Friday, November 26, 2010

Asheville Businesses on Facebook

Many companies in the Asheville area are hip to the new forms of media exposure. We are living in a day when if you are not on Facebook, you are pretty much non-existent. Not to say that you cannot have a business without Facebook; but I will assure you that you're losing your voice to a very large online community if you do not take advantage of this social network.

I do not know about you, but I no longer look for the basics on search engines. I mean, if I am looking for a restaurant in the Asheville area... I ask my friends, my tweeps, my community. I have evolved past a billboard or radio commercial telling me what to do and where to go. If I am searching for "Asheville Real Estate" I am going to listen to the many Twitter and Facebook people in the AVL community. The first page on a search engine is pretty much giving me the same old stale results that were there 2 years ago; and they will be there 2 years from now as well. 

Here are just a few of the companies in the Asheville area that have taken the step forward in learning the new social media groove of things (note: you should be logged into Facebook so you can click over and "Like" them!)

Click on the business name below to see their Facebook Page:

Table Wine in South Asheville - Artisanal Wines at Affordable Prices
Mountain Detail - Asheville Auto Cleaning & Detailing
uCoups Asheville - 50-90% off in Asheville NC
Roeder Orthodontics - Asheville Orthodontist
G Social Media - Social Media for your business
Black Eye Entertainment - MMA Fights, Music & Events
More Space Place - Asheville closets, office furniture and Murphy bed solutions
GalloLea - Organic Pizza Kits from Asheville NC
Fiores Ristorante Toscana - Italian Restaurant in downtown Asheville
Blake House Inn - Asheville Bed & Breakfast
Asheville PWB - Professional Women in Building
Vino Vino Wine Market - Wine in North Asheville
Local Guys Moving - Asheville Movers
Daryl Rantis - Asheville Architect

Barleys Taproom & Pizzeria - Beer and Pizza Headquarters

And of course, our Facebook page

Remember, there is a difference between a Facebook page and a personal page. If your business is using a personal page (where you add friends for your business) you are in violation of FB terms and could lose your page at any time. To establish a page for your business, you must first have a personal account. Once that is created, go to and click "Create a Page". You will then have the choice to create a community page or an official page. Most businesses go with the official page. Community pages are more for following topics as a group.

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