Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas comes to Asheville NC in 2010

They called for snow, and then they called it off. Then, it went back and forth until Christmas morning when the snow started falling all around the Western North Carolina region. Downtown Asheville was covered with snow on Christmas morning for the first time in years, and as of now, more than ever before. Records were broke. Here is a short video we made while cruising around town, being very careful as there were over 300 accidents reported.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got Robbed? Asheville Security Systems by Power Home Technologies

Having someone break into your home or business is many times life changing in a not so good way. A new security company in Asheville is getting a lot of business due to local break-ins. Power Home Technologies is located in West AVL but has had a huge increase in business on the northside since several burglaries have been broken into. They even have a display set up at Chameleon Soul Food on Merrimon Ave. Take a bite out of crime!

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New Asheville Business - Rental Me This - local fun rentals

New Local Business: Rental Me This in Asheville is not your average rental store. So many great things to rent in this store for parties, fundraisers, outdoor activities and more. They are located right next to Cash Converters on Merrimon Ave.

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Asheville - Tis the Season for Burglaries

Crime pays, but just for the moment. Several businesses in the North Asheville area have been broken into and robbed recently, and according to sources, this person has been apprehended. Listen to Rise N Shine, Circle in the Square and The Hop Ice Cream Cafe talk about the burglaries. Also a shout out to the Asheville Police Department from a local business owner!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Asheville Social Networking Live at Hole N Da Wall on 12/16

Join a bunch of us at the Hole N Da Wall in Asheville on Thursday Dec 16, 2010 for a great networking, cocktail, lounge and dance event. We had a great time last week and I met several new people. If you think that you do not know anyone, think again. There are many local AVL people that will be happy to meet you in person and gladly welcome you. Thanks to Jimmy Quetron and friends for setting up this time!

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Asheville PWB “Hard Hats in Heels” Receives Donation

Last week, Asheville Professional Women in Building, a council of the Asheville Home Builders Association, received a $600 donation from Push Asheville Fashion, a locally founded venture geared towards promoting local boutiques and clothing designers through fashion shows and social media.
The PWB, a local builder’s council whose slogan in the community is known as “Hard Hats in Heels,” is dedicated to supporting women within their industry by actively encouraging professional development, supporting active involvement in the political and legislative processes involved in construction, and providing scholarships to local students through community support.  
The donation from Push Asheville Fashion was raised from proceeds earned at a July fashion show produced earlier in the year by coordinator, Sonia Hendrix, featuring local clothing items from 18 boutiques and 12 local designers.  As requested by Push Asheville Fashion, the donation has been earmarked by the PWB for their student educational scholarship fund.
For the second consecutive year, the community driven organization, founded in 2008, will award a scholarship to a qualified North Carolina student seeking an education in a building or construction related field.
Chapter President Amanda Ballew, @AVLCustomCloset on Twitter, was excited to present the donation during the council’s Holiday Member Luncheon, stating, “We are so excited to receive this donation for our scholarship fund. It took us two years to earn our first scholarship [awarded last year], so it’s a huge impact on what we’ll be able to contribute.” Ballew went on to say, “it is definitely going to impact the actual number of scholarships that we’re able to give.”
Students interested in applying for the scholarship can find application details on the Asheville Home Builder’s Association webpage, and view the PWB section or call the AHBA at (828) 299-7001.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mystery Cult at the Get Down, Sunday 12-12-10

It's not often that the word "beautiful" enters my mind when it comes to music. It's usually reserved for something like Leonard Cohen or Nico Stai, but it's the first thing I thought when I heard some of the things from Mystery Cult's upcoming album. (Oh yeah, it's coming... stay tuned for more news on that.) This weekend, rather than staying inside and cursing the frozen weather, you should get over to the Get Down and get a taste of Mystery Cults eclectic, ethereal sound. Check out their facebook page for a preview of what you'll be hearing and to keep up with what's new with the band.

Mystery Cult plays at 9 pm this Sunday, December 12, at the Get Down, located on Haywood Road in West Asheville. For more information on the Get Down, click here.

april is a freelance writer from asheville. read more of her work here, or follow her on facebook.

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Asheville Massage Therapy by Essential Body Works

Essential Body Works is a licensed Massage Therapy practice new to the Asheville area. The owner, Cathy Courtenay-Smith, specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal/Postnatal Massage and injury rehabilitation. Her session is a perfect blend of focused, specific touch and deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Having studied Dance as an undergrad at the University of Buffalo she quickly realized that it was her love and curiosity of the human body that inspired her. This passion led her to the health and wellness industry and ultimately to Massage Therapy. She continued her studies in Berkeley, California at the School for Body-Mind Centering and at the San Francisco School of Massage. She went on to open up her own practice in 2000 in Oakland and enjoyed ten years of working regularly with her clients there.

This past summer Cathy relocated to Asheville with her husband, Scott and her two beautiful daughters, Aida and Olivia. They were in search of a slower-paced, more family friendly environment, which they have happily found in their wonderful neighborhood in West Asheville. Cathy was sad to leave her many clients in Oakland but is equally excited to start a new practice here in Asheville.

Cathy is currently offering a $45 introductory one- hour massage through to the end of December. She will also honor this price for Gift Certificates for the holidays. To get in touch with Cathy you can email her at or call 828.318.3005

This is an experience not to be missed!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I went to church in Asheville today

I noticed on Twittter the other day that someone had posted "the real deal" concerning a church in Asheville. Just a few days later I was invited to that same church by a friend. I showed up an hour early to see what was going on. When I walked toward the door, there were some people outside talking, drinking hot chocolate, smoking a cigarette and trying to stay warm in this cold weather. I walked into the basement and there was a lunch buffet set up and a bunch of hungry people in line. There were several people sitting around eating, and many workers tending to the needs of others. I sat down with my back to the people and listened for a minute. I heard people talking about life, faith, food, and hope.

I had a glass of sweet tea and asked a lady how to get to the sanctuary. She smiled, said "follow me" and we went into the next room. This room was a dining hall where many people were being fed. We raced through that room and into the next. Several rooms full of clothing and lots of people trying stuff on. She took me to a small stairwell in the back corner of the room and said "just go right up here and you are there." This was the secret back corridor to the church. I waited for a man to come down the stairs as only one person can pass at a time. I then headed up to the next level.

I walked into a simple but beautiful sanctuary filled with people of all colors, shapes and sizes. Some looked well off, while others seemed as if they did not have a home or any family outside this church. Either way, they were there to eat, meet, and increase their faith as a collective body. Lots of people were wearing Happy Birthday hats so I believe this is their 1 year anniversary. A man named Brian stands up, introduces himself and the church and then has the congregation introduce others in the group and maybe give some thanks. Lots of smiles and warmth going around the room.

Some other parts of the service included:

People walk up to the alter, light a candle and say a prayer. A simple outward sign of their prayers going up to God.

Prayer requests - some people pray to themselves, others make noise, and the kids loved this part as they could bring instruments etc. They gave a shoutout for Penny, the church dog. Some praise for Chef Ron who cooks at the Church. Prayers for the homeless in Asheville and everywhere, and even a praise for The Dripolator coffee shop.

Everyone held hands and said the Lords Prayer "our Father, who art in heaven.."

Offering time - people walked up to the table/alter.

Message was on Matthew 11:2-11 Doubt and Renewal

I sat alone, a little boy sat next me and then a man sat next to him. A lady I had never met before then squeezed in and sat down between me and the boy. The church had a hot chocolate and cookies fellowship time where we got a partner, went up, served each other with theses items (she asked me to be her partner, she poured hot chocolate for me and I did the same for her) and we were supposed to talk about where you are in your faith or share something about yourself. We (Jessica and me) chatted for a few, took the picture above with the church dog "Penny" featured in it, and on the way out Pastor Brian introduced himself and thanked me for coming to the service. I told him a friend of mine, David Bourne, had invited me.

I am not a "holy roller" and I have had my share of extreme religious encounters in my time; but this church was different in practicality and personality. Faith without works is dead. At least that is what the Bible says. This is a working congregation! Glad I took an hour to stop by The Haywood Street Congregation for their Wednesday mid-day service.

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Breakdancing Santa Flashmob in Asheville NC

Tis the Season! Santa comes to Asheville North Carolina without his reindeer and with some awesome new dance moves.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Subscribe to Ask Asheville's YouTube Channel - Easy as 1, 2, 3

YouTube has just launched a new subscription widget to help users grow their subscriptions. Here is the widget for AskAsheville's YouTube Channel. Take a minute and subscribe to our videos!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Asheville Holiday Tweet Drive on December 17th at The Hop

On December 17, 2010 from 7pm to 9pm, we are having a special event at The Hop in North Asheville. This holiday season let us Asheville Twitter and online folks come together to eat ice cream and support a worthy cause. This will help some WNC children and families have a happier holiday. TweetUp to benefit Toys For Tots of WNC. wnctoysfortots.orgEveryone is invited. Suggested toy donation valued at around $10 (must be new and packaged, please donate what you can). There will be one of Asheville's US Marines there with TFT info and a fishbowl for monetary donations.

Friday December 17th from 7-9pm at The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
640 Merrimon Ave Ste 103, 828-254-2224

Toys For Tots can also be donated to the drop boxes at The Hop and The Hop West (721 Haywood Rd) through 12/16. Cans for MANNA Food Bank,, can also be donated to The Hop (not west). Asheville is joining many of America's cities by supporting Tweet Drive 2010.

The Holiday Tweet Drive is a nation-wide toy/clothing drive that will use social media to give back to children who are less fortunate and spread some Holiday cheer along the way. We have some amazing events lined up in cities all across the country that will host each toy drive and allow attendees to enjoy a night of networking and holiday festivities. All of the updates and communication can be found through Twitter and we hope to stay true to the social nature of the “Tweet” Drive. What makes our Tweet-Ups different then the rest is the admission fee. Rather than paying a small entrance fee, we only ask that you donate a NEW toy or NEW article of clothing. After that, please enjoy networking with our other attendees! Each donation will go to a local shelter or charity from each city. We Hope you will join us at your city’s Tweet Drive Tweet Up, and assist us in giving back to children who are less fortunate all around the country.
With that said, Happy Tweeting, Happy Networking, and most importantly, Happy Holidays from all of us involved with the Holiday Tweet Drive."

This information came straight from the Tweet Drive website, which can be found here:

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Union Asheville gives away $500 at Midnight tonight!

Asheville, NC, December 2010 – Union is celebrating its 5th anniversary by giving away a $500 shopping spree!  One winner will be chosen randomly from the list of people who like Union’s Facebook page by midnight on 12.05.10.  Anyone who would like to be eligible to win can go to for further details and links to Union’s Facebook page.  The winner will be notified on 12.06.10 via a personal Facebook message and will be announced by a posting on Union’s Facebook page and at Union’s website,

About Union
Union is a men’s & women’s clothing & accessories boutique with a selection of internationally recognized brands with a focus on quality & unique style.  Union is locally-owned and operated by husband and wife Orlando and Tiffany Hernandez.  Please visit for the latest news about Union and its brands.

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The Little Iron Man Ale - benefit in Asheville on Dec 11th

A hands on brewing session with Sierra Nevada brewmaster Terence Sullivan.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Asheville area tour company big on #BCS College Football

For 12 years Steve Holland has been extremely successful in providing folks the perfect package tour for the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) of college football. This year it will be held in Phoenix Arizona. The next few games will determine what teams go to the series. For more information, please see BCS Package Tours.

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Asheville Orthodontist Dr. Jeffrey Roeder - @DrRoeder on Twitter

Dr. Roeder has been a great part of the community for years. When I needed dental work years ago, I started with an orthodontist checking out my teeth and coming up with a plan. In Asheville North Carolina, Roeder Orthodontics was the perfect choice.

Here is a quick video intro from the staff:

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Freaks & Geeks Tattoo Sideshow

Okay, I confess, I was the last adult in Asheville who didn't have at least one tattoo-at least up until yesterday. I'd been thinking about it for a while, and when the opportunity came up, I jumped on it. I headed out with my friend Julie yesterday morning in search of a place that would take our money and inflict pain on us... it was harder than you'd think, for a place like this. Several shops claimed to be open but were locked up tight, and one guy said he'd come let us in but never did. Maybe they saw us coming and got scared, I dunno. Anyway, driving up Haywood Road in W. Asheville, we spotted Freaks & Geeks Tattoo Sideshow. I was drawn to the name; I loved that show, and Paul Feig is a genius, but I digress.

Julie and I fell in love with the place. The artists, Tiffany and Galen, were friendly, helpful, and absolutely hilarious. I'm kind of a wimp about pain and was a nervous wreck, especially since I'd been told that it felt less like being poked with needles and more like having a razor slicing through your skin slowly, but these people totally put me at ease. They worked with us to make sure we got exactly the designs we wanted, and they came out beautifully. Tiffany did Julie's tattoo and Galen did mine, and we were both happy with the results.

Afterward they went over the aftercare thoroughly and reminded us to call if we had any questions. Freaks & Geeks are fun and friendly and totally irreverent, but at the same time it's clear that they're professionals and take their work seriously. This is a place you could go and hang out and laugh the afternoon away, even if you weren't in the market for a new tattoo. I'm definitely going back for my next one.

Freaks & Geeks Tattoo Sideshow is located at 725 Haywood Rd. in Asheville. They're open noon to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and noon to 6 on Sunday and Monday. Contact them at 828-254-4429 or go to their web site, for more information.

april is a freelance writer in asheville. read more of her work here, or follow her on facebook.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyndi Lauper sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in Asheville NC

Here is a video clip of Cyndi Lauper singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the Orange Peel in Asheville North Carolina. Video by G Social Media.

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A signature “Asheville” event to benefit MANNA FoodBank

Craggie Brewing Company hosts a benefit for MANNA featuring craft beer, pizza, live music and a good cause.

(Asheville, NC) – On Thursday December 9 at 5 pm, Craggie Brewing Company will host a food drive for MANNA FoodBank.  Admission is either $5 or 5 cans of non- perishable food items.  Patrons will receive two tickets, which may be used for Craggie brew and/or pizza, and enjoy live music.

This benefit highlights much of what Asheville is best known for:  the arts, craft beer and philanthropy.  Josh Stack, Manna's Communications Director, says, “The folks at Craggie support MANNA by offering discounted beer to those who donate to the MANNA collection bin in their tasting room, they provide kegs for our fundraising events, and the owner, Bill Drew, also contributes financially.  Craggie's attitude about giving and community involvement is exemplary."  Craggie’s Marketing/Business Manager Simone Seitz adds, “When I contacted Mike Rangel of Asheville Brewing Company, he jumped right in to help out by providing the pizza for the December event. This is just another example of how supportive Asheville microbreweries are of local endeavors.”  Stack, who moonlights as a musician, will be bringing some friends along to play for the cause.  “When you combine music with a good cause, it’s not only entertaining, but it’s a celebratory way to participate in giving rather than just dropping some food in the bucket,” he says.

About Craggie Brewing
The folks at Craggie Brewing Company have a passion for quality craft beer and strong community values.  They foster Asheville's quality of life through sponsorship or collaboration with other local organizations including MANNA FoodBank.  Find out more about Craggie's beer and their message by connecting to them at

About MANNA FoodBank
MANNA FoodBank is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving Western North Carolina since 1982. As an accredited member of Feeding America – The Nation’s Food Bank Network, MANNA serves 255 non-profit member agencies in 16 Western North Carolina counties.  In fiscal year 2009-2010, MANNA distributed nearly 8.2 million pounds of food to partner agencies – enough food for more than 18,000 meals 365 days a year.  For more information on what you can do to help end hunger in Western North Carolina, please visit

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyndi Lauper to perform at sold out concert in Asheville tonight

I do not know of one person who is not a fan of Cyndi Lauper. She was just such a great fun loving singer with songs like "Girls just wanna have fun" and "Time after time." I remember years ago when Madonna and Lauper were the daily headlines when it came to music. Musicians such as these have set the stage for so many future artists. She created her own funky fashion that has leaked into the clothing industry strong in the past few years. In Asheville, Cyndi Lauper would love shops such as Honeypot on Lexington and Arteries by Stina in the River Arts District.

Tonight, Cyndi Lauper will be performing at the Orange Peel for a sold out show! You can also follow her on Twitter.

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Questions from Asheville Drinks & Dialog - comment your answers

Will Obama get elected for a second term?

What is Asheville's future?

How many people voted?

How many people are on twitter or social networks?

How do you feel about the healthcare bill?

Is the criminal justice system modern day slavery?

Why are teachers paid less and are the most influential?

What's your opinion on healthcare?

Has America became more diverse since Obama's election?

Why isn't Asheville diverse?

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Friday, November 26, 2010

New Cosmic Band with George and Andy Pond

It's that time again- the New Cosmic Band is playing at the Emerald Lounge on Lexington Avenue tomorrow night at 10. I'm super excited about this one, darlings... George and Andy Pond are taking the stage this time along with Silver Machine's Anthony Dorion and Dave Lee, and Jeff Knorr from Secret B Sides. If there's one show in Asheville you have to catch, this is it. Rumor has it that George and Andy are going to warm things up before the New Cosmic Band kicks off, and I'm hearing things about live art, hoopers, mystery guest vocalists, and all kinds of other magic. Intrigued? Be there.

For more information on the New Cosmic Band, click here.

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Asheville Businesses on Facebook

Many companies in the Asheville area are hip to the new forms of media exposure. We are living in a day when if you are not on Facebook, you are pretty much non-existent. Not to say that you cannot have a business without Facebook; but I will assure you that you're losing your voice to a very large online community if you do not take advantage of this social network.

I do not know about you, but I no longer look for the basics on search engines. I mean, if I am looking for a restaurant in the Asheville area... I ask my friends, my tweeps, my community. I have evolved past a billboard or radio commercial telling me what to do and where to go. If I am searching for "Asheville Real Estate" I am going to listen to the many Twitter and Facebook people in the AVL community. The first page on a search engine is pretty much giving me the same old stale results that were there 2 years ago; and they will be there 2 years from now as well. 

Here are just a few of the companies in the Asheville area that have taken the step forward in learning the new social media groove of things (note: you should be logged into Facebook so you can click over and "Like" them!)

Click on the business name below to see their Facebook Page:

Table Wine in South Asheville - Artisanal Wines at Affordable Prices
Mountain Detail - Asheville Auto Cleaning & Detailing
uCoups Asheville - 50-90% off in Asheville NC
Roeder Orthodontics - Asheville Orthodontist
G Social Media - Social Media for your business
Black Eye Entertainment - MMA Fights, Music & Events
More Space Place - Asheville closets, office furniture and Murphy bed solutions
GalloLea - Organic Pizza Kits from Asheville NC
Fiores Ristorante Toscana - Italian Restaurant in downtown Asheville
Blake House Inn - Asheville Bed & Breakfast
Asheville PWB - Professional Women in Building
Vino Vino Wine Market - Wine in North Asheville
Local Guys Moving - Asheville Movers
Daryl Rantis - Asheville Architect

Barleys Taproom & Pizzeria - Beer and Pizza Headquarters

And of course, our Facebook page

Remember, there is a difference between a Facebook page and a personal page. If your business is using a personal page (where you add friends for your business) you are in violation of FB terms and could lose your page at any time. To establish a page for your business, you must first have a personal account. Once that is created, go to and click "Create a Page". You will then have the choice to create a community page or an official page. Most businesses go with the official page. Community pages are more for following topics as a group.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Comedian Rory Scovel at Athena's in Asheville - see the video

Comedian Rory Scovel put on an awesome comedy act at the AVL Disclaimer Lounge night at Athena's in Asheville North Carolina. Rory was recently on the Jimmy Fallon show and has opened for Nick Swardson and Daniel Tosh. Here are a few of the video clips of the evening.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010 - Bringing Asheville New Online Discount Daily Deals

While online coupon services offering their followers daily saving of 50% and more on daily deals have been springing up across the country, Asheville residents have largely been ignored by such companies.
However, this vacuum is about to be filled by a new online venture,, which will soon offer Asheville bargain hunters a daily discount deal featuring savings of at least 50% at a wide group of restaurants, health spas and beauty salons, recreational facilities and other establishments.
Although most of the nation’s largest cities have one or more daily deal sites, for the most part, the concept has not yet reached smaller and medium sized cities such as Asheville.  In announcing plans to launch its Asheville operation, the managers said “ is striving to provide residents in Asheville with the same opportunity for online savings that have previously been available in larger markets.” 
The company also stresses that, in today’s turbulent economic climate, businesses participating in uCoups’ program of online daily deals will have a new risk-free marketing tool to help attract potential new customers.  The motivating force driving and similar operations is that they assemble a large body of potential customers and place a highly discounted product or service before them from one specific business for a limited time, via daily e-mails to their subscribers.
In essence, the merchant, who incurs no outlay of cash for this promotion, has ultimate control of the process since he can govern the number of units to be sold and can also specify the amount of the actual discount.  Each offer is available only for a limited time, usually 24 hours.  Likewise, individual consumers are free to select only those deals which appeal to them and incur no cost until electing to make a purchase that appeals to them.  Each transaction is handled online with a certificate for the discounted purchase delivered the next day that can be used during an extended period, usually for six to twelve months from the date of purchase.
Anyone interested in becoming a subscriber and receive notice of each day’s deal at no cost can enroll simply by visiting the company website at  and submitting their e-mail address. The first of the Daily Deals should be forthcoming in the next few weeks. 
Businesses wanting more information about how they can participate in the program can contact Steve Heiselman at 828.216.4230 or by e-mail at

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

MMA Cage Fights in Asheville this Friday night!

Cage fighting is nothing new. I remember years ago, going to Madison Square Garden in New York City to see the WWF Wrestling with Andre the Giant, Superfly Snuka, George the Animal Steele and many others. That was great entertainment at the time. Now, coming to Asheville North Carolina, are the Mixed Martial Arts MMA Cage Fights... and this is the REAL DEAL. Real fighters fighting and battling it out for the championship! Sugar Rashad Evans - a UFC, Ultimate Fighter and Gladiator winner is ready to fight for a new win at this event.  Lots of people coming in from the surrounding cities to be a part of this. For more info, please see Black Eye Promotions.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Couples spark relationships anew in Asheville group

supportive and confidential couples' therapy group fans the flame of intimate relationships by exploring seven principles of successful marriages

Couples who appreciate the power of community may share their journey and deepen their relationships in a dynamic workshop series, "Bring the Spark Back into Your Relationship," beginning this month in Asheville.
Participants can expect improved communication, a deeper sense of connection, the release of old hurts, the re-establishment of trust, and the emergence of new, healthier patterns, according to program facilitators Guy Morganstein and Carol Greenberger, licensed professional counselors serving Asheville and Western North Carolina.
"The power of the couples' group is in the sharing of your journey with other couples and in giving and receiving support," says Morganstein. "We all have strengths to share."
Providing a framework for the group will be readings and exercises in John Gottman and Nan Silver's book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work. Using the book will give others the same opportunity to grow and expand in their existing relationships, Morganstein believes, but with the support they need to establish and maintain the rebirth of interest and intimacy.
To ensure the fullest experience possible, each participating couple will have one or two private sessions with either Morganstein or Greenberger. Then, each couple will be offered an opportunity for further work suiting their individual situations.
Those who proceed to the group pay an affordable $20 per person. The work is covered by most insurance; those accepted by the facilitators include Medicaid, BCBS, Tricare, and others. For more information, contact Guy Morganstein at, or call him directly at 828-337-7549.
Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer living in Weaverville. She may be reached for media content services at

Monday, November 15, 2010

Purchase Holiday Wreaths and Baskets While Supporting Asheville Kids

Beautiful Frazier Fir Wreaths and Fruit Baskets are now available for order from Hearts With Hands, Inc. in Asheville, NC.  Help support the Western North Carolina BakPak Program and Christmas from the Heart by making your Holiday purchases from this Asheville Non-Profit Group.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

American Fret Master Jam in Asheville - Friday November 12

The Warehouse welcomes the American Fret Master Jam to Asheville and Western North Carolina. Come expecting great drinks, an awesome music concert, fun and people.

Twisted TrailMike Barnes Group, McTaggart, Garrett, DeBruhl, and Velvet Truckstop

Friday Door at 7:30, Show at 8:30 - All ages welcome - $10 admission, $3 Highland Gaelic 16oz Drafts, $2 Vodka Shots. Come as you are!!!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Asheville Beer: Craggie Brewing's Anniversary Week - Nov 16th - 21st

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Asheville Event: Friday, November 12th: BUILDING COMMUNITY PART TWO

This Friday, November 12th, 2010 - Building Community II

The statement Ron Czecholinski started with last week is so right on! “If we do not build a sustainable community, we will not build anything else sustainably.” Help build the Asheville community this Friday, November 12th, from 6 – 8 pm. (Yes, we are back to our original times!) at the Southern Kitchen & Bar with Asheville Green Drinks. Gayatri Erlandson, PhD, will speak at 6:30pm about innovative ways to build community – in our existing neighborhoods, and enhance the economy in Asheville. Part of the program will be based on the inspiring book, The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community (Orsi, J. & Doskow, E. 2009).

We’ll also briefly look at Dynamic Governance, an organizational structure and decision-making process that, “has all the advantages of consensus and none of the disadvantages” (Diana Leafe Christian, long-time community builder and editor of Communities Magazine). We see this as a very promising and inclusive way for local groups of people to effectively and harmoniously work together. In addition, we’ll identify some local organizations that can be partnered with that already bring people together more collaboratively and sustainably. We’ll also look at how a few other cities are doing very innovative programs. We see Asheville as offering it’s own unique approach for creating sustainable communities and perhaps becoming a model for other places around the country.

Gayatri is a psychologist and social architect with long-standing interest in community, social justice and in sustainable living. She is sponsoring one of the only DG consultants in the country, John Buck, to be in Asheville on Monday – Wednesday of next week (Nov. 15-17). He will be offering an all-day workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 16 on Dynamic Governance. For information on this, see the attached file or go to: You can contact Gayatri by calling: 828-581-9036.


Connect with Gayatri, Asheville Green Drinks & your community.

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Award Winning Ground Breaking Artist Opening Presents “Aah Asheville”

Award Winning Ground Breaking Artist Opening
Presents “Aah Asheville”


Ananda Studio
22 Broadway Street
Asheville, NC 28801-2917
(828) 232-1017


Saturday November 27
7pm to 9pm

WHAT:  Music by local musician Chris Rod
              Beer from Bruisin Ales

Internationally known artist, author and educator, Marilyn Sholin creates a show about the best parts of Asheville, NC. The people, the mountains, the arts, the food.
All that makes it:
“Aah Asheville”

Marilyn moved to Asheville from Miami, Florida and has never looked back. Her incredible twenty five years as an award winning portrait photographer took a turn to painting ten years ago and she pursued painting with a passion and a twist. Her original paintings involved a long process of starting with photo references that are combined on the computer and after painting them digitally they are then printed on canvas and again painted with acrylics and other mediums giving the paintings a depth and layers that bring them to life.. All her paintings are originals and involve a great deal of color and vibrancy capturing moods and moments and some are whimsical collages.

Marilyn’s paintings have won Best of Show at the juried Grace Gallery and has also hung in the Asheville Airport Gallery. She has been working on “Aah Asheville” to    show her joy in living here, but will also include award winning pieces from New Orleans, Miami Beach and a variety of other pieces from her City Art collection.

The show will be open through the holidays and more information can be found by stopping by Ananda and picking up a card after seeing the show live and in person.

Marilyn is also one of Larks authors and a contributor on the popular site.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Asheville dances to Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Red Room

The Red Room in Asheville was jumping with excitement as many locals performed "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Asheville Drinks & Dialogue coming Nov. 13th from 8pm - 11pm #DD

Drinks and Dialogue is an open forum where people can come together and talk about social, relationship, and general issues.  In the last 2 discussions we talked about "Why is Asheville segregated?" This time the emphasis is Asheville's future. Where is it going and where do you wanna see it go.  Also, seen #ashevillethrowback was such a big Twitter topic, I feel it's only right we do some Asheville trivia. It will be fun. Typically a crowd of 30 to 60 people with open minds and dialogue. It will be held at Burgermeister's 697 Haywood Rd in West Asheville Sat Nov 13th.  Food and drink specials all nite. Free admission and starts at 8pm.

Topics will be the Elections and why people did not vote, a local trivia game, what is in store for the future of Asheville, and discussing some gaps that have been bridged since the last drinks and dialogue. 

See many Drinks & Dialogue videos - also follow @SocialLifeAVL on Twitter.

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