Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet Jeanne Perry - Appearance's Salon & Spa in North Asheville

Hello, I am Jeanne Perry of Appearance's Salon and Spa. Our business is located in the Woodfin, North Asheville area of North Carolina. The key people in this business are Jeanne Perry (owner), Misty Baker (senior hair stylist), Meghan Jenkins (hair stylist), Courtney King (massage therapist), Angelina Belada (esthetician), and Bob (my hubby) does our shop maintenance when he is not on a remodeling project.

I bought this business from the former owner. I had worked at the Salon for a few months when the owner approached me about purchasing the business. After lots of discussion, we bought it and began to rent out booths. Now we have all employees working for us. My husband remodeled the place and made it look as it is today. We went through a rough year with not only the economy hitting us, but I had surgery in May 2008, barely escaped death; and then Bob had suffered a heart attack in November 2008, maybe from helping me out so much during my surgery. It was a lot to go through and we thought we were going under... but here we are today still shining, smiling and assisting the community with quality affordable haircuts, color, and spa treatments.

I love the Asheville area. I love the people, the mild Winter, long Fall and beautiful Spring. My husband Bob and really enjoy gardening and this area has a long growing season. The people here are so nice. Asheville is a City with that down home feeling of a small town.

The best part of my business is the people I meet and we love the location our shop is. I regularly network with Bellagio Bistro which has great food and right near my salon, Middlemount Florist because brides ask for a place they can trust for their wedding flowers, and Mother and Son Bistro which is a fun and unique place for great food, bakery items, and coffee.

The top products I feature in my business are Affinage, Thermafuse, and Fairy Tales. I love working with products that are made here in North Carolina and coloring and perm products that are safe for the hair.

We invite you to pass by and say hello sometime. We usually have coffee in the back and sometimes even some cookies on hand. Thank you Asheville.
Appearances Salon and Spa
"Where it is all about you "
Phone: 828-645-8585

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blue Mountain Pizza - Thanksgiving in Weaverville NC

In Weaverville NC, not too far from Asheville, Blue Mountain Pizza provides a complimentary Thanksgiving dinner to this Western North Carolina community.

They have been doing this for about 5 years now and it goes on from 12pm - 3pm on Main Street in Weaverville North Carolina. Right this moment, I am sitting at a table of 5 people and only know one of them previously. Everyone getting along, a dog sitting outside on the porch wearing a sweater that says "faith," and true community is in the air. We are thankful.

Walk in the Sun

"If your head is wax, don't walk in the sun."
~Benjamin Franklin

As a small respite from Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning, I treated myself to a stroll around downtown Asheville yesterday afternoon, soaking in the upbeat creative energy that buzzed from each shop visited.

I picked up great button beads for my crochet vest at Chevron Trading Post before taking care of my growling stomach at Mellow Mushroom. Of course, I sat outside to soak up the sun and noticed how the clear blue sky rivaled the restaurant sign.Settling in, I ordered the bartender's own concoction-- a Catawba Pumpkin Ale topped with Highlander Porter while waiting for the House Special pizza. Ahh.

Dining al fresco under Asheville's clear blue sky is a relaxing way to work on life's checklists, perhaps solve or at least table a few problems, and transform any wax build up into a magic mold.

(@mscator welcomes your Twitter follow and posts Asheville sunrise photos daily off her blog

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lake Lure WNC - near Asheville, Hendersonville and Charlotte

When we want to "get away" from Asheville for a few hours; Lake Lure is what we consider a great choice. Families from Charlotte NC and elsewhere are choosing to invest in that mountain home and Riverbend Lake Lure, just outside of AVL, is becoming a very popular choice. (*This photo is of Mirror Lake in Riverbend)

Meet Vista North North Carolina Limited Partnership, Martin Birenbaum, Owner. Real Estate at Riverbend Lake Lure and Riverbend Highlands

We sell resort, retirement and second home sites in our own two communities and assisting the owners in putting their dream home on the lot. We are located in Lake Lure, North Carolina. This is a family owned business with Martin, Robert, and Deena Birenbaum as the principals. We bought both communities in 1990 from a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Robert and Deena have been doing business in WNC since 1980 and Martin joined in 1990 after graduating from Law School.

We are from South Florida, and North Carolina is and has been a hot spot for nearly 30 years. Our favorite things about AVL and WNC are the people, the climate and the taxes. We have always found it unbelievable how friendly and considerate people are in this part of the country (Asheville & WNC.) The best part of our business is helping people meet their dreams of a log cabin in the woods.

Businesses in WNC that you regularly network with and why:
Several companies have been very helpful in assisting us with our vision. Foothills Homes and Birchfield Log Homes provide referrals and home construction to assist our customers. Home Trust Bank and BB&T, providing financial services to assist our customers in achieving their dream home. We thank them for working with us and being a part of our growth in Western North Carolina.

Robert Dungan and Robert Deutsch from Asheville NC have been instrumental in keeping us going.

The top products we offer are: Vacant land sales, and land home packages with Log Cabins and Conventional Homes.

We are not your typical Developers that sell out as quickly as possible and then get as far away from their buyers as possible. Our family owned business has been selling land and managing our three communities for 20 years and pride ourselves in the personal service and care we provide to each and every customer.

Vista North Carolina Limited Partnership
Lake Lure Real Estate
110 Bills Creek Road
Email: or Phone: 1-800-699-1289

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Monday, November 23, 2009

The King of Beers, Ha... Asheville Has The Queen!

Jason & Julie Atallah, Owners, Managers, and Beerlanthropists (Beerlanthropy® is our registered trademark.)

Bruisin' Ales, a beer-only boutique store, in downtown Asheville. Over 800 different beers from around the world and around the corner. Rated #1 Beer Store “Best of WNC”, #3 Best Beer Retailer Worldwide by RateBeerBest 2009, and One of the Top Ten Bottle Shops in US by Imbibe Magazine.

We are the key people in our business (owner-operated) and we also have one single and extremely knowledge employee, Mike Guarracino.

A great beer town deserves a great beer store. The laws had changed in NC, we always loved Asheville, knew a lot about Belgian beer, and decided to uproot, quit corporate life and open a beer store. We opened in Dec. 2006. Asheville is THE hotspot for beer in the South. We hoped to bring the beer culture found in Denver, the Pacific Northwest, Northeast and California to our corner of the world. It's great to be a part of the changes going on the Southeast.

Our favorite things about Asheville WNC is the scenery, the lifestyle and the people, and of course, the BEER. So much beer and beer-knowledgeable people.

The greater WNC/Asheville area is extremely supportive of small business. I'm sure we're not alone in being extremely grateful and forever amazed at the amazing people in this community. We also find it remarkable and the number of beer people in this town. Sure a nice Red Zin or martini hits the spot sometimes, but beer is where it's at around these parts.

There is really nothing like our business model. There are other wine and beer stores, but that was never the aim of Bruisin' Ales. We're more than just a storefront. Beer has always been considered a lesser beverage and our store is about changing that perception, experimenting with styles and flavors (12oz are all sold in singles, “mix-a-six”), and education via tastings and dinners, often with representatives from the breweries or importers on-hand if anyone has questions. So, far we've had Lee Chase, formerly of Stone Brewing Co.; Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery; Adam Avery, founder of Avery Brewing Co.; and Rob Tod, founder of Allagash Brewing, to name a few. As our trademark states, it's all about the beerlanthropy®!

Name 3 other businesses in Asheville or WNC that you regularly network with and why:

Ninemile: (@ninemile) This popular Asheville restaurant is active online in social media, particularly Twitter; it is another privately owned business like ours; and they have a kick-ass, ever-changing taplist.

Applied Solutions Group: (@ashevilleweb) These design folks help us transition into a new web redesign in 2009. We're now so much easier to communicate with via the Bruisin' Beer Blog, Facebook, Twitter and more. They're also helping us launch our new online store in early 2010! These guys rock.

The Thirsty Monk: (@monkpub) The place to go for craft beer right now in Asheville. We're proponents of our local craft beer, but sometimes you want something different or have an opportunity to try something rare. Ever-changing taps keep us there at least twice a week. We also have successfully matched up events when brewery people are in town, such as FREE tastings at Bruisin' Ales, followed by special cask events at The Thirsty Monk.

What are the top 3 products you offer and/or sell at your business?
Every day topsellers: Pisgah Pale Ale/Pisgah Brewing Co, Black Mountain, NC; Two Hearted Ale/Bell's Brewing Co., Kalamazoo, MI; Green Flash West Coast IPA/Green Flash Brewing Company, Vista, CA.
By sales: Pisgah Pale Ale/Pisgah Brewing Co., Black Mountain, NC; Pisgah Vortex II/Pisgah Brewing Co., Black Mountain, NC; Highland Cold Mountain/Highland Brewing Co., Asheville, NC

You'd think differently, but we actually get only a handful of people per year that come through our doors asking for watery domestics. This makes us happy. The revolution is happening!

Bruisin' Ales
“A High-Gravity World of Brews”
66 Broadway Street, Asheville, NC 28801
Email: General: Online Orders:
Phone #: 828-252-8999

*Beer Queen Photo Courtesy of Jason Sanford of Ashvegas!

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Asheville - WNC LINC Local Information Cooperative

The Asheville Citizen Times has developed a local information network with several area bloggers. This WNC LINC Widget shows you stories listed from several blogs in the Asheville area. AskAsheville is one of these sites, then you have The Artful Parent, and also the Southern Highland Reader. Others will be soon joining in on the network. The goal is to build a stronger community and to share news and stories from several different angles. You can also view the WNC LINC page on the Asheville Citizen Times website.

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The Asheville Contra Community - Folk Music’s Hottest Dance Scene

Dancing With Wild Angels

Asheville’s contra dance community is probably the top contra dance destination among North American dancers. Asheville boasts two weekly dances, both crowded with as many young, hip dancers as traditional dancers of a certain age.

The flourishes are stylish and sometimes daring, and often well executed; flirting’s intense, and the playfulness ubiquitous across generations. Most visiting dancers agree that the dancing is the highest quality they’ve experienced. (Check the video links at the end of the post for examples.)

At the same time, there is always a large number of newcomers being taught the folk dance & welcomed into the community. There are, of course, cliques and popular dancers, but on the whole, the contra community in Asheville and around the world is warm and welcoming.

Indeed, it’s a group that defines community. The connections extend well outside the dances; people support each other in times of need and celebrate one another’s successes and milestones.

Contra dancing is a style of folk dance that shares some figures with both English Country Dancing and Square Dancing. Couples dance to calls facing another pair in long lines. When the pattern is completed the couple moves up or down the line. By the end of the set, they will usually have danced with every other couple in the line.

The steps are easy to learn, it’s a smooth walking dance, and the dances are taught and then called, making it very easy for beginners to learn and enjoy their first dance.

The nature of the dance is very social. People switch partners after each dance and couples who come together usually dance mostly with other partners, so singles are easily integrated into the group. The dance is also gender blind when it comes to finding a partner. Women ask men as often as the reverse, and all genders dance together some of the time.

Every Thursday night the Old Farmers Ball dances in Bryson Gym, at Warren Wilson College. A beginner’s lesson at 7:30 makes it a perfect place to learn the dance. Anyone can learn to do this simple dance and feel confident dancing the rest of the night. Admission is $6 for non-members. Here’s the weekly schedule.

On Monday night, there is a dance at the Grey Eagle Tavern on Clingman in downtown Asheville. The dance starts at 8 pm and costs $6. There’s no lesson, but most dancers feel comfortable here by the second time they dance. The callers are always sensitive to newcomers.

There are numerous other dances in the region, including several dances a month at the beautiful River Falls Lodge in Marietta, SC, less than an hour’s drive from North Asheville. In the other direction, there are several dances in Jonesborough, TN. These are very new dance friendly communities, as well; newcomer lessons are always held before the regular dances in both communities.

The region also boasts several very popular dance weekends in the region, including Moon Dance at Table Rock Park and Summer Soirée at Warren Wilson College and the twice yearly Contrathons and Dance Weekends hosted by the Historic Jonesborough Dance Society.

Great Videos of Asheville Contra Dancing

Enjoy the dance!
Happy Feet, Happy Heart,
M.-J. Taylor, Asheville SEO Web Design

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West Asheville, NC — Support local businesses and artisans by shopping local this holiday season. On Saturday, December 12th businesses in the Haywood Road area of West Asheville host a fun filled local shopping day, from noon to 8 pm.

Over 50 businesses and artisans are participating in this Shop West Asheville day, organized by the West Asheville Business Association. Day-of-sales and holiday specials make this an excellent day to get your shopping done. Live music and a visit from Santa provide activities for all ages.

Enter the raffle drawing for gift baskets containing valuable goods and services at each participating business. The more places you visit, the more chances you have to win. Keep an eye out for decorated windows. Vote online for your favorite at

Artists’ Markets will be setup in several West Asheville locations featuring local art and crafts for one-of-a-kind gifts. Markets are located at: ShaoLin Kung Fu of Asheville, 619-A Haywood Road; West Asheville Yoga, 602 Haywood Road; and the 2nd Saturday Artist Market in Domino Lane, behind Harvest Records, 415 Haywood Road.

Four venues provide a variety of music throughout the day. At the Westville Pub from 12-2 pm enjoy the music of Daniel Barber, 2-4 pm Frenchie & George, 4-6 pm Custard Pie, 6-8 pm Peace Jones; at The Rocket Club from 3-5 pm Aaron LaFalce, 5-7 pm The Vince Junior Band, Swamp and Roll; Tollivers Crossing from 2-4 pm Dave Desmelik, 4-6 pm Jennifer Worthen, 6-8 pm Michael Gemme; and Asheville Music and Art hosts music teachers performing Christmas and other music.

Enjoy classic holiday carols sung by carolers from West Asheville churches at various locations and visit with Santa throughout the day at Pastabilities.

For up to date information and additional details including a list of specials offered that day, visit Shop West Asheville.


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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amanda Palmer in Asheville TODAY

Rockscope photo by Dese'Rae Stage

A little after 10 this morning, AFP herself Tweeted about a visit to Asheville (she's currently touring in our area:

heading to asheville,NC to visit the moog factory & play w/ their toys. will consider a ninja gig if enough people tweet in & there's time

So you know what to do, Asheville: show some Twitter love! She loves NC, you know.

Asheville: MASH PIT needs all available medical volunteers by 12/8/09

Asheville: We need to know by December 8th how many people are interested in order to plan our logistics and such.

Every year for the past 20 years in December, Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule (as well as The Allman Brothers Band and The Grateful Dead) comes back to his beloved hometown of Asheville, NC to jam with several of his closest friends in the music business. This highly anticipated event, called Warren Haynes' Christmas Jam, occurs at the Asheville Civic Center. These hand chosen performers donate their time and talent to a cause very dear to Warren, Habitat for Humanity. He donates all proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. Past performers have included such giants in the music business as The Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, Edwin McCain, The Allman Brothers Band, Blues Traveler, Jackson Browne, Peter Frampton and many others too numerous to list. This year the festivities will be headlined by the Counting Crows and Ani DiFranco. Along with the other performers (the list can be found at and more performers are being added), this year's Jam should not be missed.

Featured for the first time this year is a group a little different from the musical performers, but just as important. They are MASH PIT. This non-profit organization is a mobile medical group who provides non-judgmental emergency medical treatment to fans, crew and artists in need. Comprised of 6 of the medical industry's leading emergency care providers, they survive on the kindness of local volunteers (EMTs, RNs, Paramedics, MDs) who wish to help others while enjoying a memorable musical experience. Their love of music combined with their determination to help those in need, create a healing and educational environment for those who find themselves in need of acute care. MASH PIT recognizes that injury and illness happen, even amongst fans seeking to enjoy a musical event. They strive to evaluate and treat you on-site in the hopes of getting you back to your family and friends to enjoy the rest of the event. If a fan is too sick or injured, they coordinate with the local EMS resources and get them to the hospital for a higher level of care. Either way, they are watching and roving and making sure that all are safe and having fun. Some call the MASH PIT team ambassadors of good will and compared them to the Peace Patrol at Woodstock.

Calling all volunteers! Be a part of the team. MASH PIT is shouting out to all available medical people who would be interested in volunteering. Check out their website at and sign up using the on-line form. You may also contact the office at 202-596-8918 and provide your information to one of our MASH PIT staff members. This year's Christmas Jam occurs on December 12, 2009. Orientation will be held on Friday, December 11th at the Convention Center. Deadline for registration is December 8th. With your service comes a limited edition t-shirt, an identifying lanyard, other great perks and the opportunity to enjoy a show while helping others in need. What more could you ask for?

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Art and Good Business, Do They Mix?

Not always, but they definitely do at Perdue Studios located in River View Station at the River district. Warren Perdue founded the company in 2003 when he and his wife, Anna, moved to Asheville seeking a community of like-minded people and a great art scene. You can see Warren’s work all over Asheville. I am sure you’ve notice the beautiful door next to Barley’s Tap Room or the gorgeous tables and railings at Carmel’s. Warren’s work is distinctive and beautiful, and you know it when you see it.

The products and services of a business contribute to its success, but by no means are they the only factors. There are many practices that help a business thrive, two critical ones are: impeccable customer service and flexibility, and Perdue Studios is true to both of them.

Customers are not always pleasant. They are not always ideal. They may or may not appreciate what you do and who you are; but they are the customers and you need to value them even if they don’t reciprocate. When you have this attitude towards your customers, your business grows organically. Your customers will frequent your business more often and refer their friends to you because they know you’ll take care of them.

The second business practice that Warren implements is flexibility, which is the ability to adapt to circumstances. If there is something that ensures the success of a business, this is it. A flexible business has a multi-prong marketing strategy and a diverse customer base.

Perdue Studios works with builders, architects, small businesses and private individuals. Warren has built a strong and diverse customer base that allows him to respond to market conditions. He is able to do structural work such railings and stairs and he also creates beautiful stainless steel kitchen countertops, furniture, sculptures, water features, stained glass windowsand and much more; and he does everything with the same dedication to quality. This flexibility and market reach allows his business to thrive even in tough economic times.

Yes, great art and good business do mix.

You may contact Warren Perdue at 1-828-772-4183 or via email at

Visit his website at

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Miller Lite Rock Girls in Asheville NC, Beer City USA

The Casting Call was made, and here are the winners! Miller Lite has always been pretty big when it comes to marketing. Even in many movies, when actors were seen picking up a beer, it was a Miller Lite. Recently, a friend of ours (in this photo) invited us to a party and calendar signing at The Asheville Ale House which is located right across from Wild Wing Cafe. Local Asheville women getting it on with Miller Lite. 2010 looks like a great year already!

Although Asheville North Carolina is filled with breweries such as Highland Brewing Company and many more; commercial brands still find a good place in our society. Some love Craft Beer, while others love the traditional brands. Someone was joking on Twitter recently that Asheville is the only place they go to that sells local craft brews out of Budweiser carts at festivals such as Bele Chere. Julie from Bruisin Ales in Asheville is our local infamous Beer Queen and beerlanthropist. She Rocks!!

Asheville is big on local music and local beer. We have strong supporters of our local brews but we are not so closed minded that we do not welcome outside brands such as Miller Lite, PBR and others to come, join us, and be a part of the AVL brew drinking community.

Visit the Asheville Radio Station 105.9 The Mountain for more information about the Miller Lite Rock Girl Calendar and some desktop wallpapers for your computer. MR Motorcycle in AVL also sponsored this project. Photography by Rebecca D'Angelo. To attend future signing parties at Elaine's, Broadways, and the Bier Garden with the Miller Lite crew, click HERE.

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When Men & Mountain Meet

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."
~ William Blake

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, a place of tropical beauty, but I have fallen in love with the splendor that is Asheville. For 11 years I have lived and explored this special place through the eyes of a visitor, then resident.

For the past three years, I have further examined Asheville backroads on the back of a Harley. Close up and personal. Over and over I fall in love with the unique charm of Western North Carolina. What a special place to live! And, I am grateful for this opportunity to share my photographs and observations with you.

Heading south on the Blueridge Parkway, between US 70 and US 74, the winding road forms an "S." Add a blue sky and a warm autumn day and you've spelled: H-E-A-V-E-N!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Acoustic Syndicate Announces post-Thanksgiving show at the Orange Peel Saturday, Nov 28th

by Dreamspider

Acoustic Syndicate, one of “North Carolina’s best kept secrets” is returning this holiday season for their very special traditional after Thanksgiving show at the Orange Peel on Saturday November 28th.


Photo By Bright Life Photography

Known for its high-energy, positive sound, Acoustic Syndicate delivers a genre-defying performance, masterfully blending its eclectic influences with trademark finesse that only 17 years of cohesive teamwork can bring.

Acoustic Syndicate is the product of Cleveland County’s McMurry clan. Guitarist Steve “Big Daddy” McMurry is joined by his cousins, Bryon McMurry on banjo and Fitz McMurry on drums. The three McMurrys also bring a trademark vocal trio that only a lifetime of singing together can deliver.

Joining the McMurrys in 1998 on bass, Jay Sanders has become part of the family. A long time resident of Asheville, NC, his seamless blending of musical genres and driving style brought a completion to the band’s sound that continues to characterize and define. When not with Acoustic Syndicate, Jay can now be seen playing with Donna The Buffalo or his own group, The E.Normus Trio.

Formed in 1992, Acoustic Syndicate has had a long and storied career. They spent well over a dozen years on the road, playing at the original Bonnaroo, MerleFest, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Memphis in May and many many other clubs, festivals and events.

The band had the distinct honor of being invited to perform as a part of FarmAid in 2001, a significant occasion in respect to their family’s agrarian history. The McMurry family are farmers, and continue to cultivate the same land their family has for generations.

In 2005, the band decided to hang up the towel for a little while. They put their touring career on hold with a legendary five hour performance at SmileFest. In a recent interview with Frank Ruggiero from the Mountain Times in Boone, NC, Steve McMurry said “With the music industry in dire straits, the band would have had to commit to another five years of heavy touring to sustain itself. None of us really could see being gone from our families and people for that long a period of time… We had a great run of it, and thought we’d just call it quits and be regular people for a while.”

But the band’s audience felt otherwise. “People wouldn’t let us quit playing,” McMurry said. “They’d keep calling and calling, so after a couple years we decided we’d get together and see if we still knew how to play.” The results speak for themselves, and McMurry said the band is now performing without the pressures touring so often brings, and rather playing for the fun of it.

Final Song from the legendary SmileFest “last show”:

In 2009, Acoustic Syndicate was honored by being voted the 6th top artist of the last 20 years by the listeners of Western North Carolina’s WNCW radio station.

Their discography includes six official releases including two for Sugar Hill Records. Their 2004 effort “Terra Firma” was voted the number one album of the year by the listeners of WNCW, and 2005’s “Long Way Round” placed number seven. But it is not going to end there. Acoustic Syndicate plans on cutting a new record. The band will visit the studio this winter to craft an album of all-new material.

When Ruggiero asked about the music of Acoustic Syndicate, Steve McMurry replied “It’s high energy with a definite rock ’n’ roll vibe, but acoustic.”

“I don’t like getting pigeonholed, because we do so many things – bluegrass, soul, funk – whatever feels good,” McMurry said. “And the music we write is not typical of what you hear on the radio, either. We try to stay away from that mainstream cookie-cutter variety, and, honestly, I think people appreciate us doing that. I think there needs to be an alternative.”

Acoustic Syndicate’s all about making sure it’s an honest alternative, a sound that’s 100 percent its own, but steeped in a rich musical history each band member appreciates. McMurry said the band’s influences span the musical gamut, including the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, The Police, The Who, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, John Hartford and Bill Frisell.

“I know all this stuff seems weird to be lumping in on top of a bluegrass ensemble, but it works – this is the stuff we grew up listening to,” he said. “Some of the class rock ’n’ roll is there, but also the more traditional music. We grew up singing in a church, and mountain music, ballads that our parents and grandparents taught us … that comes out in there, especially with the harmonies we put together. It’s a veritable melting pot of different influences.”

McMurry’s quick to assert, though, that the music’s never been about the band, but rather for the audience.

“The material we’ve written has consistently had a positive message to it, and very little of it is centered toward the individual,” he said. “We try to send a good message in a very joyful manner, a very pleasant, uplifting manner. People recognize that, and I think that’s why they like it. It’s not about any one of us in the group; it’s about the relationship in the group and the people who listen to our music, and we’re just going to try to keep that conversation going.”

“The dynamics come from 12 years of traveling on the road together,” McMurry said. “We’ve been playing together long enough now to pretty much know what everyone else is doing. It’s more of a reflex action now than anything else. We love to get together and play together, so we’ve been very fortunate in that regard.”



Saturday November 28th
The Orange Peel

Ages 18+,
Doors 8pm, show 9pm
$15 adv/ $17 d.o.s
101 Biltmore Ave
Asheville, NC 28801


“Too bad most contemporary pop music doesn’t have the organic elegance of Acoustic Syndicate.” -Vintage Guitar

“North Carolina’s best kept secret” -Star Maker Machine

Posted by Erin Scholze with Dreamspider Publicity and Events

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Season in Asheville North Carolina 2009

The holiday season in Asheville is a time for celebrations, a time for memories of the year about to pass, and a time to think about family and friends. Not everyone has a great time during this season. For some it is a more difficult time than the rest of the year put together. Holiday financial pressures can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in this economy. As a community, we try to keep the struggles of others in mind as well, and help where possible.

The is a culmination time for families who have went through the year together. For others, this time of the year is a reunion season for families and friends who are not physically or socially close. People travel all around the world to visit their loved ones and to celebrate during this time.

Asheville also respects people of all beliefs, meaning that it is not necessarily "Christmas" for everyone. For our Jewish community it is Chanukah. For Muslims in the community, it is not a holiday time... but they are taught to respect it as the holiday of their Christian neighbors and friends. Atheists sometimes celebrate the holiday season, but leave any religious annotations out of it. Then there are those families of interfaith which have several beliefs under one roof. People are different, but all seem to sort of "come together" during this time in Asheville and also around the World.

In Asheville North Carolina, we are doing several events to make the holidays leading up to Christmas day even more special. The Asheville Seasonal Sizzle at Seven is an event sponsored by the Grove Park Inn. At 7pm on the 5th, 12th, and 19th of December, the skies of Asheville will be lit up with fireworks exploding in celebration! People from all over Western North Carolina will be coming out to gather and enjoy the show.

On December 5th, 2009 we will be continuing the festivities at 8pm at Elaine's Piano Bar at the Grove Park Inn. This will be a great party with business networking that's consists of many folks from the social media and social networking realm in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area. The party has been announced over Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blogger. Of course, you do not need to be on these platforms to attend, but this is where the celebration party was originally set. Everyone is invited! I believe several local Asheville publications, including the Mountain Xpress, Asheville Citizen Times, and WNC Magazine are also planning to assist with getting the word out about the fireworks and the December 5th party.

Elaine's Piano Bar: Many are wondering "what type of celebration is happening in a piano bar?" Well Elaine's in Asheville NC is a little different that other piano bars you may have been to. They have two dueling (like a battle) slamming (that get slammed) pianos that are rocking, bluesing, funking, and discoing hard until 1 am several nights a week. It is not surprising to see some of the Asheville musicians jumping on top of the pianos and screaming the crowd's participation on! It will get holiday wild in there for our Asheville Seasonal Sizzle party!

Then again on December 19th at 8pm, (after the 7pm grand finale fireworks downtown, and the dust has settled), many of us are heading over to Elaine's Piano Bar for another Asheville Holiday celebration night with lots of fun planned. Expect some seasonal cheer, good times, sing-a-longs and karaoke with songs for the season at hand. Wear your Santa hat for a special bonus that evening!

During the first 3 weeks of December we expect the streets of Downtown Asheville to be packed out with thousands of people shopping after work, and enjoying the local restaurant scene in such places as Nine Mile, Chorizo, Rosetta's Kitchen, Mela, and so many more. Also on our list, we will be heading over to Pomodoros Cafe in East Asheville for some great Italian food, and also to the buffet at the Blue Ridge Dining Room at GPI for the holidays. Shopping will be a wonderful maze of gift options in the downtown Asheville area. There are so many stores and little shops to choose from. You also have the Grove Arcade, which is the old Asheville Federal Building, now packed out with dozens of retail shops and a few great restaurants. Oh, and Haywood Street, Wall Street and Battery Park Ave are just a hop, skip, and a jump away; and packed out with plenty of things to do. Then we head all the way down Lexington, Broadway, and Biltmore Ave for the cutest little shopping excursion so many have grown to love whether we live here or are just visiting for a few days.

The holidays season in Asheville is going to be just wonderful. We invite you into our City to celebrate with us. The food, fun, shopping and fireworks are going to be amazing. Of course if you live in Western North Carolina, we expect you to come join us during this great time of celebration in Downtown Asheville. You are all Welcome!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Asheville: I-40 Rockslide Map, Travel Advisory

Due to the recent Rockslide between Asheville and Tennessee on I-40, the Chamber's Visitors Bureau has sent some maps over to AskAsheville to share online with our friends and followers. We want to all make sure that people traveling know which direction to head in to avoid any further complications. Thanks.The CVB will be keeping updated detour info at the: I-40 Detour Webpage.

Historic Biltmore Village in Asheville NC

We stop by Biltmore Village in Asheville North Carolina to take some video clips of this beautiful area. Just Ducky, a premium clothing store for children, just moved in the area and lots of other places to eat, shop, and stroll. The Corner Kitchen, Grand Bohemian Hotel, La Paz and so many more little shops make us the area of Biltmore Village.

Larry Keel and Natural Bridge - New Year's Eve in Asheville NC

Larry Keel and Natural Bridge will be at Grey Eagle in Asheville North Carolina for a big New Year's Eve show. Make plans to come by and check it out!! Music, dancing, and good times! | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |