Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maggie B's turns three! Weaverville's wine bar comes of age

Cheers! Named for a family dog, Maggie B’s - Weaverville’s only wine bar – marks its third anniversary on Saturday, May 29, from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. with an all-day tasting celebration.

While there, enjoy Elspeth and Andy Brown and their love of excellent, affordable wines, gourmet meats and cheeses, and sparkling conversation.

Want to enter a contest? Suggest a gourmet sandwich for the menu and win a sandwich a month for a year. Spend $50 and be entered in a drawing for a catered picnic for two. Or, if you like what you drink and decide to leave with a bottle to go with dinner, your receipt may have the lucky number “3” on the back. That means good things are coming your way, from bottles of wine to curly corkscrews.

For more information, call (828) 645-1111, or email Maggie B’s is located on North Main Street at the corner of Hamburg Road, Weaverville.

Sherri L. McLendon, who frequently admires Elspeth’s taste in shoes, is a freelance writer living in Weaverville, N.C. She may be reached directly at, or read her media blog at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prepare War!!! Asheville Pizza Wars coming August 14, 2010

The Asheville Pizza Wars are on! We are going to have the people nominate many different pizza making establishments in and around Asheville North Carolina to battle for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. There are so many great places to grab a pizza in the AVL area. We are creating this event to expose you to the best and the rest according to our judges and also according to you. Buy Tickets HERE!

Here is how it will work: People will nominate their favorite pizza makers in the AVL area, we will gather the votes and make them aware of the nomination. They will have a chance to join the battle and possibly win, or forfeit and automatically lose. The contestants will bring 1 regular cheese pizza, and 1 specialty pizza (5 topping max) of their choice to be judged. Along with this, they will bring 8 "other" pizzas (cheese and whatever else) for the people (us!). We will have 7 judges for the cheese pizzas and 7 judges for the specialty pizzas. Videos and photos will be taken of every pizza with credit to the establishments. Every contestant will receive great publicity for entering and being a part of this event!!

We will be having Asheville Pizza Party of the year at the Garage at Biltmore on August 14th at 7pm, judging starts at 7:30pm, Pizza Party starts at 8pm. The judges will start the competition and their votes will be cast. Judges will vote for the main competition and the guests attending will have the "peoples choice" vote. Everyone will have a chance to vote!! Then the pizza party will begin. It is only $15 for the whole evening, with the party ending at 2:30am. Musicians include several bands and DJ dance times. Come ready to have a great time!

Nominated Judges according to their Twitter ID:
@DaniKnowsWine, @H0zae, @Fobes, @EdgyMama, @AVLChamber, @BouchonAville, @AVLDiscountCard, @SocialLifeAVL, @BlogAsheville, @Ashevegas, @SugarJaime, @SavvyEater, @JustinTheSouth, @Hume_Foodie @PushProduction, @Reinkster. We are asking @AshevilleFoodie to be the head judge.

Requested Pizza Moderators according to their Twitter ID: @MotherNos, @AVLCustomCloset, @DoraBerry.

Judging Standards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place for Best Cheese Pizza and Best Specialty Pizza. Also... the "People's Choice" award. Winners will receive an award, publicity, press interviews and more. There are not any losers in this competition. To simply be nominated is awesome!

Requested Breweries: French Broad Brewery, Greenman Brewery, Asheville Brewing, Pisgah Brewing, Highland Brewing, Craggie Brewing, Wedge Brewery, and Skyland Distributing.

Nominated Pizza Establishments (so far): Marcos, Circle in the Square, Nona Mia, Asheville Pizza, Barleys, Pomodoros, Iannuccis, Piazza East AVL, Fiores, East Village Grill, Standard Pizza Company, Digable Pizza, Angelo's Pizza, Roni's Pizza, Franks Pizza, My Father's Pizza, Earth Fare West, Mellow Mushroom, Vinnies.

Benefit forFamilies Pursuing Justice of Western North Carolina

*****You Can Purchase Tickets by Clicking HERE

***Please comment below on the Pizza places that you think should be in this competition and why.

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5 Reasons Asheville Got Me Hooked on Biking

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Thanks to Strive Not to Drive Week, I can't get enough of my bike!
Wednesday, Strive not to drive week. I've been nagging myself about my idealization of riding my bike more this week. Ok smartass, I tell myself. If you are so green, at least bike to one appointment.

As I gasp my way up Chestnut Road from Montford to Charlotte street, I can't help but think how crazy I was to “just do it.” Moments later though, when my appointment is over and I zip down Chestnut street, I'm a completely different person. I've become addicted to biking, and here are my top 5 reasons why I love biking so much (especially in Asheville):
  1. I found a way to squeeze exercise into my super busy life – and quite possibly lose that last 25 pounds that has been following me around all these years.
  2. I think I finally unearthed the magic bullet cure for my chronic depression. The missing link all along – enough to keep my feet on the peddles.
  3. I had a random encounter with a friend on that Wednesday ride. I noticed he has managed to keep his weight loss off for many months, and I suspect it's because he bikes everywhere he goes. I think I'm on to something here.
  4. For a moment in my hectic life of mom, wife, manager, writer, etc, I transform into a 7-year old girl– flying down the street on my pink bike and the wind in my hair. I am free.
  5. On my bike I am a free-thinking human and not part of the car culture. I'm out of the matrix. I'm a rebel and a free-thinker. This is addicting.

The experience inspired me to stop making excuses for why I can't be a bike commuter and start making it a reality. So, I'm training my 5-year old on her bike and I picked up a Tailgator at Hearn's bicycle shop.
I think I understand the runner's high now.

--Kristin is a freelance writer and proud owner of a really cute pink bike. She lives in Asheville with her husband, daughter and cat. You can find her on twitter at

Asheville's American Idol contest to perform during AI's Grand Finale

Don't miss this oportunity to see Asheville's very own American Idol perform live. Jesse Barry with Skinny Legs And All have been asked to sit in at Tressa's in downtown Asheville on Wednesday night. The show will be broadcast live by My40 starting at 8 pm with segments airing during the finals of American Idol. Don't miss your opportunity to see our American Idol in person. Come on down for some Asheville fun. Don't ya just love this town!


Screenwriter / Actress to speak at Asheville Social Media School May 27th

 The news just came in yesterday that movie maker Angela Shelton will be speaking at the Asheville Social Media School this coming Thursday at the Grove Park Inn. Angela recently spoke at 2 social media based 140 Conferences in New York City and Los Angeles.

May 27th - This is a free event where G Social Media and several other local video professionals teach on social media, and different angles on how to distribute your message more effectively with videos. For more information on this event, please click HERE.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Video Making & More at Asheville's Free Social Media School - May 27th

 In just a few days on Thursday, May 27th from 5 - 7:30pm at Elaine's Piano in the Grove Park Inn, Asheville is presenting a free social media school on taking, making, editing, uploading and marketing videos to increase the social media awareness of you and/or your business. G Social Media, Asheville Video Productions, Bourne Media, PSAV, and Rev Pictures will be teaching this awesome class. More info can be found by clicking HERE. You can also view the Facebook event page for this class. You can RSVP or just show up as we have more than enough room to accommodate. If you have any questions about social media with videos, please come ready to get some answers. Thank you.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Asheville Biz Spotlight - Anytime Fitness on Patton Ave

Hello, I am Pete Longo, Owner of Anytime Fitness of Asheville. We are a 24 hour co-ed neighborhood fitness center located on 805 Patton Avenue (Next to Blockbuster) in West Asheville. My two business partners have two locations near New Orleans. I liked the concept and thought a neighborhood fitness center would be great for the AVL area. We started the business on 12/15/2008. I chose Asheville North Carolina because I have lived here for seven years and I have always wanted to own my own business.

My favorite things about Asheville and WNC is that it is very eclectic and beautiful. Our members appreciate the fact that we are a locally owned small business. They tell us that they love the feel and atmosphere of the gym. I think we are more appreciated in Asheville than we would be in other areas.

My message to Asheville is "keep being you." Continue to support local businesses and be good to each other.

The best part of our Asheville business is that we get to help people improve their lives. When a member loses 70 pounds or quits smoking or is able to relieve some stress we get to celebrate with them.

3 other businesses in Asheville or WNC that we regularly network with are: Acton Chiropractic – They are our neighbors and we are both in the business of improving people health. Relax and Rejuvenate – The have fantastic massage therapists and we give discounts to each other’s clients. Nona Mia – Our neighbors have the best Italian food in town. We help promote each other and many of our members enjoy working out and then picking up some of their food on the way home

A business in Asheville that assisted me greatly in getting started: SCORE was a big help to us. The counselors there helped me on several occasions. They were a great asset and they brought in experts to give me guidance on marketing and sales. SCORE is a great resource for small businesses.

The top 3 services we offer at our business are: 24 hour Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Loss. We strive to be the best part of your day….everyday!

Anytime Fitness of Asheville

"The Locally Owned Alternative to Big Impersonal Gyms"

805 Patton Avenue, Asheville NC 28806



Phone: 828-505-3715

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Asheville & Weaverville on the 4th of July. Coming Soon!!

The 4th of July in WNC is a special time. Not only do we celebrate our independence, but we celebrate the great community we live in. There are many things going on in and around Western North Carolina. Besides the downtown Asheville fireworks, I want to introduce you to 2 other events that are within 15 minutes of downtown AVL. Lake Julian on the southside in Skyland will be having their fireworks blazing and lots of people all around the lake enjoying the show. In Weaverville North Carolina on the northside, there is going to be a giant party happening with a lot of local Asheville bands and support. This is the biggest event of the year for Weaverville. Below is some more information about the bands that will be coming and also a call for sponsorship of this great event. Also see more about the event on MPAC's Website.

Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band

Asheville's own fun time, "Ya gotta Dance to" band!


Based in Asheville, NC, Afromotive is helping to start a new wave of uptempo afrobeat music- fusing West African rhythms, song forms, and instrumentation with funk, improvisation, and straight-ahead dance beats.


Funkrock, Jazz Fusion from Black Mountain with thier own Rastaman Jacob Marley.

Galen Kipar

Asheville's small-scale symphony, effortlessly crafts a fusion of folk, classical, jazz, and blues. The results so far have been hailed as complex yet accessible, cohesive and poignant, experimental folk masterpieces. With the care and meticulousness of a gourmet chef, the Galen Kipar Project cooks up melodies and arrangements that defy expectations.

Chris O'Neill & Guests

Asheville based, comensurate singer songwriter and musician, Chris O'Neill blazes Folk and Roots music licks to savor. Chris O'Neill has deveoped a national prescence and following.

Richard Shulmann

Jazz & New Age Keyboardist and Composer Richard Shulman creates music intended to be a positive influence for himself, audiences, and society. Shulman has performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Art Park, the United Nations, the Kool Jazz Festival, The Amenia Peace Festival and a wide variety of other venues throughout North America and in Europe. As a composer, Shulman has created over sixty pieces for jazz quartet as well as songs and pieces for chamber ensembles, choir, and symphony orchestra.


The Red Hot Sugar Babies, Roberto Hess, the Traveling Bonfires, etc. etc.

Help Save the 4th of July!

We are seeking sponsorship funds to pay for the stage, lights and sound and other costs of the festivities. We need your help. Please step up and join us in doing what is right for our community. Besides being a very good thing to do, we have found sponsorship of our MPAC 4th of July Block Party to be a phenomenal way to drum up local support! (There is no better PR out there than helping to save the 4th of July!) We are trading title sposnsorship on all aspects of this community event.

MPAC (MAYSA’s Multi Purpose Athletic & Community Complex) is a non profit initiative of the determined, vetted non profit ncMAYSA based in Weaverville. Federal Nonprofit tax ID # 20-4450650.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ashevilles Teen Blues Band Sensation Skinny Legs And All Releases New CD

So the word is if you haven't heard Asheville's hottest Teen Blues Band; Skinny Legs And All you're just not listenening. This group of 5 talented musicians has an impressive list of dedicated follower that span the South East. They have played at the regions most popular venues are receiving praises from audiences and media from every stop along the way. Ranging in age from 14 to 19 these musicians have the musical skill and stage presence that out performs bands three times their age. Don't let their youthful appearance mislead you; their talents go well beyond their ages.

Skinny Legs And All has recently released their first CD of original music. The CD is self produced, was recorded, and edited in their home studios/practice spaces; mixed and mastered Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio in West Asheville. The CD is available for purchase from or directly from their web site: and off course if you catch one of their shows you can be purchased a CD from the band. The CD is receiving impressive air time on local radio including WNCW's Local Color with Laura Blackley & 105.9's Local Licks.

The bands schedule is busy through the school off season with local shows and venues outside of the Asheville area. They have developed an impressive social media network including a Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Reverb Nation, CD Baby and of course They are not hard to find but booking them for a gig may be challenging.


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Autism Community Center Announces Summer Programs

The Autism Community Center recently announced their schedule of summer activities for youth, teens and adults. People with autism can choose from a variety of groups, including fishing, bbq and music; the Center is also offering a free drop-in program once a week, where people can get together for games, art and socializing.

Since the Community Center opened several months ago, these groups have provided invaluable opportunities for people with autism to come together in a place where they're accepted for who they are. Two of my children have participated in the center's programs, and it's been incredible to see them open up and explore the world with the other kids. The adults involved in the groups are warm and nurturing, and really enjoy what they're doing. Unlike many activities for people with special needs, these groups don't feel like work or therapy-they're simply an opportunity for people to hang out and have a good time. Still, the therapeutic benefits are undeniable, as friendships grow and faces light up with the joy of sharing what they've learned.

For more information about the summer programs or to register, click here. Some need-based scholarships are available.

Zoe explores a local stream.

Jeremy hikes along the river at Warren Wilson College.

The hiking group hits the trail on a recent outing.

april is a freelance writer from asheville. read more of her work here, or follow her on facebook. contact her at

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does Asheville have America's Best Breakfast? VOTE for Sunny Point Cafe!

The contest: The way it works is IMMEDIATELY after the segment airs on Good Morning America on Saturday, May 15th (both the taped piece and the live portion out in Times Square), and voting begins. Viewers log on to and look for a link that says, "VOTE FOR THE BEST BREAKFAST". This will be up until (roughly) 8PM (ET) as they monitor the voting results throughout the day.

Online - you can only vote once. Which is why the more people you tell about the contest, the better. So GET THE WORD OUT!! The viewers' votes add up to 50% of the vote.

The other half goes to the four anchors (after tasting the food). About 7/8pm (ET) they will make a decision and call all the nominees and let them know the outcome.

If we win, they want to talk to Sunny Point Cafe live from their restaurant on Sunday May 16th in the morning. It should be pretty exciting! If we do win, we want all of Asheville to be out there and excited about our victory.

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The South French Broads Bring Unique Sound to Black Mountain

Hey, you... yeah you, I see you over there, looking bored and wondering what to do tomorrow night. I have good news, my friends: The South French Broads are taking over the Town Pump in Black Mountain at 8:00, and you need to be there.

These guys (like most of what I listen to, if you've been paying attention) defy description, blending the best get-up-and-shake-your-ass grooves you've ever heard with a healthy dose of humor and a definite edge that will appeal to everyone from club kids to jaded old punks. It's nearly impossible to believe that two guys can make such a huge, awesome noise, but Radix and Alex make it sound like they were born doing it.

Check 'em out-you'll dig it.

The Town Pump is located at 135 Cherry St. in Black Mountain, just off Highway 70, a few miles east of Asheville.

april is a freelance writer from asheville. read more from her here, or follow her on facebook.

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Wine & Beer in North Asheville Woodfin at Vino Vino

 There are so many great wine shops in the Asheville area. Some are downtown and others run in every direction in the County. Vino Vino Wine Market is located at 178 Weaverville Rd Asheville NC 28804, and this is in the Woodfin area. They have wine tastings every Saturday and the have an awesome wine kiosk where you can get 1, 2, or 5 ounces of wine and hang out at the bar they have or sit outside at the tables.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Silver Machine's First Official CD Finally Lands

Space cadets, glitter punks and psychedelic dreamers, take note: after keeping us in suspense for what feels like forever, Silver Machine has finally released their debut album, and holy space lovin', Batman, it was so worth the wait.

Don't ask me to describe their sound; it's nearly impossible to define. Think Pink Floyd raging hard on a steady diet of hallucinogenics, spinning counter to a room full of disco balls, with an undercurrent of slow sexy love running underneath, and that might begin to touch the sound of these guys. If you've caught them live, you know what the vibe is like. Now you can take the sound with you anywhere, float through your errands on a wave of cosmic bliss, crank that baby while you mop the floor... it's all good when the Silver Machine is coming through the speakers.

Buy the disc at cdbaby (if you're all digital, you can download it from there) or pick it up at one of their upcoming shows-details on those coming soon.

Silver Machine play a recent show at the Rocket Club in Asheville

april fox is a freelance writer from asheville. read more of her work here, or follow her on facebook.

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Asheville Real Estate Market Report

Asheville saw its busiest month in the last 20 months in April. I still think the best is yet to come. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

You can read and see more at

Jason Ingle
Managing Broker
The Buyers Agent of Asheville
(828)242-7616 Direct

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Monday, May 10, 2010

WNC Chefs Challenge 2010 in Asheville - Preview Party - YUM!

 On Thursday, May 13th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, meet the 14 chefs that will compete in the WNC Chefs Challenge. Sample their delicious cuisine and enjoy regional wines. This event will be at the Haywood Park Hotel Ballroom in downtown Asheville North Carolina. Tickets are only $25.

Then, starting on May 18th, the Chefs will pair off in weekly challenges at the Flying Frog Cafe.

Brought to you by The WNC Magazine Wine & Food Festival 2010. Find more info on

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Asheville Biz Spotlight - Botanical Basics - Your Source for Healthy Skin

Supporting local business is not just good for the environment and local economy, but can also be good for your skin! Botanicalbasics—your resource for healthy skin—produces fresh, natural and organic skin care products. Solely owned and operated by sisters Christa Tolson and Erica Burke. Both, progressive mothers and proponents of natural health, have lived in the mountains of WNC for 14 years.

Their draw to Asheville stemmed from the raw beauty of the Appalachians, including the diverse and abundant flora the area offers. After studying under renowned herbalist Peggy Ellis, through North Carolina School of Natural Healing in 1999, their love for growing and mixing botanicals into medicines and potent elixirs soon became an avenue for a business venture. Starting with spring herb markets, botanicalbasics culminated and blossomed into a cottage industry. Their natural health lifestyle helped to direct the focus on pure and safe ingredients, especially when mixing with small children and newborn babies in slings nearby!

In late 2006, they began the development of their professional product line—REAL skin renewal. Standing by their personal and environmental standards, they’ve formulated a brand free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary synthetic fillers that are far too commonly found in mass produced products, even some natural ones.

Upon launch of this premier anti aging product line in June 2008, retail sales began online at www.botanicalbasics. A strong local following of likewise minded health and beauty seekers began through The Water Lily Wellness Salon, as it was the first local spa to offer REAL retail products and professional facials.

Their products have developed a presence throughout the area in spas, salons and even natural health practitioner offices. A few locations you can find REAL products are Luminaj Boutique Spa at Haywood Hotel in downtown Asheville, Michelle Salon in Black Mountain and Lewis Family Health Center off of Biltmore Avenue.

On a national level, REAL skin renewal is gaining distribution and marketing support through Banner Therapy Products.

All of their luscious products are handmade in small batches with a primary focus on quality ingredients. The importance of selecting sustainably sourced ingredients, recycled and recyclable packaging and printing supplies is a primary factor for botanicalbasics. Their small facility is located at Riverside Business Park where all of the manufacturing, bottling, labeling, packaging, shipping, and administrative tasks take place.

Botanicalbasics :: your source for healthy skin

2004 Riverside Drive Ste CC., Asheville, NC 28804

828-252-5115 / 866-645-5115

Free shipping for orders of $50 or more

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Terra Summer Camp near Asheville - Cooking, food and fun

There are still a few spots left in each of the two four-week sessions of Terra Summer – the most delicious summer camp around!! Register now!! Call 828-782-7842!!

Terra Summer is a four-week summer day camp that uses the magical world of food to teach children about the world around them. Cooking and farming merge with geography, history, math, art, and the sciences in this innovative hands-on learning experience that takes children on a journey of discovery behind what we eat and the impact of our choices on our world.

At Terra Summer we explore the issues related to the food we eat here and elsewhere around the world: Where it comes from; who grows it and how; and how much it really costs; the empowerment of the individual to make food choices that are better for everyone; our responsibility toward the earth and communal resources; how the resources travel and are treated; awareness of other lands and peoples; respect for our bodies through nutrition and exercise; and how food connects us all, in strife and joy.

The hearth of Terra Summer is a state-of-the-art kitchen classroom lab on an organic farm. Children learn to grow food in their plots and to cook in the kitchen. We also make food art, journal, and take many food-related field trips. It is a voyage from inside out, from individual to social, from local to global. From the little picture to the big picture. Terra Summer is a fun, soulful, holistic experience intended to help children become more thoughtful, aware human beings.

Session I: June 14-July 9
Session II: July 19-August 13
Children ages 11-14
$880 per session
75 Bryson Road, Mills River
Scholarships and transportation available

Visit or call 828-782-7842 to register and to learn more!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

WNC Videos: Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, Waynesville NC

Asheville's G Social Media recently went on a tour of Western North Carolina for the AskAsheville network. We ended up taking videos of many of the towns nearby to AVL. Please click the live links below to see these new video channels, and also comment and subscribe to them. Thank you.

Weaverville North Carolina is about 15 minutes north of downtown Asheville and is a beautiful little town well connected to AVL. See the Weaverville Video channel.

Hendersonville North Carolina is about 20 minutes south of downtown Asheville. See the Hendersonville Video channel.

Waynesville North Carolina is about 45 minutes west of downtown Asheville. See the Waynesville Video channel.

Here is a video we took last week called Asheville Friday Night Lights, Cameras and Action:

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Friday, May 7, 2010

AERC of Asheville; Creating Champions of Conservation

There is a new breed of soldier taking the frontlines in the battle to protect our natural resources. These well trained, highly skilled soldiers are armed with the latest technological advancements. They demonstrate an unyielding commitment to their cause and a lifelong dedication to protect the communities they serve. They seek no personal glorification for their actions and take great pride in their place within our society. These foot soldiers are not strangers to hard work. They have chosen a path of little glory and are often under-appreciated until called upon in times of urgent need. They are our neighbors and our friends. They are men and women of all colors, creeds, religions and nationalities; off all ages and from all walks of life. They are here to serve and protect. They are the new frontlines of consumer environmental education. There is a name for these braves Champions of Conservation; they are called "GreenPlumbers".

We are approaching a new horizon for an industry that generally gets little attention and has received little recognition for its contributions to success and advancement of our nation. Indeed a new age is dawning and with it the rise of a new breed of environmental champion, a new hope for the preservation of precious resources;
The GreenPlumber

The AERC of Asheville is a certified regional training facility for GreenPlumbers USA; an internationally recognized accreditation and licensing non-profit organization.
The AERC has partnered with GreenPlumbers USA and will offer core curriculum accreditation courses at their facility in West Asheville beginning in July 2010. The core curriculum training includes advanced technical training in 5 categories of environmental stewardship.

- Caring For Our Water
- Climate Care
- Solar Thermal Technology
- Water Efficient Technology
- Inspection Report Services

The course has been added to the fall AB Tech colander as part of the Community Colleges Technical & Industrial Advancement Curriculum.

For additional information on summer 2010 enrollment opportunities contact:
Aqua Environmental Resource Center

Phone: 828-236-5980


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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Water: How important is it to you?

For the majority of us in Asheville, water is one of those things we expect to be available when we need it. In Asheville we are truly blessed with some of the best freshwater in the county; at least until it leaves the reservoirs that is. Even after treatment it is still ranked pretty high the water quality index. We don't think much about it until something occurs (water line breaks and such) that temporarily removes the luxury we are accustomed to. I use the word luxury intentionally because it is just that, even though we don't think of it that way. We have become very reliant on quick, easy, consistent access to clean water; so much so that we don't think about how integrated water is in our daily lives. Believe me, everything you do during the course of your day is in someway reliant on this natural resource. I'm not talking about the obvious things like drinking, showering & bathing, personal waste removal, washing clothes dishes, cooking and cleaning. Water is so much more to our lives than we think about; water makes everything we do possible!!!
Here are a few examples

How Many Gallons of Water does it take to make . . .

..A car: It takes an estimated 39,090 gallons of water to make a car. It's unclear if that includes the more 2,000 gallons used to make its tires--each tire takes 518 gallons to make.

One Pair of Jeans: Takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of regular ol' blue jeans.

One Barrel of Beer: 32 gallons requires 1,500 gallons of water.

One To-Go Latte: Takes 53 gallons to make every latte.

One Gallon of Paint: Takes 13 gallons of water to make.

One Ton of...                                                               
Steel: 62,000 gallons of                                          
Cement: 1,360 gallons

One Pound of . . .                                                 
Wool: 101 gallons
Cotton: 101 gallons
Plastic: 24 gallons
Synthetic Rubber: 55 gallons

Note: In general these figures have been derived from work done by and represent gallons of water consumed per pound of food (except for beverages, in which case the volumes are listed). They represent global averages, not conditions specific to any one place.
Per pound Fruits, Vegetables & Grains:
Lettuce -- 15 gallons
Tomatoes -- 22 gallons
Cabbage -- 24 gallons
Cucumber -- 28 gallons                        
Potatoes -- 30 gallons
Oranges -- 55 gallons
Apples -- 83 gallons
Bananas -- 102 gallons
Corn -- 107 gallons
Peaches or Nectarines -- 142 gallons
Wheat Bread -- 154 gallons
Mango -- 190 gallons
Avocado -- 220 gallons
Tofu -- 244 gallons                                              
Groundnuts -- 368 gallons
Rice -- 403 gallons
Olives -- 522 gallons
Chocolate -- 2847 gallons

Meat & Dairy
This is where water intensity really starts increasing. If you want to reduce the water footprint of your diet, this is where you want to really cut back:
Eggs -- 573 gallons
Chicken -- 815 gallons
Cheese -- 896 gallons
Pork -- 1630 gallons
Butter -- 2044 gallons
Beef -- 2500-5000 gallons (Global figures for the water intensity of beef vary so significantly that an average isn't particularly informative, so a range of figures is given)

Tea (8oz) -- 7 gallons
Beer, barley (8oz) -- 36 gallons
Coffee (8oz) -- 29 gallons
Wine (8oz) -- 58 gallons

Maybe if we pay more attention to how relevant water is in our everyday lives we'll be less wasteful of all the things it provides us, including good health.


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Asheville 2010 Summer Series Family Entertainment by The Hop

Lots in Store for the Summer of 2010 at The Hop Ice Cream Shop on Merrimon Avenue. Please see the flyer below for some great up and coming events in the North Asheville community. Thanks.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Can Asheville really be a sustainable community?

I have been thinking about the way development in Asheville North Carolina is headed. Many times people build without any consideration of future needs or possibilities. Some construct a home 50 miles from a grocery store, add a few gadgets, and think they are "Green" or Sustainable. Community needs to be a priority when it comes to the decisions we make. Even more in this new technology age, a good neighbor is of high value.

While taking to Randy Bassham from the other day, he talked about this "Greenway to the Future" that would connect North Asheville all the way to Flat Creek in Weaverville. As we drove around and toured the streets; walkability, outdoor life, and health were some of the main topics. We are lucky to have vehicles, but being able to take a bike ride or walk safely on your side of town is necessary. Social media in person could be so much more effective if joggers had a stretch of a few miles to tour. Health would improve and obesity would be tackled as more children walked the neighborhood.

I was recently on Stumble Upon and they had a video about making walking fun on an area coming out of a subway station. They wanted to see if people would use the steps instead of the escalator if the steps made music when you walked on them. See the video here:

An Architect in Asheville named Daryl Rantis is all about building a green, sustainble community. As development progresses with no view of the big picture, Daryl's vision for an interconnecting Asheville neighborhood dims. With the communities Rantis Architects draws and build, Urban Planning is always in mind. Development without people connected is not a true community project. Maybe our vision will improve if we start listening. You can see some of the community and neighborhood artwork of Rantis below:

*Please comment below and let us know what your view on this is. Thanks.

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Asheville Mover, Movers and Moving by Local Guys!

If you are in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area, and frequent social media and networking; you have probably come in contact with Bruce and Clete from Local Guys Moving. They are all about helping out in the community and then looking for work anywhere they can find it. They can assist you with moving to or from Asheville, and they are also available for small jobs like moving an antique piece of furniture from the Antique Tobacco Barn to you house. What we like about them is that they get around and leave a positive vibe everywhere they go. They also co-promote just about everywhere they stop by which adds to the media exposure of the WNC community. Thanks guys!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Schrodinger's Game Brighten Up Pritchard Park

Several members of Asheville a capella group Schrodinger's Game serenaded passers-by at Pritchard Park yesterday afternoon. Jordan Pfluger, Noel Domingo, Aubrey Parkerson, Dominique Duncan and Beth Hazlett practiced for their upcoming show in the bright sunshine, and they sounded great. The group can often be heard in the park, and spend most Sunday afternoons visiting different locations downtown, singing for the public.

Schrodinger's game is made up of students from AB-Tech's music program, and also includes Danie Easter and Jonathan Godfrey. You can catch their first concert on Sunday, May 2 at 4 pm in the Ferguson Auditorium at AB-Tech. The concert is free, and they'll also be performing with the school's chorus during that show. If you get a chance, check out these talented young adults. You won't be disappointed-these kids prove that Asheville is home to all sorts of musical talent.

april is a freelance writer from asheville. you can read more of her work here and follow her on facebook.

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