Thursday, February 26, 2009

West Sound Productions Music at Asheville's Boiler Room

Randy, Gina, and this crowd have been around Asheville for many years, entertaining so so many people. Tressa's, College Street, Beluga, and many more... and here at the Boiler Room right below Scandals and Club Eleven. (Nice Video). This is right across the street from the Asheville Federal Building on Downtown Patton Avenue. Nice time all the time with this very cool crowd. Thank you guys! 828-258-2295 They can bring life to any party!

Custom Bus that passed through Asheville when Phish tickets went up for sale

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Asheville Insurance by Math on Merrimon Avenue, Now on Twitter Too!

Knowledge, Service, and Smiles is how I describe Math Insurance of Asheville North Carolina. They have been in the area for years and Greg, Jim, and the team are just simply great at what they do. Here are some picture I took when I stopped by the office today. You can see their new blog by clicking HERE, visit them on Twitter by clicking HERE. Asheville Insurance (Math at least) takes a step ahead by jumping on board and focusing on "Internet Avenue". G Social Media is doing the complete set up for Math Insurance.

Asheville Crime Stoppers - On Twitter, Blog, & Picasa!

Buncombe County, Asheville North Carolina has several new websites that are focusing on Stopping Crime, connecting with the local Asheville community, and building a network around the world. This is good because there are many businesses way behind in the tech times (Real Estate, Churches, etc), but Law Enforcement should never be one of them. Now we are not talking about going after John Travolta in "Swordfish", but simply making use of the conduits that this "new age" has supplied us with... most of the time for free.

Tech is sometimes tricky because we are trained to shun from the "new" and stick with what we know (ages 30 and over have a really hard time, especially when a computer was not a priority). This is very dangerous sometimes because new avenues are opening up daily, and the wrong people learn how to use them before the legitimate people even consider. Do not be left behind! Our kids that are in the Buncombe County Schools are teaching and tutoring your kids how to make good use of the computer and the Internet. Parents should be on top of this! Get on board and follow the times. If not, you will soon be the only person riding a horse on the highway. See

Let me mention the Presidential race for a second. Besides who should have won and who should have lost, I believe one group had the advantage, and if they used that advantage to win, then so be it. One crowd only put some faith in "new media", while the other crowd dedicated themselves to social media and mass connections via the web. One used "old school" philosophy and tactics, and the other used what many of us consider an "internet experiment". Consider It Proven now. The days of phone calling, door to door, and meeting face to face are just about gone. Get a Social Life for yourself and/or your business... and make sure it at least begins online, where today's quality connections are made.

Back to Buncombe County, Asheville North Carolina. This "Social Networking" is a big step that may prove very wise. You can view and visit their Feed Widget above, or links to their Atom feed are on the right column of their blog. Please use them where you can, every little bit helps, every minute counts... especially when it hits home. Let stop it before it goes that far. I talked to one of the head "Crime Fighters" in the area and loved the sincerity, purpose, and vision. We can make Asheville and this world a better place! It's not too puzzling if we all work together. Thank you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Asheville Custom Home Builders - North Asheville

Building a home in Asheville North Carolina is more than just picking out a floor plan and some colors. Many things need to be considered to make sure that your lifestyle, location, and desires are maximized. Some want a little seclusion with access to everything in a matter of minutes. Some want that mountaintop living experience around Asheville, but have downtown less than 20 minutes away. Asheville Custom Home Builders, LLC is a great builder in the Asheville area that has many options and also works with your every step of the way. You deal directly with the General Contractor himself, so there are no "salespeople" or middle men (people). Bruce takes you every step of the way to make sure that this is Your Home, and that you will love and enjoy it when it is complete & for many years to come. Have questions? Phone, email, blog, and Twitter accounts are all set up with ACHB... so access it what they want you to have. Asheville Custom Home Builders is a builder that is keeping up with the times and invites you to share your home building dreams with them. Here is a lot in North Asheville/Weaverville North Carolina that is about 5 minutes from the new Wal-Mart and Lowe's, in a nice secluded cul-de-sac, and in a great neighborhood with Lake Louise and a nice playground for the kids only minutes away. Beautiful Community! Get in touch with Asheville Custom Home Builders by clicking HERE.

Asheville Hacky Sack Anyone?

The Asheville Hacky Sack Club has just come out of hibernation recently and invites all who wish (with some restrictions, lol) to come and join in. Meet at Pritchard Park in Downtown Asheville on Saturdays, as soon as it gets warm, which will be earlier every week (hopefully). Also saw them out there last night (Friday Evening) kicking the sack around for a few... getting ready for the main event Today! Just tell them that "Ask Asheville" told you to show, and they will know. Thanks.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Super Profile Your Asheville Business for only $199

Ask Asheville has been working on building their website and promoting the area for some time now. We are now offering to profile your company for only $199. This includes an online video of your business, online article about you and your company, and links to all of your websites. If you do not have a website, no problem... this is a great start! You will also get a custom direct link to your video and article. We will put your information up online on all of our sites giving you and your business maximum exposure. Send us an email to to place the order and set up an appointment. We would then stop by your business for about an hour to do the video and the interview, and it will be live online within a few days! Let us help you really get online. This offer is valid now through the end of February 2009, based on a first come first serve basis. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bike Love This Saturday in Asheville!

Asheville on Bikes, Arts2People

Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 8:00pm till Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 2:00am at The Wedge Gallery 151 Roberts St

Save the date for the 3rd annual Bike Love celebration at the Wedge Gallery on Sat. Feb 21. Once again, AoB and A2P delivers on the best of local beer and music. Performing at this year’s event is Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work, Floating Action, (featuring Seth Kaufman) and Red Dirt Floor (featuring Marty Gallagher of ProBikes). Beer is sponsored by the French Broad Brewery. Doors open at 8:00pm. Admission is $15. Pro Bikes will be hosting a raffle for a Rocky Mountain Commuter Bike to further AoB’s efforts of promoting urban cycling in the City of Asheville. Raffle tickets are $3 each and are available at ProBikes located on 610 Haywood Rd.

Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit- Folktastic Show at Asheville's Firestorm Cafe

Friday, February 20, 2009, 8:00pm - 9:30pm at the Firestorm Cafe - 48 Commerce Street Asheville, NC Phone: 828-255-8115 - Email:

A multi media collage - ripped from the pages of yesterday's history books and tomorrow's newspaperCelebrating his twentieth year on the road, poet and storyteller Chris Chandler is as hilarious and entertaining as he is provocative and rabble-rousing, Delivering vignettes about politics and modern culture with the fire of a Baptist preacher and accompanied by a wide variety of musical styles, he has performed on thousands of stages across North America, working with such legendary figures as Allen Ginsberg, Pete Seeger, Mojo Nixon and Ani DiFranco. The late great Utah Phillips called Chris "the best performance poet I have ever seen. "He has joined forces with Seattle roots and Americana guru Paul Benoit. Together their styles merge like lanes on an outbound interstate. Delivering vignettes about politics and modern culture with the fire of a Baptist Preacher, the music is rooted in roots, colored with blues, and based in American. They have now traveled four extended tours on both coasts.Part preacher, poet, huckster, wandering minstrel and medicine show sideman, Chandler casts a spell over an audience performing on two Lollapalooza tours. He has recorded collaborations with Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary, The Austin Lounge Lizards, Dar Williams and many others. He has worked live with Alan Ginsberg and Ani Difranco, Pete Seeger and Mojo Nixon.He was been on the road for twenty years, living exclusively out of his automobile.

Starting as a street musician, he is now a tireless activist performing at demonstrations across the US and Canada . From the G8 summit to the FTAA, to anti-war demonstrations to countless labor picket lines and union halls.His new album Fifty From Twenty is a box set celebrating his twenty years on the road. Fifty songs from twenty years on the road, it is a four CD, one DVD set featuring songs and videos from his previous thirteen CDs.

"Great Work, Ever Thought Of Trying It In Calypso?" - Allen Ginsberg"I thought I was the last American weirdo then I met Chris Chandler." - Mojo Nixon"He is the best performance poet I have ever seen." - Utah Phillips"Chris Chandler reminds me of my own self way back when -listen to him Now!" - Tom Paxton"The spirit of Woody Guthrie lives in the heart of Chris Chandler." - Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul and Mary)"We are going to hear a whole lot more from this Watergate Generation guy. I wish I would happen upon him singing in the subway." - Pete Seeger

Monday, February 16, 2009

Asheville Arts Center, Into The Woods 2/18 & 2/19 2008

The Asheville Arts Center Presents Into the WoodsFeb 18th and 19th at the Diana Wortham Theatre

Into the Woods Feb 18th and 19th Diana Wortham Theatre (828) 257-4530. 7pm Curtain Call Cost: $25 adult $19 student. Tickets go on sale the week of Jan Asheville Arts Center proudly announces its upcoming production, INTO THE WOODS, at the Diana Wortham Theatre on February 18th and 19th, 2009.

Curtain call will be at 7pm. Tickets cost $25 adult/ $19 student and are available beginning January 12th and can be purchased at the Arts Center or Diana Wortham Box office For more information please call the Asheville Arts Center at 828-253-4000. Directed by Melissa Ricketts, this production will feature several of the Asheville Arts Center instructors and Asheville community members. Monies raised at this performance will be placed towards the Asheville Arts Center’s Scholarship program for those in need to attend classes at the center.

Abandoning the traditional fairy tale story lines, INTO THE WOODS was written juxtapose self interested wishing verses truthful morality. The characters reveal many scenarios of growing up: family relationships, community responsibility, and morality. It all starts when the Baker and the Baker’s Wife (played by Paul Gerber and Heather Taft) express the wish to begin a family and realized that the Witch who lives next doors has put a curse on them for childlessness. In order to reverse the curse, they embark on a quest into the woods to find the special objects required to break the spell, from other characters in various Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales such as Cinderella, Little Red, Rapunzel and Jack (the one who climbed the beanstalk).Their quest weaves them into a world of interconnectedness by swindling, lying to and stealing from one another. What is right and wrong flip flops in each characters vision until contentedness with the arising situations falls into place and their wishes are granted…that is until they are once again disturbed by their own wanting and desire for something more. As their worlds crash down and cave in on them they are filled with confusion and chaos and are led to journey again into the woods. As the tale keeps bringing them brings them together, they realize their interconnectedness and begin to blame one another for their losses in the situation that incurs. The ghosts of their past begin to haunt them with moral pronouncements ending the play with the words, “You just can’t act. You have to listen. You can’t just act. You have to think.”The common theme throughout is the relationship between parents and their children and how this affects the community as a whole. Indeed, the most morally ambivalent and honest character portrayed is the old scowling hag of the Witch, played by Danelle Cauley.

Also starring in the Asheville Arts Center’s INTO THE WOODS will be Rachelle Roberts (previously Belle is Asheville Community Theatre's "Beauty and the Beast") as Cinderella, Jamie Meater as Jack, and Ruth Butler is cast as Jack's Mother.As is the tradition with this performance, one can expect to see a few parts played by the same actors. Paul Traini will perform the dual roles of the non-committal Mysterious Man and the Narrator; Amy McDonald plays the double role of the matriarchal Cinderella’s mother and Granny; and the uncontrollable appetites of Cinderella’s Prince and the Wolf will be portrayed by Kurt Campbell. The musical INTO THE WOODS debuted in 1986 in San Diego and then moved onto Broadway the following year with much success to follow. The music and lyrics were arranged by Stephen Sondheim, winner of many awards including the Tony’s, Grammies, an Academy award and a Pulitzer Prize. Sondheim is known by some as the greatest and perhaps best-known artist in the American musical theatre, he also created scores for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM and SWEENY TODD. The INTO THE WOODS storyline was story was written by award winning writer, James Lapine. INTO THE WOODS is based on a book called the USES OF ENCHANTMENT, written in 1976 by Bruno Bettelheim. About the Asheville Arts Center: Located on Merrimon Ave and in South Asheville, The Asheville Arts Center is a school based on unlimited opportunities for students to explore their interests in music, dance and drama. AAC fosters a love and appreciation for the arts through student-teacher relationships and offer high-quality instruction and educational experiences. Classes offered include: Adult Classes, Dance, Drama, Kindermusik, Morning Exercise, Music Classes, Music Lessons, Irish Dancing, and more. For more information visit and

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Happens in Vegas... here it is Asheville

Met a bunch of friends and business associates over at the LAX nightclub at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Party. Caught some of the ladies in the moment, singing their heart out, lol. Here are some of the pics!

Asheville Goes To Vegas - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Party 2009

Las Vegas is wonderful, lots of things to do, heaven if you gamble, paradise if you are looking for fun, and so so very cool if you are taking videos. We went to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party and the Models were wonderful (Janet was downstairs in the Grand Egyptian Ballroom eating with the SI Models earlier while I was getting all of my cameras ready). This event was held at the LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel (The Pyramid). Shout out to the man "Ditty" of LAX, Officer Rick (very chill and helpful), LAX Security Host "Blane", and the other Host at the front door... who held the Guest Line... did not get his name, but Thank all of you for working together to make this night a great success. To see the YouTube Video Playlist including dancing, special music by John Legend, and more, Click HERE.

Blue Ridge Rollergirls 2009 Season

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fox-Elipsus - Asheville Free Live Show 2/16/09

This is Fox from England. I know I may have told you that I was performing in Greenville, but the show was cancelled and it has been moved to Asheville! It's a free show, this coming Monday 16th Feb, at Firestorm Cafe and Books at 1pm. This is my only show in Asheville on the tour, so I hope you can make it! There are also nearby shows on Sat Feb 14 at 7pm at Borders Charlotte (Colony Rd), and Sun 15, 1pm at Borders North Lake (Charlotte). Please come! Listen to the music here - and please click "become a fan": My 2 double-CDs are available at or e-mail

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ask Asheville Videos - Like Never Before!

We have been on this video roll in Asheville North Carolina and it has been wonderful. Of course you get the people who do not like cameras as much as we do, you meet the camera shy, you also bump into that person looking for those "few seconds of fame", and others who just maybe do not comprehend the whole YouTube idea. I have to explain to folks weekly that you can use YouTube for good, lol. Please do some research before pre-judging so much and so quickly. Good or Bad can come from anything, is not this called life? Here are some of our most recent Asheville videos for your enjoyment.

Click HERE to see Mars Hills Students in Downtown Asheville Raise Money for a Mission Trip to Costa Rica

Click HERE to see the Asheville Twestival, pre-rally at Pritchard Park Downtown AVL

For a nice, quick bongo solo... Click HERE

Meet the Asheville Hash House Harrriers on their Wild Red Dress Run in Downtown by clicking HERE

Also... The Asheville Hacky Sack Club at Pritchard Park... starting their season! Click HERE to see!

Oh, click HERE to see this band giving Asheville a free show, with lots of fun and dancing.

Thank you

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Encouraging Cup

Keil Nathan Smith at the Encouraging Cup

There is a real cool place in Asheville for Christians to go to to enjoy amazing music, have a cup of savory coffee and fellowship with each other. It is a place up and coming Christian musicians can showcase their music. I went last night with a great group friends and I have to say alcohol is not necessary to have a good time! I love my friends and the atmosphere is so comfy and fun at the encouraging cup! I thank God for it. I will definitely be going again.

You can check it out at:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dead Man Found Alive in Weaverville North Carolina, Yea!

Man missing in Daytona surf 20 years ago alive in N.C. By JULIE MURPHY Staff Writer

DAYTONA BEACH -- A South Carolina man who faked his death here 20 years ago has been found very much alive in North Carolina -- giving police a false name and driving with a suspended driver's license, officials said Tuesday.

Wint Bennie Harden Wint, 49, was arrested Sunday in Weaverville, N.C., but has since been released on his own recognizance, according to the Buncombe County Jail there.
Twenty years ago, though, Wint disappeared in the ocean before his fiancee's eyes, according to the incident report at the time. He and Patricia Lynn Hollingsworth -- 37 at the time -- left their home in McBee, a small town northeast of Columbia, N.C., after Hurricane Hugo hit. They were supposed to be married while in Florida, Hollingsworth told Volusia County Beach Rangers (now known as the Beach Patrol). The couple arrived in Daytona Beach on Sept. 24, 1989, the report states. They stayed the night at the Ocean Sands Motel and went to the beach the next day.

Hollingsworth said Wint went into the water shortly after 4 p.m. and swam out past the breakers. She last saw him near a dark-haired surfer. Hollingsworth reported his disappearance to the nearest lifeguard, the report states. She then ran up and down the beach looking for Wint. The lifeguard never saw Wint. Both a lifeguard boat and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office helicopter conducted a search. "It's seldom that we lose someone off the beach and they don't wash back in," Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn said. "I believe there are a number of people who disappear this way." During a follow-up interview on Sept. 26, 1989, "Hollingsworth stated that she was engaged to Wint and had talked about getting married on this trip to Florida," records show. Lifeguards continued the search for several days. "I feel terrible for our lifeguard," Petersohn said. "He spent all this time thinking he let somebody drown."
Attempts to reach the arresting officer at the Weaverville Police Department on Tuesday were unsuccessful, as were attempts to reach Wint, his family members, and Hollingsworth.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buncombe County Schools Cut Her Job, Can Someone Help Cecelia?

We are asking the community to help this local woman. Her job with Buncombe County Schools is being cut, and she needs a job to stay in the country.

Please allow me to introduce a friend of mine, Cecelia Flores. Cecelia has been my Spanish tutor, for about six months. Cecelia is currently employed by the Buncombe County School System, as an ESL (English as a second language) instructor and also teaches Spanish to the teachers, to enable them to better communicate with their Hispanic students. Unfortunately, due to funding cutbacks, Cecelia's position with the school system is being eliminated at the end of the year, and Cecelia is looking to continue her employment in the area.

Cecelia has been working in the United States for six years, and if she maintains employment for another three years, she will be eligible for permanent residency (Green Card). If however, she is unable to find employment and there is a gap in her work record, then she looses the amount of time she has accrued, and has to start the process over. Cecelia very much wants to stay in the United States, and more specifically the greater Asheville area. She is however, willing to relocate.

There are some requirements, to satisfy the government regulations. I have attached those. If you or someone you know has a position available for someone with a fluency in English and Spanish, please let me know, or contact Cecelia directly ( If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. This post taken from

Asheville, This Saturday... A $6 Meal Can Help Shayla & other children with cancer

Event Info: Benefit Fundraiser
Host: Amber Stephens
Saturday, February 7, 2009, Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Location: Swannanoa Fire Dept (Sub-Station) Street: 510 Bee Tree Rd. City/Town: Swannanoa, NC: 828-275-1130, Email:

Spaghetti Benefit for Shayla on Saturday, Feb 7th 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the Swannanoa Fire Dept (Sub-Station) 510 Bee Tree Rd. Swannanoa, NC 28778 $6.00 per person Price includes Drink, Meal, and Dessert.
Note To Volunteers: please send message to Amber Stephens or Daniel Davila... Shayla is a beautiful 3 year old little girl who is filled with joy! Shayla loves to play with her baby dolls, read books, help cook, and get into makeup! Shayla was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuro-blastoma Cancer with bone marrow disease. She is receiving intense treatment throughout the next several months. Please keep Shayla and her family in your prayers as they travel on this journey. Please help show support by purchasing raffle tickets on the following items. Proceeds will go to Shayla’s family, and to Research and finding a cure for Neuro-Blastoma. (This event was taken from
Message from Shayla's Nurse:
"I know that there are so many people who want to help and who love us so much. Sometimes it is stressful for me because I feel like I do not even know how to help. I would kindly like to request that if there is a desire to give Shayla a birthday present, that it please be a gift that she can use here at the hospital. I have written about the Child Life program and how great they are. They do not have a website yet, but would love to have new release DVD's, art supplies, and washable (not cloth) toys (or baby dolls) for all of the children to enjoy. Even a gift card would be great for them!"

Asheville On Bikes Rally, Saturday Feb 7, 2009 at Clingman Cafe, Richmond Hill Inn...

Host: Asheville on Bikes - Asheville Bike Rally
Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009
Time: 8:30am - 2:00pm
Location: Clingman Cafe, Richmond Hill, Wedge Tasting Room in Asheville, NC.

Support SORBA in building urban off road bicycle trails at Richmond Hill. Join Asheville on Bikes for breakfast, bikes, and beer on Saturday February 7th. Celebrate Asheville’s cycling opportunities. Pedal with friends and lend a hand building our city’s infrastructure with SORBA.8:30am: Meet at Clingman Café to enjoy coffee and breakfast before riding to Richmond Hill.9:30am: Pedal away from Clingman Café to Richmond Hill along the French Broad River. 10am – 1pm: All hands on the trail, building the urban off road trails with SORBA. Volunteer with SORBA for an afternoon of celebratory trail building! 1pm: Pedal from Richmond Hill to the Wedge Brewery’s tasting room. Clink glasses with fellow pedallers to a job well done. Bring an appetite for breakfast, a desire for a short group ride, good work clothes, snacks, and a winning attitude. Work together, Play together... Ride our city together. (This invite was taken from Facebook)

Asheville's LoveFest hosted by the SGA at UNCA 2/9 - 2/13, 2009

Host: SGA. Type: Education Lecture. Start Time: Monday, February 9, 2009 at 12:00am, End Time: Friday, February 13, 2009 at 12:00pm. Location: UNC-Asheville

Lovefest is a week long event in which promotes healthy relationships, sexual health, and love throughout the UNC-Asheville campus. The event is design to bring the students face to face to the issues of having intercourse, being in a relationship, and so much more. Lovefest is not just for those who are having sex; Lovefest will also approach the student life in which is choosing to abstain from sexual behavior. This week is not just for sexual activity or relationships. This week is about L-O-V-E. We want students to know the feeling of love, and its importance in the circle of life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Asheville Stand Up Comedy - Feb 6, 2009!

"Laugh Your Asheville Off" launches 2009 Stand Up Comedy Concert series with a Showcase show at the Diana Wortham Theatre.

Asheville, NC (January 15th) The preparation for this summers 3rd Annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival begins February 6th at the Diana Wortham Theatre when some of the newest faces of comedy and some veterans of comedy come to Asheville in hopes of getting chosen for a performance spot in the largest stand-up comedy festival in the southeast.

The hundreds of submissions for the 2009 comedy concert series has been nearly overwhelming for the Laugh Your Asheville Off organizers, Greg Brown and Charlie Gerencer, and they thought that a season opening "Asheville comedy showcase" in front of the Asheville crowd seemed like the right fit for comics to bring their best material.

"We can watch a comic on youtube, but you never get a feel how good the comic is until they are in front of the Asheville crowd at the Diana Wortham Theatre." says Charlie Gerencer. Each comic is on stage for a fraction of the time they normally perform in comedy clubs, so its going to make for a punch line packed and high energy show.
*** MORE***
Laugh Your Asheville Off Showcase. The Laugh Your Asheville Off team is available for interviews. Laugh Your Asheville Off Showcase:

Diana Wortham Theatre at Pack PlaceAsheville, NC
February 6th: 8:00 PM
Tickets: $15 before February 5th, $20 day of show.
Laugh Your Asheville Off Official Website:
Advance purchase tickets sold at the Sense of Humor on Walnut Street or the Diana Wortham Box Office 828-257-4530
Laugh Your Asheville Off Official Website MySpace page:

Warning - Asheville Businesses, check your tech person asap!

I woke up with this great urgency today. When dealing with social media (or most professions), you assume that your team has you up to par with the newest and best media avenues available. This is usually not the case. Just because you have a "Prez" or "VP" in marketing, does not necessarily mean you are covered.Here are a few key questions, not to ask your "expert" (we all know the right answers, lol), but to maybe ask yourself... (Please turn the music off, stop yelling at the kids, and meditate on these questions)

1. Does my marketing guru have a Facebook or MySpace page? This is pretty elementary, but a must! If your guru does not use a social network platform to simply connect, I believe it will be a long time before your company properly connects. I feel so weird saying this...but in 2009, you are the dying exception if you do not ride one of the many social networks. I can actually look at someones Facebook page for 1 minute and tell you if they know anything about current 2009 marketing.

2. What are your company's main media outlets? Print is dying, just "having a website" without engaging will not do, and the Internet is growing and exploding daily. Which direction do you think you should head in?

3. Is your company headed toward "Social Selfishness"? They may wear a network badge, but they have "The Lone Ranger" hat on. This is the opposite of Networking. Many times people who do not understand the power of a network, shun away from the "gimmes". Sometimes it is lack of knowledge, sometimes it is pride, sometimes it is an "anti-tech"attitude (just because they are "in the industry", or know how to build websites... does not mean their web faith is perfect and they know what to do). Whatever the reason is, it will choke the life out of your company. Companies cannot breath when they are not properly connecting. This is where G comes in.

I tried to contact a local business friend recently online and someone wrote me back saying "hi... I'm... and I handle all of their online work". I thought "Really?!" You have actually hired someone to keep you "in the dark" and to pat you on the back and tell you "I got it covered" when they really don't. Not trying to discredit anyone where credit is due, but I see what many "marketing pros" are doing and there is not much credit to be given! Of course, I could be positive and say "they are trying, and using what they know", and then I will yell to myself "no excuse". Shooting in the dark may work for businesses who want to stand still, but for us who are all about maximizing the effectivity, it is a dead end... replaced sooner or later depending upon how quickly you realize how important these new Media avenues are. Or maybe, by some tiny chance, your "media expert" may be doing a fantastic job, researching, updating their info weekly, and they know. Make sure of this!!! Some simply need a quick update from our company or another SME. Great! Information is key. We are simply informing you of what to look for.

*What can you do now? As we have said above, your Social Media person may just need some new training. Depending on how "open" they are, it can take a few hours to a few days; depending on what they want to learn, absorb, and be effective in. If I were you, I would require this learning. I could teach most people a nice 4 hour course that could keep them busy for a very long time. If you get familiar fast and want more, I can give it. I offer a support package where I evaluate your platforms once a month with coaching, and a package where I send you the latest possibilities that could fit your business and staff with urgent updates at any time.

Maybe you need a replacement? I watched another business who is pretty big (but struggling some) hire a "nice person" with a nice resume but with limited current knowledge, to fill their marketing position. (a nice person that knows "new media" is so much better). I happened to be at the same dinner table with this marketer one night, and she spoke a whole different previous market language which is fading oh so quickly. Some of the ideas were so old, I pretty much purposely erased them from my mind a few years ago. She was lost and really thought she "had it". I got sad for a minute and moved on without event. She did not get my verbal "crash course". (Why?, they are my friends, but honestly they have a "closed minded" business model that will not listen, even to me, for awhile... and when they do listen, they are sure to use some second class/hand shortcut, and wonder why they are forever behind). Something may be "new to you", but be very old to the industry (very old could be 90 days). This is Business Suicide!

Maybe you just need to source you marketing, media, and social communications out to a firm such as ours, take advantage of our "hands on training", and get it right once and for all. Then, as our client; when we learn something new, we pass it directly to our circle of clients. We can show you results quickly and then set up monthly or quarterly goals to make sure your whole team is moving forward with the plan. This is what we do.Listen To Me! And then simply say "I want to know, Teach Me"... And I Will! Or just come back and find me when you have exhausted all of your other resources that you thought could have helped. But then again... better late than never, they say, lol (I am laughing out loud right now). Me? I personally hate the word late, especially when business lives are at stake. Email me sometime. (Taken from

Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2009 Newsletter from Asheville Building and Real Estate

Hello Everyone and thank you for writing and asking where the newsletter was! We are reconstructing a few things in the company and becoming more efficient in everything. Plus with all of this Web 2.0 that some of our team has been doing has made this new year really interesting. If you or your team of Realtors or Builders need any type of training on Websites or Social Networking in the business realm, you need to send me an email and at least request some more info. G Social Media is doing all of our work, and you get so much exposure and so many contacts for peanuts! Anyway... some of you know Gary and what he does, and you cannot find anyone in this field that could touch his expertise. The network team he has developed goes from San Diego, to Asheville, to NYC. Several huge deals in the works including a possible full-tech building in the mountains of WNC. If there is something new out on the market, they know about it, have tested it, and even have evaluation notes on the proper usage of it. Too deep for me, but so easy for them. They can set you and your team up with a social media package, allow easy daily/hourly/whenever live updating for everyone from your desktop, laptop, and even from a text message you send from your cell phone... online in moments, live links and everything. Realtors... do not be left behind or distracted by someone who thinks they know. G does! Let them show you a sample. They just finished a small package for Miss North Carolina and made her the 1st Miss North Carolina to be set up with high tech social media communications. Very nice job guys! See G Social:

Asheville News - News Goes Tech ... Have you ever wanted a combination of news, blogs, ideas, recipes, small talk, notes... well kind of like a newspaper without paper? One of the biggest newest news sources in the Asheville area is on

Asheville Real Estate - Are we coming back? The Real Estate maket in Asheville North Carolina is yearning for a full recovery, but only small sparks of life so far. Several Realtors and Builders have contacted us and have mentioned a small influx of possibilities inquiring. While on the other side, superintendents and project managers from big local companies like Cooper Construction and Construction Logic are now looking for work and sending their resumes into everyone. News is that Coldwell Banker got caught with the bag in their hand in having too many spec projects to cover. Good and bad news comes and goes. What can you do to prepare for the good news and make it happen? If you are not focusing online, you are setting yourself up for failure. The Realtors who will rise are the ones who keep up with the tech times. Who will be the ones to step up?

Asheville Home Builder reaches out during crisis - Asheville Custom Home Builders has recently worked with New Life Options, the Eblen Foundation, and Kimmel to make sure the residential rehabilitation center in Downtown Asheville stayed open. With help from the Fire Marshal and from Harry Taylor; Life on Life's Terms kept its doors open and continue to reach out and help where needed. Thank you Bruce and Asheville Custom Home Builders! Oh, and they are the first Asheville Home Builders on Twitter! Nice Work ACHB. Need a high tech builder to network with? These are They.

Please go to for a free, completely free, profile where you can put all of your info, live link to other sites, meet other businesses and people, and much more.
Thank you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Asheville Nightlife at Tressa's - Jazz, Blues, DJ's, very nice!

Tressa's in Asheville is a fave spot of many people I know. I guess they just have a great atmosphere including both the owners and staff having great balanced attitudes, the perfect blend of music, great bartenders, and the crowd she has built up over the years is everything they need for a very successful night. The first level is usually jumping with a live band, awesome cocktails, and great people. The GateKeeper is none other than "Skull" himself. Angie is always quick to assist with a great attitude, Terri is alway prompt and overseeing everything, Smittie practically lives there and has a great time with everyone. The second level is a little more toned down, and the vibe was mellow with the man himself, Darryl Mack, handling dozens of clients by himself and very dedicated to that if I may say. They have a nice back room on the 2nd level where you can meet for a more private discussion... so the place is kind of like going to hang out at a home away from home for some of us (wonder if she has free wifi, lol). This building is a classic!

Tressa is definitely a great Owner Operator. I sit there and watch her work and blend all of the time, and she is one of the best actual business owners in Asheville that gets out there with us, the people, and carefully guides the whole vibe of the evening! Thanks Tressa... for having such a great nightlife spot in Asheville North Carolina, and for making your customers feel like family.

Magnolia's Restaurant & Nightlife in Asheville

Asheville's Magnolia's Restaurant and Dance Club has been around for many many years and is probably the most common place where anyone can blend, fit in, and feel comfortable. Great mixture of music from Reggae to Jazz to Rock and more. Magnolia's is connected to Cinjades by entrance in the rear of the club, so people can pass back and forth from one club to another. The manager tonight was Chris, and he was very helpful and accomodating. Actually walked in on a situation and he was handling it right, and then I saw him deal with a couple more things in my mere 30 minutes there. Chris Peterson (Asheville Investor) is the owner of this establishment.

Cinjades Dance Club in Asheville North Carolina

Stopped by Asheville's Cinjades and took some great video footage of the Saturday night dance party going on. Plenty of people, security prompt and everywhere, and lots of Hip Hopping. This is one of Asheville's main nightclubs right down the street from the center of downtown Asheville at Pack Square. Cinjades is also connected to Magnolia's Restaurant and Nightclub, where a lighter blend of music or all genres is played.

For the Love of Art and Derby

Calling all artists! Asheville's all-female flat track roller derby team is gearing up for the 2009 Season! The Blue Ridge Rollergirls are putting together an art auction to benefit the league and we need your help! We are in need of donors of any type of art to contribute to this event, which will be at the end of March. The items will be auctioned off and proceeds will be used to put on a kick-ass season at the Asheville Civic Center filled with roller derby action! Artists may create a roller derby inspired piece, or can just kick down something that's lying around. Please e-mail Sugar Magmaulya at if interested. Thank you for your support! | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |