun and friends, pools and gardens, lakes and vistas.

ABOUT JIM PHELPS - Steadily becoming one of the country's top designers, Jim's home designs grace our country's landscape from the shores of the east coast to the mountain ranges of the west coast. Often sought out by developers and community planners, Jim's innate ability to create the spectacular is in demand. You can learn more about Jim's work at or by calling 704-237-5054.

*Taken from the newsletter.

Bark House Style Coming to Asheville NC

Writer Nan Chase jokes that her intriguing new house is the first 21st century all-bark bungalow built in Asheville..."but it won't be the last." She and her husband have recently moved into the poplar bark two-story near Charlotte Street and found the structure "like a fort" for its extra-durable bark construction. They also find that heating bills are nearly non-existent because of the insulating power of bark. Bark shingles are also among the greenest building material available: the bark is salvaged by hand during commercial timber operations, and never needs paint or stain.

The house grew out of a partnership with a Spruce Pine, N.C., company called Highland Craftsmen, manufacturers of chemical-free poplar bark shingles, which have a life-span estimated at 80 years so more. Nan and Highland Craftsmen co-owner Chris McCurry set out to tell a national audience about the history and re-emergence of bark architecture. Their new book, Bark House Style: Sustainable Designs from Nature, will be published this Sept. 1 by Gibbs Smith, and is available at Accent on Books, 854 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville North Carolina.

*Taken from the newsletter

Asheville North Carolina Log Homes

Tree Craft Log Homes Inc. was founded in Mars Hill, NC in 1984 as a manufacturer of quality log home kits. In the decades that followed the company refined its products and services to become a producer of some of the finest log homes and building materials in the industry.

With its recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art Leadermac molder and the construction of a new facility at 421 Old Mars Hill Highway in Weaverville, NC, Tree Craft is prepared to more aggressively compete in the market by providing quality materials and workmanship while continuing to enable more people to own their dream log home by keeping prices within reason.

At Tree Craft log Homes Inc., we don't think it should cost a 'premium' to own a premium log home. Many of our homes are constructed at per square foot prices comparable to a conventional stick-built or even some modular homes. And while log McMansions have dominated the media of late, we find our greatest satisfaction in building homes for families with less need for size but a taste for quality and an appreciation of Appalachian workmanship and Green Construction principles. We welcome you to visit our website @

*Taken from the newsletter. Go to their home page to sign up.

On The Greener Brick Road - Asheville Home Building

Green advertising is seen everywhere. From Waste Managements' Worldwide commericial campaign, to Green Building, Green Dishes, Green Vehicles (fuel efficient, bio-diesel, electric), Green Pet Food, and so on. I was talking to a builder the other day who preached Green Construction, but only knew about solar panels and some premium insulation options. There is so much involved and many times there is always a better or greener choice. Green is quality, but there are many tiers. Some builders offer green options, but let the clients make the final decision. Others only build totally green with the greenest most costly products they can find. Of course this is easy with spec building because the green decisions, as minimal as they can be, are made by the builder. Buyers are becoming a lot more conscious about the quality of green and it is a major selling point for Realtors and Builders alike. Yes, there will always be buyers who are looking for the lowest price and green is not even a consideration. Our message to all? Live greener, build better, and put back into the universe where and when possible.

With research, you can build a standard green home very economically. You can also easily triple the price of the project if budget is not a concern. Gary talked to a Builder who wanted 2x10 stud walls filled with icnene and 2 inches of foam on each side and would not build otherwise. Crazy or "Green Sense"? What is right, what is wrong, what is green, what is greener, what is greenest? That is the question. Asphalt shingles are not "green" and the recycled ones have less life so they are not a good choice. The National Association of Home Builders Research Center reports 20 Billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. landfills each year. Metal roofs and cement composite roofing products such as simulated shake and slate have become the wiser choice. At the end of the life of cement, it can be ground up into sand, so it is recyclable. Living Green and Building Green seemed to start as a fad but has quickly become the strong standard. One of our Local Builders talked about having to "Roll with Green or get rolled over by builders who did". In other words he heard the voice seriously telling him to "Get Green or Get Out"! Have we not heard and believed it yet?

*An article taken from

Asheville's Carlton Architecture

Are you looking for an Architecture Firm that provides green, eco-friendly, sustainable custom architectural designs in both residential and commercial?

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Carlton Architecture is a full service architectural practice dedicated to thoughtful architecture through the blending of excellence in design, environmentally sustainable building practices, site sensitivity and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. By putting aside preconceptions, we derive inspiration from the unique ambitions of our clients and the challenges presented on each site. When merged with the beauty of materials, the expression of light and the poetics of space, an authentic design solution can emerge.

Raised in Jackson TN, Rob Carlton, AIA attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he received his Bachelor of Architecture. After years of practice with larger firms in Tennessee and Asheville, Rob sought to establish a progressive architectural firm focused on redefining the common notion of Appalachian mountain architecture. Driven by a sense of stewardship for the land and reverence for an architecture that is relevant and timeless, Carlton Architecture was born. As principal of a growing firm in the expanding western North Carolina region, Carlton prides himself on cultivating lasting relationships with clients, colleagues, and trade professionals that firmly root him in this community.

For more information, please contact Carlton Architecture - Rob Carlton - 828-274-7554

*Article taken from the monthly newsletter. Go to their home page to sign up for it.

Asheville Builder Architect Magazine

Builder/Architect Magazine has been profiling Western North Carolina's leading custom home builders, architects and developers since 1995 - and remains the only building trade magazine exclusively serving the WNC market.

In addition, every bi-monthly (B2B) issue highlights the region's top building supply firms, subcontractors, and other companies involved in residential construction. A dozen local columnists provide interesting and informative articles about homebuilding and how to improve and succeed in business.

In 2007, the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina voted Builder/Architect "The Best Magazine in the Mountains." A year earlier, in 2006, The North Carolina Home Builders Association recognized the publication as "The Best Magazine in North Carolina" when it comes to homebuilding.

The Western North Carolina Edition of Builder/Architect is part of a network of 65 regional B/A magazines throughout the U. S. and Canada, under the corporate umbrella of Sunshine Media and True North Custom Publishing. For more than 12 years, the WNC Edition has been the network's pacesetter for advertising sales, innovative marketing photography, graphic design and editorial content.

Bob Kays, Builder/Architect's publisher since 1995, turned over the publishing reins to Jim Joly last year - and remains active as Senior Consultant to the magazine. Jim Joly can be reached at (828) 298-8222.- Bob Kays telephone number is (828) 627-3737

*Article taken from the newsletter.

Lexington Gateway Mural - Asheville NC

If you have been downtown recently on Lexington Avenue, you may have noticed a lot of scaffolding under the I-240 overpass. But this time it is not due to structural problems, it is actually a beautiful art mural custom designed for Asheville.

This project started out with several artists contributing and developing the design, but ended up consolidating down to a tight group of 5 ( Molly Must, Steven Lister, Kurt Thaesler, Daniel Beck, and Joshua Spiceland). The themes showcased within the Lexington Gateway Mural include the efforts of Sustainability, Arts & Culture. Asheville is community and there are so many people contributing "behind the scenes" to landmark this City. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

Steve Lister graduated from Auburn University and moved to Asheville from Tampa, FL only 5 years ago. He works with a Architecture firm in Asheville called Bowers Ellis & Watson Architects, PA located at 168 Patton Avenue 28801

*An article taken from the newsletter.

Browne Properties Asheville North Carolina Realty

OUR MISSION: To carefully, honestly and professionally assist our clients through the process of buying and selling real estate and to be the best source of information about the Asheville area real estate market while providing the highest level of personalized customer service.

OUR COMPANY: Browne Properties, Inc. has evolved over the years. With the full time addition of Carol Browne in 2008 as business partner and Broker Associate, Browne Properties, Inc. has expanded its capacity and conscience to a new era in business. Scott continues to specialize in investment real estate properties, real estate development and construction consulting as well as general real estate while Carol works hard serving the general real estate needs of both Buyers and Sellers. Scott and Carol together focus on real estate services for our growing senior population. As Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES®), Scott and Carol guide their senior clients through real estate transactions and draws on the expertise of a network of senior specialists, such as CPA's, estate planners and lawyers, as well as community resources and services. With hard work, commitment, Scott's 30 years of management experience, and Carol's personality, enthusiasm and integrity, Browne Properties, Inc. offers its clients, staff and friends the most enjoyable real estate experience.

OUR GOAL: Through our team of professional staff and associates, it is our goal to exceed our client's expectations while we operate with integrity, improvement, and constant education. We shall always give back to our community and fellow humanity sharing our good fortune and blessings with others.

Please visit for more information.

*Article first posted in the newsletter.

Tall Girl Painting - Asheville North Carolina

TallGirl Painting is an Asheville NC based painting company that does interior and exterior house painting. They specialize in low VOC and Non-toxic paints as well as faux finishes and decorative painting. They are fully licensed and insured and have been in business for over three years.

Their most recent work can be seen at Mo'Daddy's a new rock-a-billy next door to MamaCita's in downtown Asheville. You can visit Jennifer's business profile by going to

Asheville Framing & Building

Having worked very closely with Asheville Framing... seeing their vision, looking at their work, and talking to their crew; I believe this company is a keeper. Mr. Ben Flynn, who is one of the owners, acts as the PM (Project Manager) and works with the Job Lead to make sure any work is completed properly, time schedules are met, and budgets come in under.

A framing crew holds a lot of responsibility. They are the ones that are actually literally building your home or completing your project. Yes, the General Contractor is in charge; but how much easier would it be to have the right framing crew build the skeleton / superstructure of your prized possession? Many times builders go out of their way to get the lowest price possible on building the most important part of the home. When this happens, you are faced with low quality workmanship... and the punch list (things that need to be redone or repaired) grows. Hooking up with the wrong Asheville Home Builder can leave your new home actually looking like a remodel when everything is said and done. This is not good.

Visit for complete framing and building information.

Asheville Building & Real Estate

Asheville has a bunch of home builders available and they are not all the same. Some of them have problems with scheduling, some have money issues, some have quality concerns when it comes to their work and the materials they use, and some are simply wonderful. We know many of them.

The website is a complete guide to Realtors, Home Builders, Architects, Developers, and Subcontractors in the Asheville North Carolina area. They also have a practical "down to earth" home building and real estate newsletter that you can sign up for on their home page.

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Talk Asheville in North Carolina

Networking, making new friends, sharing ideas, and making new business contacts locally is what Talk Asheville is all about. If you have a social network platform already, it would help to have a local back-up profile as well, and support your Asheville community. If you are not involved in online networking, Talk is a great place to start. James and Chad run a very clean & professional social network in Asheville North Carolina.

Is it better than MySpace or Facebook? Maybe not, but it grows with the people who use it. Getting local with your networking allows you to improve your networking power on a more personal level. Correct! Some people may not want that "closer" personal connection. This is for people who want to actually make strong, profitable, maybe lifelong, local connections. Of course that could be done from any social network, but when you use, you make connections that you actually have access to in Asheville North Carolina.

Networking platforms come in many forms including blogs, forums, instant messengers, email, and more. Make use of the ones that are most effective and closest to you.

*A portion of this article was first displayed in the newsletter.

For more info on Asheville North Carolina and what the area has to offer, please visit

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Asheville North Carolina's search engine, resource, directory, business hub

Ask Asheville was created with the end user completely in mind. The website is a "business hub" type resource that promotes thousands of Asheville area businesses free of charge. Across the top of the site, you have all of the main sites for the area including direct links to the Asheville City website, Buncombe County website, all of the main news links for Asheville, a great local radio presence, a link to an Asheville based social network, a very complete and comprehensive "NewComer" page, and much more... check it out!

Across the bottom are yellow links that have info about adding your website to the search engine, a faq page, a list of other area directories and resources, and some a "Sponsors" page that has some great companies that are backing AskAsheville. Also, lower on the page right above these yellow links are some popular links (in white) including Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, AngiesList, Carbon Rally, GasBuddy, and more. is perfect site to be used as the morning dashboard of anyone living in or near Asheville North Carolina.

The links right below the search box are "News", which links to a page of news feeds on; "Info" that gives some info about the links across the top of the site; "Blog" clicks over to, and "Forum" links to

***The main feature is a search engine that is powered by Google. There are literally thousands of local Asheville websites indexed into the search engine, all free of charge. Take a look, do a search, and see some really positive relevant results appear. Another great feature of the site is the "QuickLinks" directory where you have 100's and 100's of direct links to area businesses in Asheville North Carolina. Companies can purchase a "QuickLink" for only $99 a year to sort of support the website and receive additional exposure.

For more info, please visit or | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |