Friday, October 29, 2010

Salt with Extra Lime, Happy Friday!

The sun is back just in time for the weekend. Perfect! Grab some friends and enjoy a margarita at Neo Cantina in Biltmore Village. Happy Friday!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asheville's Oval City Stickers - check them out

Asheville has a new sticker company in town called Oval City Stickers. Here is a quick preview of some new fall designs that are available. Lots of companies are joining in with this company to get custom stickers with their logo and information listed on the stickers. Company is owned by Mike 828-505-7445.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boo! Eat, Drink and Be Scary this Halloween!

Treat yourself and celebrate this Halloween at Never Blue in Hendersonville, NC. Their masquerade ball benefits the United Way of Hendersonville County. When you buy your ticket be sure to have a mask made just for you by artist-in-residence Pam Cosner, who just happens to be the mother of chef/owner Jesse Roque.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get Fit and Give Back

Club W at the YWCA of Asheville is a wonderful place to get and stay in shape while helping fund important community programs. Come visit Club W and check out the pool heated by solar panels!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Inspired by Nature - Element Clay Studio Asheville

Next time you are in the River Arts District visit Element Clay Studio and meet Heather Knight.       
She creates beautiful pottery from porcelain.  Her work is heavily inspired by nature and it is something quite special.

Blog post by Sabrina Nizzi

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I’m Elvis; Yes, I’m back, and I'm waiting for My Forever Home.

Hello, I am Elvis and I have been at Brother Wolf’s Adoption Center for way too long. Let’s get it straight; I’m not perfect. I got a few quirks. But, who doesn’t? Nevertheless, I’m a hound dog; so, like the other Elvis, I like to sing and sometimes that bothers some people. I don’t know why because I sing almost as good as the famous Elvis; I definitely don’t cry and I’m much more than just a hound dog.

I am also a bit aloof, but you would be too, if you’ve had my life. I don’t like cats that much, and trucks, bicycles or motorcycles are not my favorite things, either. They get me really excited and I want to go chasing after them. And, lastly, I’m pretty tall, so I can jump low fences if you just leave me outside to fend for myself. So, there you have it, these are all of my shortcomings.

Now, let’s talk about my good points, shall we? I’m very handsome, if I may say so myself. I make a great running or walking companion… I love to go on walks; and if my walkers could be runners, I would be in heaven; but I am perfectly content to go for walks. I especially love hiking and go on hikes with the Outward Hounds Hiking Club most Wednesdays.

I really love people, but they haven’t been that kind to me that’s why I’m a bit aloof. However, from time to time, I can’t contain my true self and I find myself kissing and loving on folks. Let’s keep it between us though; I have a reputation to maintain. I am sure that if I knew you would love me tender; and, I would immediately know I couldn’t stop loving you.

But, wait there is more good stuff. I also get along with other dogs just fine, thank you very much! This is big, you know; there are so many dogs that don’t seem to get along with other dogs. I don’t get it, but that’s the way it is. Not with me, though. I like my friends and I’ve had many playmates here at Brother Wolf.

All of these good qualities would make you think that someone would adopt me. Well, unfortunately, easy come, easy go and so they have; and they have brought me back because of my sins. That’s why I started this conversation by sharing them with you.

I would do just fine with someone who could take me running, hiking or walking and tire me out. I would sleep for the rest of the day until the evening walk or run, and probably wouldn’t feel like singing, jumping or chasing cats. But, with me, you have to have time. I have to be always in your mind and I will love you so, you won’t be all shook up.

So, if you are lonesome tonight, if you are so lonesome you could cry, know I am lonesome too but there is no need for it, just stop by Brother Wolf and bring me home with you. I can’t stop believing that it will be any day now when I will get my forever home; just remember, I need you so. I am a hound dog, but I’m much more than that; let me be the one for you forever, not just for tonight.

Brother Wolf’s adoption center is located at 31 Glendale Ave, just off of Swannanoa River Rd., between Biltmore Avenue and Tunnel Road. Call 505-3440 for more info or email

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My Name Is Biscuit - Will You Help Me Find My Forever Home?

I am Biscuit and I need to find my forever home. When I say “forever” I really mean it. You see I’ve had somewhat of a tough life. I’ll tell you all about it a bit later… but first I want to share with you a bit about me, what I need and what I can give you. If we are not a match, perhaps you know someone who may be the perfect one for me.

So here it goes…

  • I am sweet, will give you kisses and be very affectionate once we get to know each other.
  • I am as faithful as they come.
  • I love to run and adore my walks.
  • I love to hunt, so I may pull for a while in our walks but once I get it out of my system, you can walk me loose leash and all…no problem.
  • I know some basic commands such as sit and wait; and, I am very, very smart so I can learn a lot more, if you teach me.
  • I LOVE to play with my toys and play tug-of-war with my human friends and I love to play chase with my canine pals.
  • I am a bit fearful so I need someone who can build my confidence and pay attention to me.
  • I need someone who can be the leader; I am strong willed, but I really want direction; and, I listen just fine when you are strong and mean what you say. Don’t you hate it when people don’t?
  • I don’t know this Cesar Millan guy, but I hear that he says that dogs need exercise, discipline and affection and I think he is right on. I need lots of exercise; I need discipline… well, because we all do; and I need a ton of affection.

My Story

I am not too sure of what happened to me as a puppy but I know it could not have been good because I ended up being so frightened. I was found in the streets by a nice man who took me in. He could not keep me because he had lots of cats; and I, well, how shall I put it? I guess the truth is that I love to chase cats, or anything that moves for that matter, so the man took me to a wonderful place called Brother Wolf. And this has been my home for some time now. They really love me here, but I do get anxious about all the noise coming from all the other dogs… they can be quite loud; you know? …especially those puppies!

But, back to my story. I was a happy dog and then I got adopted by a nice family who had a really, really bad dog. We played for a while but then he went berserk and attacked me, but I survived, phew! That was a close call, but now all I have left from that incident are a few scars… you would think I would hate other dogs after that experience! But I don’t … I get afraid some times, but I mostly ignore other dogs and have a few close friends.

Well… after I got patched up, there I was back at Brother Wolf. These wonderful folks took care of me and loved me. The first few months back I was truly scared, but eventually I gained my confidence and the volunteers started noticing the great dog that I am.

One day about 2 months ago I got adopted again! Boy was I happy! And, so was every one at Brother Wolf. Finally, I had my home, or so we hoped. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I don’t want to speak bad about any one, but the lady who adopted me simply did not know that she had to be the leader. I am not at ease in that role at all. So one day I was scared and nipped a stranger who was coming towards me. I didn’t hurt the lady; I was just scared. My so called owner called Animal Control and told them to euthanize me and that she did not want me any longer. Can you believe that? Thankfully Animal Control realized that I am not a mean dog; they found the chip that told them I was a Brother Wolf dog and saved my life! Another close call!

It has taken me nearly two months of working with my volunteers and the folks at Brother Wolf to finally get me back to my loving sweet self. I was so scared… I thought everyone was after my life! Wouldn’t you be? But, thankfully, that’s all in the past and every day I am getting better and better. I am ready for my forever home. I really want someone who can take care of me, give me a home and let me love them back. Would you be that someone?

Brother Wolf’s adoption center is located at 31 Glendale Ave, just off of Swannanoa River Rd., between Biltmore Avenue and Tunnel Road. Call 505-3440 for more info or email

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The New Cosmic Band Plays October 29

Friday, October 29, the place to be is Club 11 (upstairs at the Grove House) for another amazing trip with The New Cosmic Band.

The New Cosmic Band is an ever-changing lineup of local musicians, coming together to make "music for the alien invasion", according to founding member David Lee. Saturday's lineup features Lee and Anthony Dorion from Silver Machine, Discordian Society's Max Melner and Alfonso Graceffo, and drummer Josh Newton-y'all know you can't resist that much awesome. Doors open at 10, with DJ support before and after The New Cosmic Band's midnight show.

"If anyone coming to Moogfest wants a healthy dose of Asheville's local organic psychedelic rock this is the place to be!" -David Lee. What more can I say?

Club 11 is at 11 Grove Street, right off Patton Avenue in downtown Asheville. $5 for 21 and up, $7 for 18-21. For more information go to The New Cosmic Band's web site or check out the event page on Facebook.

april fox is a freelance writer from asheville. see more of her work here, or follow her on facebook.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

BUILDERadius Open House Celebrates 10-Years of Innovation and Growth - Asheville NC

Asheville, NC  --  In conjunction with the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville - Buncombe County (EDC), local technology company BUILDERadius, Inc. announces a community open house on Thursday, October 21 at 4 p.m. to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and recent expansion.  Over the past decade, Asheville-based BUILDERadius has grown from three employees to over 60, and is today one of the nation’s leading providers of software and data services to public and private sectors involved with building safety, development, and planning for local government, while providing property history data for insurance, environmental consulting, banking and lending, and real estate.

Founded in1999, BUILDERadius, Inc. launched BluePrince Software and quickly emerged as a leading provider of community development software for local governments with over 150 jurisdictions across the country. Founder Bill Ward explains, “Our BluePrince customers are municipal community development departments which are likely understaffed, underfunded and always under a deadline. We have tools that deliver real value to local builders and to community development departments of any size by dramatically increasing permitting, inspection, code enforcement and planning efficiencies for any jurisdiction.” 

BUILDERadius, Inc. continues to make strategic investments in human resources and product development that will ensure its success and competitive edge well beyond the next decade.  In 2008 the company launched BuildFax, a property history database that collects and organizes the building and permitting information from cities and counties throughout the country. The detailed national BuildFax database is used by a number of industries because it is the best and only source of a property or structure’s “life story.” In 2009, BUILDERadius received a $6 million investment in financing for the company from Environmental Data Resources, a company owned by DMG Information. The investment allowed the firm to double in size over the past year, with plans to add another 30 employees in the next two years.

The company is a proud leader in the Asheville business community, recruiting nearly 50 percent of its workforce from universities in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.  The firm has also successfully recruited key talent to the area.  President of BluePrince Lorrie Barnwell adds, “Our workforce, like our history, is a part of the Asheville community.  Our employees want to pursue a career path in cutting edge technology in a town known for creativity, arts and quality of life.”

“It is the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals like Bill Ward that truly drives the success of our vibrant downtown,” shares Asheville Mayor, Terry Bellamy.   “We thank BUILDERadius for its longstanding commitment to our workforce, our community and economy.”  

“Success stories like BUILDERadius not only enhance our regional reputation for innovation, but build the confidence of the entrepreneur to launch world-class technology businesses here in Buncombe County.  We are proud to congratulate the management and staff of BUILDERadius on their milestone anniversary and ongoing expansion,” said EDC Chairman K. Ray Bailey.

The open house will be held on Thursday, October 21 at 4 p.m. at the BUILDERadius headquarters at 16 Biltmore Avenue, Suite 200. Please R.S.V.P. to

For more information on employment opportunities at BUILDERadius, please visit

The EDC for Asheville-Buncombe County is a public-private partnership committed to: creating and retaining high quality jobs, community leadership, and being a resource for better business decisions.  The EDC accomplishes this mission through its four core services: business retention and expansion, small business and entrepreneurship, research, and marketing and recruitment.  The EDC is funded by Buncombe County, the City of Asheville, the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Advantage Asheville Campaign.

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is a 2,000+ member organization representing 86,000 employees.  Chamber members collaborate with community organizations and coalitions to support the community and each other with the mission of increasing the region’s livability by advancing its economic vitality.  The Asheville Chamber works diligently to ensure that Asheville continues to prosper while also protecting the natural beauty of the area.  In 2006, the Chamber moved to a new location and is now home to the 4,000 square foot Visitor Center which welcomes 200,000 visitors per year.

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Asheville - Free Ice Cream ALL DAY for Everyone at The Hop West

Today is the official Grand Opening for The Hop West in Asheville North Carolina. From 1pm till 11pm tonight, they are scooping free ice cream on 721 Haywood Road in West AVL. Make sure you get out there, meet Greg & Ashley and the team, and check out the new place.

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Circle in the Square Pizza in Asheville NC

Meet Peter, the owner of Circle in the Square Pizza in North Asheville. New weekend late night hours - open till 2am! They are located at 640 Merrimon Ave right next to Rise & Shine Cafe, The Hop Ice Cream Cafe and Zen Sushi.

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Asheville has great water; doesn't it?

Are you thankful for that daily hot shower, or drink of cold clean water whenever you want one? I couldn't imagine life without these simple everyday things that we take for granted. 

It's important that we take time, even during what we see as "hard times" to be thankful for the luxuries and conveniences we have. There is almost one billion people living everyday without what we expect to have as US citizens.

Here's a reality check for ya; the problem of poor sanitation and lack of safe water is closer to home than you may want to believe. Indeed you don't have to look very far in our own community to discover what is often overlooked. It could be as close as your neighbor, coworker or the school friend your child plays with everyday. There are citizens in our community that suffer the burdens of unsafe water; and many of them don't even know their at risk. Did you know that Madison County in North Carolina has the highest rate per capita of "strait piped sewers" in the nation? "Strait piped" means strait from the toilet to the nearest creek, river or lake! Make you wonder whats in your water? 

Sometimes the simplest actions have the most profound impact towards improving situations that need improving. You can do something, for free, to help save millions of lives each year. Petition our government to make clean water and sanitation for everyone a priority.

If you do only this one thing; you will have done something useful and important to help bring others the luxury you take for granted at the twist of a faucet handle. Statistics published by UNICEF show that 1.5 million children die each year from unsafe water! Please help make a difference. 

By the way did I mention that it doesn't cost anything?
Yeah I think I did; just wanted to be sure you got that part.

Petitions by|Start a Petition »


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Men, Meet Your Integral Warrior Tonight!

Join nationally known men's facilitator Gary Stamper tonight for a FREE preview of the Integral Warrior/The Shamanic Priest Process for men.

Come find out why men are raving about this process, and how it has changed their relationships, their work, their lives.
• Does your partner want something from you that you can’t deliver?
• Are you afraid of being left behind?
• Are you confused about who you are and your role in the world?

Stop being afraid or confused. Meet your partner where they live and give them what they really want!

With NO OBLIGATION, come spend two hours to see if this process is the next step in your spiritual and developmental evolution to being the fullest man you can be, and start building the life you want for you, your loved ones, and the planet.

The event is tonight, Thursday, Oct. 14, 7-9 p.m. at Isis Cove Retreat Center, Whittier, N.C., about an hour from Asheville. For more information email Gary at or call him at 206-779-5870.

Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer in Weaverville, N.C. who can be reached directly at

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brewgrass - Asheville's Craft Beer Festival

Here are some video clips of the Brewgrass Festival at Martin Luther King Jr. park in Asheville North Carolina. So many breweries represented along with great food options, music, awesome people and more!

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Dad Bloggers at Type A Mom Conference in Asheville

Dad bloggers are attempting to catch up to the heels of the Mommy Bloggers wave. How can male influence get inserted into these conferences and online communities when needed? Can daddy be a blogger too? Can dad make some money from blogging?

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Highland Brewing's new tasting room in Asheville NC

Grant and Steve are pouring beer samples, having a great time, and getting ready to take folks on a tour inside the brewery. Free tours and tastings are performed weekdays at 4pm. This photo was taken in the new tasting room at Highland Brewing Company in Asheville. For more info, please visit Highland Brewing. To see more photos, please visit the AskWNC Photo Album page. Thank you.

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Asheville Artist Cindy Walton Shows Cold Wax Series in Highlands, N.C.

Asheville fine artist Cindy Walton will be a featured artist in the "Fall Colors Fine Art Show" in Highlands, N.C., Oct. 16-17, 10-5 p.m. Her new cold wax painting series, which debuted here at the Cotton Mill Open House last month, is expected to continue to garner attention among art enthusiasts.

"The attraction for many is the level of intricate detail," says Walton, who previously has distinguished her work with bold, sweeping impressionistic landscapes. "These paintings are small, intimate jewel-like treasures."

The cold wax medium consists of a beeswax paste mixed with oil paints for a matte texture. "The medium gives a three dimensional quality to a two dimensional surface. The detail truly is exquisite."

The technique is ancient in origin and can be traced to early civilizations as a fine art application. Cold wax is applied with knives or other tools and layered for unique visual appeal.

Admission is free. The "Fall Colors Fine Art Show" is Oct. 16-17 from 10-5 p.m. in the Civic Center Recreation Park gymnasium. For more information on Cindy Walton, fine artist, visit her website at, email her directly at, or arrange a private studio visit at (828)251.1499.

Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer in Weaverville, N.C. at

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Asheville Chamber President Announced


Asheville, North Carolina—The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the selection of its new President & CEO as Kit Cramer, current president of the International Downtown Association (IDA) in Washington, DC.

Alice io Oglesby, chair of the Chamber Board and president of io design and illustration, inc., reported that the Chamber’s Board of Directors approved the recommendation of the Search Committee to hire Kit Cramer at its called meeting on October 6. Cramer will begin work on November 15, replacing Rick Lutovsky who is retiring after 10 years at the head of the organization.

“Kit brings an excellent set of skills to the position,” said Mike Willett, Chair of the Search Committee. “During the interview process, we were impressed not only with the variety of professional experience she has to offer, but also her enthusiasm and obvious passion for Chamber work.”

 “Asheville is a beautiful, exciting place. The diversity of thought there is one of the things I found most attractive about the community. I’m honored to have been selected for this position and am excited to get to work,” said Cramer. “Rick Lutovsky has built a strong and accomplished team. I look forward to getting to know them as well as the community as I work with the Board to take the organization to the next level.”

Cramer’s current organization, IDA, is a 650-member association with the mission of being a guiding force in creating healthy and dynamic city centers that anchor the well-being of towns, cities and regions throughout the world.

Prior to leading IDA, Cramer worked for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce for 17 years in various management capacities, including as executive director of Member Services where she worked with the Chamber’s seven area chapters. As a Vice President in the Economic Development division, she worked as a recruiter for new business as well as an advocate for existing businesses. As group Vice President for Education, she worked on education public policy and workforce development initiatives.

Prior to her tenure at the Charlotte Chamber, she served as public information officer for two school systems. She also worked as a downtown manager early in her career.

While working in education public policy, Cramer also served as Vice-Chair of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education for three years.

A graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism & PR, Cramer is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. She has received the Certified Chamber Executive designation from the Association of Chambers of Commerce Executives. She has been married to her husband, Mark, for 27 years. They have two grown children, Kathryn and Mac, who live in Charlotte.

The Chamber’s Search Committee was comprised of Oglesby, Immediate Past Chair Mike Willett of BB&T, First Vice Chair LaVoy Spooner of AT&T and former Chair Peter Alberice of Camille-Alberice Architects. Susie Jernigan of Sockwell Partners managed the process.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hop in West Asheville? YES! I Scream for Ice Cream!!!

When Asheville North Carolina thinks about ice cream, one business in particular comes to mind. The Hop Ice Cream was started in 1978 and was located at 507 Merrimon Avenue (The Woolsey Dip). For many years previous owners ran a successful business in North Asheville. In July of 2007, after operating for years in the deteriorating old location, The Hop was moved one block North to Merrimon Square, 640 Merrimon Ave, in the same shopping center as Circle In the Square Pizza, Zen Sushi, Creme Bakery, Urban Burrito, and Rise & Shine Cafe. One year later, in August of 2008, Greg and Ashley Garrison purchased The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, becoming this Asheville institution's fifth owners.

Creating local homemade ice cream with innovative flavors, including Vegan flavors made with Soy, Almond, Coconut, and even Hemp Milk, is what makes The Hop so special in the Asheville community. Greg and Ashley have also reached out into the doggie dog world with ice cream made especially for our pet family and friends (four-legged friends). Pet lovers from all over Western North Carolina have come to attend the Doggie Socials. In addition to this, their business social networking and media skills are unmatched in the industry. They work day and night making ice cream, hosting and attending events, and helping (sponsoring) benefits. Then they go home around midnight and jump online to plant some more seed in the cyber world. This is more than just a business to them. Ice Cream and the Asheville community is what they live for.

Now, something even more special is about to happen. Greg and Ashley, who live in West Asheville are about to open a new location for The Hop at 721 Haywood Rd, in the former Two Spoons location on October 15, 2010. The westside is evolving in a wonderfully hip and chic way, with lots of great shops and restaurants. On top of this, there is the walkability factor that allows residents and visitors alike to spend a lot of time shopping and walking around West AVL. The Hop is very excited to be a part of the business micro-community of West Asheville. Ice Cream is the perfect dessert choice of children and adults alike, and The Hop has supplied it to the community without fail.

Mark your calendars for October 15th as "The Hop West" is going to have a Grand Opening. Music, friends and free kiddie scoops of ice cream will be available for all! The celebration goes from 1-11pm. For more information about The Hop Ice Cream Cafe in Asheville, please visit their website ...

Also visit The Hop on these other great social media platforms:

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