Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TEDx Asheville at The Orange Peel August 29, 2010 Part 2

Here is video # 2 at the Asheville TEDx conference August 2010, before my Flip camera started flipping out on me. Meet Doc Hendley, Laurie Masterton and James Nave. Great time with our awesome community.. AVL NC!

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Awesome testimony of an Asheville business from a past client

Holly gives a testimony about the wonderful experience she had at More Space Place Asheville North Carolina http://closetasheville.blogspot.com.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Angela Shelton at #TEDx #Asheville 2010 - The Orange Peel #tedxavl

Superhero and Movie Maker Angela Shelton http://AngelaShelton.com, an Asheville native, speaks at TEDx Asheville at the Orange Peel. Angela is also looking for a team to help produce several movies based in the AVL area. If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact us.

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The Asheville Police Department 2010 promotions

See the video of the Asheville Police Department (APD) promotions in August 2010.

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Rags to Riches fashion show at the JCC Asheville

Rags to Riches was a great fun time of fashion, food, and family at the Jewish Community Center in Asheville North Carolina. Here are a few quick video clips for your enjoyment.

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TEDx Asheville August 29, 2010 Part 1 at The Orange Peel

TEDx in Asheville North Carolina was awesome! Here are some video clips of the evening at the Orange Peel.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Watch TEDx Asheville Live - Don't miss it!

Congratulations! You do not have to miss the great TEDx event in Asheville North Carolina. You can view it from several local establishments in the AVL area. For more information check out TEDxAsheville.

You can also see it on the Citizen Times website from your computer.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Asheville Racism & Segregation #avldialog

Drinks & Dialog came to West Asheville's Haywood Lounge the other evening with the hot topic of "Why is Asheville Segregated?" Lots of great people came out from all walks of life to discuss the subject and think of solutions. Here is the teaser video and also a list of video clips of the evening.

Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V9jkwbGh44
Video 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITCiY07SH3s
Video 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DS61-oz4HU
Video 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJqlik1az0U
Video 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU1VdU_3vYY

Thanks to Social Life Asheville and Wendy Lou for the event. Videos by G Social Media

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Asheville Reviews from Twitter Tweeps #avlreview

We have recently established a #hashtag called #avlreview to track some of the reviews people are giving Asheville North Carolina on Twitter. If you are in Asheville and have a review to share on Twitter, please use the #avlreview hashtag so we can all track it. This is one of the great things about social media and crowd sourcing. We can all team up together and share our own unique experiences, whether good or bad, with the world. Here is a recent list of local reviews:

1. RT @mattapotter: Just ate dinner at a place called Cats and Dawgs in downtown Asheville. It was absolutely delicious! I had.. #avlreview

2. RT @InsidePerimeter: @mamaerika : rock and roll? May I ask who you will be seeing? (btw- I think Asheville is awesome) #avlreview

3. RT @ofriday: RT @KarlieJ: The ladies who work at the Asheville J.Crew Clearance Center are always soooo stylish. #jobenvy #avlreview

4. RT @joshbillions: Asheville is beautiful. #avlreview

5. RT @t_b_player: A note: if you're ever in Asheville, drop by Dripolator coffee and drink some of their Peru. a-maze-ing.#avlreview

6. RT @KT4par: Had a great nights stay at the biltmore village inn b&b in asheville NC. Wonderful place.#avlreview

7. RT @alexporter82: I love Asheville. Great town. #avlreview

8. RT @JackieAtlas: @ruby you've got to go to the @twistedcrepe restaurant in Asheville. Very reasonable and food tastes awesome. #avlreview

9. RT @davecavecnn: Kudos to Asheville restaurants: @TupeloHoneyCafe (cheese grit cakes) and Early Girl Eatery (French toast). #avlreview

10. RT @lgailey: @larsolsson Yup, Asheville area is coool...#avlreview

11. RT @breakfreeinme: Downtown Asheville on a Friday night... One word... Awesome!! #avlreview

12. RT @narcissebreed#Random I swear I miss Asheville,best days of my life but didn't kno it den#avlreview

13. RT @dreamofcolors: I haven't smelled this much weed in public since british columbia. I love asheville. #avlreview

14. RT @BlogAsheville: Now that I've worked in downtown Asheville, I can't imagine any other way.#avlreview

15. RT @wordshepherd: @ruby The hippies are imported now, but in my day they were home grown. #Asheville #avlreview

16. RT @tprobert4890: If I go to another hippy drum circle, it will be one too many. True life asheville, nc. #avlreview

17. RT @dreamofcolors @frickindannie no concert, just asheville hippies (100s of them!) Playing drums, dancing in the street. Awesome #avlreview

18. RT @DanielLeiser: @eside84 Asheville is like Breck bro. Don't wear nice stuff bc people WILL stare. #avlreview

19. RT @GSocialMedia: Great meeting with a friend of mine, Andrea @D3sky at the @TwistedCrepe in downtown Asheville. Delish food too! #avlreview

20. RT @Leeharmon: 12Bones. Asheville's greatest BQ.#avlreview

21. RT @colesearr: Asheville Parks and Rec does NOT slack. I will assume Leslie Knope is in charge here. #avlreview

22. RT @maybellinete: @SweetSoaps Asheville NC is gorgeous! going there and surrounding areas next week.#avlreview

23. RT @dmirfin: Apparently, my favorite BBQ place in#Asheville, @LuellasBBQ, is on Twitter. I never even thought to look. #avlreview

24. RT @pseudojoe: So Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, NC is three for three. Soup, entree & dessert for the win! Can I stay please?  #avlreview

25. RT @pseudojoe: 3G in Asheville. Sweet. #avlreview

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Honeymoon Questions for Asheville NC

Our friend Amanda is coming to Asheville North Carolina for her honeymoon. She had a few questions and would like for all of us to give her some opinions and suggestions. Please comment below with the answers. Thank you.

1.       What is the best “tourist” site to see?

2.       What is the one hidden gem we must see?

3.       Who has the best ice cream in town?

4.       Who has the best cupcakes in town?

5.       Where is the most romantic place in Asheville?

6.       Are there any “must sees” for Marines/Veterans?



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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Asheville Pizza Wars - Pizza Tour Map

There are so many great pizza makers in the Asheville North Carolina area. Here is a list of all of the businesses that got involved for this great benefit at the Garage at Biltmore for Families Pursuing Justice. Asheville Pizza Companies from the Northside, Southside, Eastside, Westside, and even Downtown AVL! We encourage everyone to stop by each and every one of these places listed, and try them for yourself.

1. Iannucci's Pizzeria - South Asheville - 1981 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville NC 28803
2. Earthfare - West Asheville - 66 Westgate Parkway, Asheville NC 28806
3. Pomodoros Cafe - East Asheville - 1070 Tunnel Rd, Asheville NC 28805
4. Circle in the Square Pizza - North Asheville - 640 Merrimon Ave, Asheville NC 28804
5. My Father's Pizza - East of Asheville - 110 Cherry Street, Black Mountain NC 28711
6. Barleys Taproom & Pizzeria - Downtown Asheville - 42 Biltmore Ave, Asheville NC 28801
7. Nona Mia - West Asheville - 807 Patton Ave, Asheville NC 28806
8. Franks Pizza - East Asheville - 90 South Tunnel Rd, Asheville NC 28805
9. Piazza - East Asheville - 4 Olde Eastwood Village Blvd, Asheville NC 28803
10. Mellow Mushroom - Downtown Asheville - 50 Broadway St, Asheville NC 28801
11. Standard Pizza Company - West Asheville - 631 Haywood Rd, Asheville NC 28806
12. Vinnie's Neighborhood Italian - North Asheville - 641 Merrimon Ave, Asheville NC 28804
13. Fiores Ristorante Toscana - Downtown Asheville - 122 College St, Asheville NC 28801

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Thanks for the extra pizza at Asheville Pizza Wars!

Pizza was being delivered to the Garage at Biltmore for Asheville Pizza Wars from 13 great local pizzerias and restaurants in the AVL area. People were jumping in a line with dozens of pizza options to choose from. When the pizza started running out, 3 businesses stepped up and volunteered to have more pizza on the scene within minutes.

These pizza places were: Circle in the Square Pizza, Barleys Taproom and Pizzeria, and Franks Pizza. Jimi from Barley's actually had his ovens in tow and on site to make sure we had some back up, just in case. Thank you to these pizza companies that supplied additional pizza to the crowds.

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Asheville Pizza Wars 2010 - the official results #avlpizzawars

The Asheville Pizza Wars got hot and heavy with 100's of people showing up for the event and many local AVL pizza companies working hard to keep up with the crowds. We want to thank ALL of the businesses for getting involved for this great event and cause. We are going to do a series of blog posts for the different angles of the evening, but here are the official pizza results:

We had 3 categories: Cheese Pizza, Specialty Pizza (with up to 5 toppings), and the People's Choice

Cheese Pizza Winners -
1st Place - Fiore's Ristorante Toscana
2nd Place - Standard Pizza Company
3rd Place - Nona Mia

Specialty Pizza Winners -
1st Place - Frank's Pizza
2nd Place - Mellow Mushroom
3rd Place - Piazza East

People's Choice Award -
Vinnie's Neighborhood Italian

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stimulus Dollars Benefiting Asheville Residents

Asheville's Office of Sustainability has begun offering free home energy education classes. 

On the evening of August 11th, I took an opportunity to participate in a free home energy efficiency class offered at the Reed Center in Asheville. 

 The group of about 15 Asheville residents in attendance was inquisitive and obviously sincere in their desire to be informed. The class covered a wide variety of opportunities and options for homeowners to consider. Subject matter ranging from the value of minor water efficiency improvements to whole house air infiltration testing, to the does and don’ts of upgrading your homes insulation.  Hands on participation was available for many of these subjects.

Class presenters were from local nonprofits; Matt Siegel of WNCGBC, Torin Kexel of Green Opportunities of Asheville as well as city building inspector and maintenance officials.

The class was much more informative than I had anticipated, and everyone involved seemed genuinely interested in the welfare of our community and our environment.

It's great to see our local governments interest in providing these educational resources as well as the public interest in obtaining and implementing the information. This is where the rubber meets the road. 

Bravo to the Office of Sustainability personnel Maggie Ullman, Kerby Smithson & Rachel Doebber for pulling this together. I look forward to participating of more of these sessions. Money and time well spent! When is the next class?



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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PRAWNC hosts “The Best of the Mountains Awards Breakfast”

award winners inside the organization share their tips, strategies, and experiences of coming away with top recognition for best practices in the public relations and communications industry

Do you plan to enter a top performing project for a “Best of the Mountains 2010” award?

Gain a competitive edge on your competition by joining past and current top award winners in a breakfast round table discussion at Buncombe County Government Television offices on Thursday, August 12, from 7:30-9 a.m.

But get your RSVP in early to finance@prawnc.org. The training room reserved is currently limited to 24 seats offered on a first come, first served basis. And this year’s submission guidelines are scheduled to be released August 10, just prior to this member event.

Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina members will share the experiences and best practices capturing top recognitions in our area’s most prestigious communications awards competition. Sharing the perspectives and lessons they’ve learned are Jill Yarnall with UNC-Asheville; Judy Rhew Davidson and Kathy Hughes with Buncombe County Government; Rick Prudhomme with Pardee Hospital, and Brenda Murphree with Clear Point Marketing.

By special arrangement, Jennifer Perez with Park Ridge Hospital, will speak regarding the finer points of the PRAWNC rules and judging standards. All shareholders in the roundtable discussion will enjoy a loose structure, with a small number of guided questions for the round-table participants. Then, the floor will be opened to member questions and information sharing.

At the breakfast networking event, PRAWNC members and colleagues and newcomers will enjoy City Bakery’s fresh-baked bagels with cream cheese, jam, and butter and pastries. Featured are the Biltmore Avenue establishment’s famous cheddar scallion biscuits with butter and jam, followed by assorted fresh fruit, juice and coffee.

The Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina hosts “The Best of the Mountains Awards Breakfast” at Buncombe County Government Television in the training room at 199 College Street, downtown Asheville. The cost is $10 for members, $15 for non-members, and includes City Bakery baked goods, fruit, and beverage. Metered parking is available on the street, or attendees may park in the County Parking Garage located between Carolina First Bank and Bank of America for $1 per hour.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Asheville Pizza Wars, this Saturday 8/14 at 7pm, at the Garage at Biltmore

Just about everyone loves pizza. Adding craft beer to the picture and some fall deeper in love. The Asheville Pizza Wars features 10+ AVL area Pizza Makers and 3 Breweries making this a mini beer fest. Tickets are only $15 and that includes all you can eat and as many samples as you can drink. Music will be by Peace Jones, The Dubber, and Picking for Dimes. Hear from the folks that we are benefiting as well... "Families Pursuing Justice" of Western North Carolina. Great times, cause, pizza, beer and people. Come Join Us! You can purchase tickets by going to the Garage at Biltmore website.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

WNC Shamanic Priestess Intensive Empowers Women’s Spirituality,Prepares for 2012

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Calling in the divine feminine and honoring one’s heart, the Shamanic Priestess Process remains a life-enhancing experience in which each woman is encouraged to embrace her own beliefs and stand in her own spiritual authority.

Now, facilitators Anyaa T. McAndrew, of Whittier, a licensed professional counselor, and Shari Starrfire, of Saluda, a bishop in the international Madonna Ministry, offer Asheville and Western North Carolina women the opportunity to experience the process in a weekend workshop “The New Priestess and Women’s Mysteries,” Aug. 21-22. The experience now debuts the addition of the multidimensional energies of 2012, based on the work of celebrated author Barbara Hand Clow.

“The Priestess Process™ is an initiation of the heart,” says McAndrew, who has facilitated women’s spirituality events for the past nine years. “It takes each of us deeply into that which blocks and liberates our full expression.”
Participants in the workshop will have the option of completing the entire series of the Priestess Process™.

By expressing, forgiving, and integrating themselves, women become empowered to open new channels leading to peace and purpose with their family and community. The introduction of the emerging multidimensional aspect raises the process to a whole new level, says McAndrew.
Starrfire agrees. “We are awakening the multidimensional sacred feminine within,” she says. “We are introducing a series of initiatory themes with honor and intention. Upon creating the process, participants will emerge in sacred ceremony.”

The two offer an introductory weekend intensive introduction to the process Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22, at Isis Cove Retreat Center, with an option of completing three additional four-day weekends over a six month period of time.

For more information on the intensive, the Priestess Process, or the multidimensional aspects of the 2012 Turning of the Ages as depicted on the Mayan Calendar, visit www.goddessontheloose.com, or call 828.788.0773.

Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer in Weaverville, N.C. Check out her media blog at www.sherrimclendon.com, or email her at sherri@sherrimclendon.com.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Asheville - Log Cabin Raffle to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina is very excited to announce our Log Cabin Raffle which is happening now through October 7. Last spring, the North Carolina General Assembly legalized these types of charity house raffles, and as far as we know, we are the first ones in the state to actually produce one. Tickets are $100 each and the prize is a 2,000 square foot cabin located on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Bryson City. There is a formal press release HERE, and the official contest website is here: http://www.logcabinraffle.org.

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Asheville's Local Social on August 19, 2010


Community Matters! Asheville Grown Business Alliance, FRESH Asheville & Asheville Green Drinks are proud to present a special preview of the 1st Annual Asheville Food & Environmental Film Festival and our 2nd Local Social. Come out to the courtyard behind Bouchon at 6pm on Thursday August 19th to enjoy the exclusive introduction to three films from the festival lineup. Tickets are $8.00 in advance or $12.00 at the door and can be purchased online at ashevillegrown.com, freshasheville.com, ashevillegreendrinks.com and on facebook.

Entertainment will be provided by Jen of Jen and the Juice and sponsors of the event are: Graphics Four, Lady Luck Flower Farm, Jacks Boxes, Brownstone Reality and Top Floor Studio.

In addition, the following local, independent businesses have generously donated the following:
Wine & hors d'oeuvres provided by Bouchon
Tantalizing local treats from Rosetta's Kitchen
Spicy summer snacks from Mela
Decadent desserts from Old Europe
Copious cupcakes from Short Street Cakes
Beer provided by The Lexington Avenue Brewery

Local Social events are part of the community awareness “Love Asheville, Buy Local” campaign spearheaded by Asheville Grown Business Alliance.

For more information on the Local Social Events or Asheville Grown Business Alliance please contact: Franzi Charen: ashevillegrown@gmail.com

Asheville Grown Business Alliance is a grassroots organization whose mission is to support independently owned businesses in the community, to continue growing a vibrant local economy while preserving the unique character of Asheville and to educate citizens on the critical importance of thinking locally first when considering the impact of national and global chains.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Building the perfect home in Asheville North Carolina

Home building has changed a lot in the last several years. As the industry in Asheville was shifting heavily toward a "Green" sustainable mentality, the market fell due to the economy and many home builders had no work at all. Today, we see some light at the end of the tunnel and people are beginning to buy real estate and build homes once again. While some people are opting out for smaller homes where minimal living can be done; others are after the best possible home they could get at a reasonable price. Here are some tips to think about when building that perfect home:

1. Find a piece of property not too far from civilization. Using several gallons of gas to simply go to the grocery store is not the "living green" way.

2. Locate a community of sorts. There are many developments in the Asheville and WNC area and they offer neighbors and other options just a few hundred feet from your doorstep. A nice walk! We love what Biltmore Farms has done in the South AVL area, and also what the Village of Cheshire built in Black Mountain.

3. Find an Architect who is Green, Sustainable and Practical. Rantis Architects out of Asheville NC is a great option who we have personally met and learned a lot about his vision.

4. Using recycled, upcycled and reusable materials are always a great choice; if they are made of quality and will remain that way long after the installation

5. Check out your subcontractors (the people your Contractor is hiring to complete different phases of the job) to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need. Here are some options that might be wise to consider for your dream home:

a. Use plumbing and water conservation equipment and services from a company such as Aqua Pro Solutions in Asheville. Items such as Greywater recyling, Rainwater harvesting, Waterless urinals, High efficiency toilets, Flapperless toilets, DualFlush kits, water saving shower heads and aerators. We believe that every conscious architect in the area should specify these products in their prints to make sure the consumer is not getting short changed with a inferior brand or model.

b. Space saving solutions and custom closets are also a great option. In keeping a nice home organized, you want to make the best possible use of space available. More Space Place in Asheville offers everything from custom closet design, Murphy Beds, home offices, garage organization and many other great options. Sometimes builders want to offer, and clients accept, a premium home with wire closets. This is not good. Get your home and closets organized with custom solutions for easier living.

c. Green flooring, tile and cabinets can be found at the beautiful 7500 square foot showroom at Salon Blue Ridge in Flat Rock NC about 20 minutes south of Asheville NC. The also have a great selection of premium appliances to browse.

d. Pick your lumber and building materials including windows, doors, roofing, garage doors, and reclaimed wood from a quality local business. Good windows are definitely very important in sealing your home properly. Westall Chandley is our first choice when it comes to this. They provide great service and deliver to your doorstep. When buying these building materials in bulk their prices are very comparable to the big lumber stores; but with the personal touch needed to help a project become successful.

e. Home automation is a big part of making life easier and more comfortable. Hi-Tech Systems, located in downtown Asheville is the perfect company to make this happen. Have the temperature, lighting, and every feature of your home controlled from a single location. They also provide video, audio, and home security for your complete home.

f. Radiant floor heating and solar energy systems are 2 very important items to be considered. Thermacraft Energy Services is the main reputable company to provide these products and services. I have seen them do a great install in a home in the Montford area of Asheville NC.

g. Insulation is a big part of having a Green and sustainable home. The best company we have come across is Home Energy Partners. Icynene Spray Foam Insulation is one of the key ingredients I would use in a premium home.

h. Having a Poured Wall foundation for your home is the best option. K-Wall Poured Walls has been doing work in the Asheville area for years and plenty of premium homes have been built on these superior foundations.

i. Landscape architecture and land planning is important to the building process. This applies to before the house pad is set, during construction and when the site is ready for the finishing touches. Broadbooks Associates does some incredible work in the Asheville, Waynesville and WNC area.

h. Find a painting subcontractor that is familiar with, uses and offers Eco Paint options, and allows you to choose the product directly from the store they recommend.

g. Make sure your framing subcontractor builds your decks with high quality composite decking materials and not pressure treated wood. The lifespan is a lot longer than wood and there are many color choices.

h. Find a roofing subcontractor that works well with synthetic cedar or slate roofing materials. These products are more expensive but well worth the life expectancy they provide. Green and sustainable. Recycled shingles are also another good option.

Find a great Home Builder / General Contractor to build your perfect home. Bass & Royster Builders, Wright Family Homes, Preish Construction, Heatherly Construction, Providence Homes, Redtree Builders, and Bellwether Builders are a great place to start. You can also view the Home Builders page on Ask Asheville or the Asheville Home Builders Association website. The Western North Carolina Green Building Council is also a great local community resource. You can also see some options when it comes to Asheville Commercial Construction Building Contractors.

Note: Ask your builder for a list of the subcontractors he is using, check them out personally online and ask to help make the decision who works on your project. The cheapest contractor or subcontractor can sometimes lead to problems. Building a house that you want to turn into a home needs tender loving care every step of the way.

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Meet the Judges for Asheville Pizza Wars

The Asheville Pizza Wars are on August 14th at the Garage at Biltmore. The ticket price includes pizza from a dozen local restaurants in and around Asheville NC, and also unlimited beer samples from 3 different local breweries: Craggie, Highland and French Broad.

Here are the nominated judges according to their Twitter Identification:

1. @DaniKnowsWine - I drink, I eat, I listen to a lot of music. Then I write about it.
2. @h0zae - Husband, Daddy, Casual Nerd.
3. @fobes - publisher, gardener, promoter of active, thoughtful, networked citizenry (Local matters!)
4. @edgymama - Columnist and journalist on the parenting, beer and business beats.
5. @michaelfmuller - I like smoking, drinking and ordering in restaurants.
6. @bouchonaville - Bouchon is French Comfort Food in the Paris of the South--Asheville NC
7. @AVLDiscountCard - Asheville, NC is an amazing place to work, live or visit! Asheville Discount Card is trying to bring savings to the Area.
8. @SocialLifeAVL - I got a story to tell, listen to it from my eyes
9. @BlogAsheville - Collaborative news, fun and info for Asheville NC.
10. @Ashevegas - blogger, photographer, writer, reporter
11. @sugarjaime - I am the owner of Sugar Momma's Cookies in downtown Asheville, spreading peace and happiness through cookies.
12. @JustInTheSouth - Social Media Evangelist. Entrepreneur. Blogger. Lover of the RedSox. Champion of Non-Profits.
13. @Hume_Foodie - Foodie at heart! I am from the West Cost city of Portland OR. I am currently the Food and Beverage Coordinator at the Grove Park Inn.
14. @PushProduction - Asheville fashionista
15. @Reinkster - Local home brewer in the AVL area
16. @FPJAsheville - Families Pursuing Justice - non profit 501c3 - combination of family members of cold case homicide victims, police, social workers, family, friends.

And last but not least, we have asked "@AshevilleFoodie - All things foodie" to be the main judge of the evening to tally up the scores and present them to the public.

@AVLCustomCloset and @MotherNos will be moderating assistants to Asheville Foodie.

You can get your tickets by clicking: Garage at Biltmore

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