Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyndi Lauper sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in Asheville NC

Here is a video clip of Cyndi Lauper singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the Orange Peel in Asheville North Carolina. Video by G Social Media.

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A signature “Asheville” event to benefit MANNA FoodBank

Craggie Brewing Company hosts a benefit for MANNA featuring craft beer, pizza, live music and a good cause.

(Asheville, NC) – On Thursday December 9 at 5 pm, Craggie Brewing Company will host a food drive for MANNA FoodBank.  Admission is either $5 or 5 cans of non- perishable food items.  Patrons will receive two tickets, which may be used for Craggie brew and/or pizza, and enjoy live music.

This benefit highlights much of what Asheville is best known for:  the arts, craft beer and philanthropy.  Josh Stack, Manna's Communications Director, says, “The folks at Craggie support MANNA by offering discounted beer to those who donate to the MANNA collection bin in their tasting room, they provide kegs for our fundraising events, and the owner, Bill Drew, also contributes financially.  Craggie's attitude about giving and community involvement is exemplary."  Craggie’s Marketing/Business Manager Simone Seitz adds, “When I contacted Mike Rangel of Asheville Brewing Company, he jumped right in to help out by providing the pizza for the December event. This is just another example of how supportive Asheville microbreweries are of local endeavors.”  Stack, who moonlights as a musician, will be bringing some friends along to play for the cause.  “When you combine music with a good cause, it’s not only entertaining, but it’s a celebratory way to participate in giving rather than just dropping some food in the bucket,” he says.

About Craggie Brewing
The folks at Craggie Brewing Company have a passion for quality craft beer and strong community values.  They foster Asheville's quality of life through sponsorship or collaboration with other local organizations including MANNA FoodBank.  Find out more about Craggie's beer and their message by connecting to them at

About MANNA FoodBank
MANNA FoodBank is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving Western North Carolina since 1982. As an accredited member of Feeding America – The Nation’s Food Bank Network, MANNA serves 255 non-profit member agencies in 16 Western North Carolina counties.  In fiscal year 2009-2010, MANNA distributed nearly 8.2 million pounds of food to partner agencies – enough food for more than 18,000 meals 365 days a year.  For more information on what you can do to help end hunger in Western North Carolina, please visit

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyndi Lauper to perform at sold out concert in Asheville tonight

I do not know of one person who is not a fan of Cyndi Lauper. She was just such a great fun loving singer with songs like "Girls just wanna have fun" and "Time after time." I remember years ago when Madonna and Lauper were the daily headlines when it came to music. Musicians such as these have set the stage for so many future artists. She created her own funky fashion that has leaked into the clothing industry strong in the past few years. In Asheville, Cyndi Lauper would love shops such as Honeypot on Lexington and Arteries by Stina in the River Arts District.

Tonight, Cyndi Lauper will be performing at the Orange Peel for a sold out show! You can also follow her on Twitter.

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Questions from Asheville Drinks & Dialog - comment your answers

Will Obama get elected for a second term?

What is Asheville's future?

How many people voted?

How many people are on twitter or social networks?

How do you feel about the healthcare bill?

Is the criminal justice system modern day slavery?

Why are teachers paid less and are the most influential?

What's your opinion on healthcare?

Has America became more diverse since Obama's election?

Why isn't Asheville diverse?

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Friday, November 26, 2010

New Cosmic Band with George and Andy Pond

It's that time again- the New Cosmic Band is playing at the Emerald Lounge on Lexington Avenue tomorrow night at 10. I'm super excited about this one, darlings... George and Andy Pond are taking the stage this time along with Silver Machine's Anthony Dorion and Dave Lee, and Jeff Knorr from Secret B Sides. If there's one show in Asheville you have to catch, this is it. Rumor has it that George and Andy are going to warm things up before the New Cosmic Band kicks off, and I'm hearing things about live art, hoopers, mystery guest vocalists, and all kinds of other magic. Intrigued? Be there.

For more information on the New Cosmic Band, click here.

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Asheville Businesses on Facebook

Many companies in the Asheville area are hip to the new forms of media exposure. We are living in a day when if you are not on Facebook, you are pretty much non-existent. Not to say that you cannot have a business without Facebook; but I will assure you that you're losing your voice to a very large online community if you do not take advantage of this social network.

I do not know about you, but I no longer look for the basics on search engines. I mean, if I am looking for a restaurant in the Asheville area... I ask my friends, my tweeps, my community. I have evolved past a billboard or radio commercial telling me what to do and where to go. If I am searching for "Asheville Real Estate" I am going to listen to the many Twitter and Facebook people in the AVL community. The first page on a search engine is pretty much giving me the same old stale results that were there 2 years ago; and they will be there 2 years from now as well. 

Here are just a few of the companies in the Asheville area that have taken the step forward in learning the new social media groove of things (note: you should be logged into Facebook so you can click over and "Like" them!)

Click on the business name below to see their Facebook Page:

Table Wine in South Asheville - Artisanal Wines at Affordable Prices
Mountain Detail - Asheville Auto Cleaning & Detailing
uCoups Asheville - 50-90% off in Asheville NC
Roeder Orthodontics - Asheville Orthodontist
G Social Media - Social Media for your business
Black Eye Entertainment - MMA Fights, Music & Events
More Space Place - Asheville closets, office furniture and Murphy bed solutions
GalloLea - Organic Pizza Kits from Asheville NC
Fiores Ristorante Toscana - Italian Restaurant in downtown Asheville
Blake House Inn - Asheville Bed & Breakfast
Asheville PWB - Professional Women in Building
Vino Vino Wine Market - Wine in North Asheville
Local Guys Moving - Asheville Movers
Daryl Rantis - Asheville Architect

Barleys Taproom & Pizzeria - Beer and Pizza Headquarters

And of course, our Facebook page

Remember, there is a difference between a Facebook page and a personal page. If your business is using a personal page (where you add friends for your business) you are in violation of FB terms and could lose your page at any time. To establish a page for your business, you must first have a personal account. Once that is created, go to and click "Create a Page". You will then have the choice to create a community page or an official page. Most businesses go with the official page. Community pages are more for following topics as a group.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Comedian Rory Scovel at Athena's in Asheville - see the video

Comedian Rory Scovel put on an awesome comedy act at the AVL Disclaimer Lounge night at Athena's in Asheville North Carolina. Rory was recently on the Jimmy Fallon show and has opened for Nick Swardson and Daniel Tosh. Here are a few of the video clips of the evening.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010 - Bringing Asheville New Online Discount Daily Deals

While online coupon services offering their followers daily saving of 50% and more on daily deals have been springing up across the country, Asheville residents have largely been ignored by such companies.
However, this vacuum is about to be filled by a new online venture,, which will soon offer Asheville bargain hunters a daily discount deal featuring savings of at least 50% at a wide group of restaurants, health spas and beauty salons, recreational facilities and other establishments.
Although most of the nation’s largest cities have one or more daily deal sites, for the most part, the concept has not yet reached smaller and medium sized cities such as Asheville.  In announcing plans to launch its Asheville operation, the managers said “ is striving to provide residents in Asheville with the same opportunity for online savings that have previously been available in larger markets.” 
The company also stresses that, in today’s turbulent economic climate, businesses participating in uCoups’ program of online daily deals will have a new risk-free marketing tool to help attract potential new customers.  The motivating force driving and similar operations is that they assemble a large body of potential customers and place a highly discounted product or service before them from one specific business for a limited time, via daily e-mails to their subscribers.
In essence, the merchant, who incurs no outlay of cash for this promotion, has ultimate control of the process since he can govern the number of units to be sold and can also specify the amount of the actual discount.  Each offer is available only for a limited time, usually 24 hours.  Likewise, individual consumers are free to select only those deals which appeal to them and incur no cost until electing to make a purchase that appeals to them.  Each transaction is handled online with a certificate for the discounted purchase delivered the next day that can be used during an extended period, usually for six to twelve months from the date of purchase.
Anyone interested in becoming a subscriber and receive notice of each day’s deal at no cost can enroll simply by visiting the company website at  and submitting their e-mail address. The first of the Daily Deals should be forthcoming in the next few weeks. 
Businesses wanting more information about how they can participate in the program can contact Steve Heiselman at 828.216.4230 or by e-mail at

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

MMA Cage Fights in Asheville this Friday night!

Cage fighting is nothing new. I remember years ago, going to Madison Square Garden in New York City to see the WWF Wrestling with Andre the Giant, Superfly Snuka, George the Animal Steele and many others. That was great entertainment at the time. Now, coming to Asheville North Carolina, are the Mixed Martial Arts MMA Cage Fights... and this is the REAL DEAL. Real fighters fighting and battling it out for the championship! Sugar Rashad Evans - a UFC, Ultimate Fighter and Gladiator winner is ready to fight for a new win at this event.  Lots of people coming in from the surrounding cities to be a part of this. For more info, please see Black Eye Promotions.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Couples spark relationships anew in Asheville group

supportive and confidential couples' therapy group fans the flame of intimate relationships by exploring seven principles of successful marriages

Couples who appreciate the power of community may share their journey and deepen their relationships in a dynamic workshop series, "Bring the Spark Back into Your Relationship," beginning this month in Asheville.
Participants can expect improved communication, a deeper sense of connection, the release of old hurts, the re-establishment of trust, and the emergence of new, healthier patterns, according to program facilitators Guy Morganstein and Carol Greenberger, licensed professional counselors serving Asheville and Western North Carolina.
"The power of the couples' group is in the sharing of your journey with other couples and in giving and receiving support," says Morganstein. "We all have strengths to share."
Providing a framework for the group will be readings and exercises in John Gottman and Nan Silver's book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work. Using the book will give others the same opportunity to grow and expand in their existing relationships, Morganstein believes, but with the support they need to establish and maintain the rebirth of interest and intimacy.
To ensure the fullest experience possible, each participating couple will have one or two private sessions with either Morganstein or Greenberger. Then, each couple will be offered an opportunity for further work suiting their individual situations.
Those who proceed to the group pay an affordable $20 per person. The work is covered by most insurance; those accepted by the facilitators include Medicaid, BCBS, Tricare, and others. For more information, contact Guy Morganstein at, or call him directly at 828-337-7549.
Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer living in Weaverville. She may be reached for media content services at

Monday, November 15, 2010

Purchase Holiday Wreaths and Baskets While Supporting Asheville Kids

Beautiful Frazier Fir Wreaths and Fruit Baskets are now available for order from Hearts With Hands, Inc. in Asheville, NC.  Help support the Western North Carolina BakPak Program and Christmas from the Heart by making your Holiday purchases from this Asheville Non-Profit Group.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

American Fret Master Jam in Asheville - Friday November 12

The Warehouse welcomes the American Fret Master Jam to Asheville and Western North Carolina. Come expecting great drinks, an awesome music concert, fun and people.

Twisted TrailMike Barnes Group, McTaggart, Garrett, DeBruhl, and Velvet Truckstop

Friday Door at 7:30, Show at 8:30 - All ages welcome - $10 admission, $3 Highland Gaelic 16oz Drafts, $2 Vodka Shots. Come as you are!!!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Asheville Beer: Craggie Brewing's Anniversary Week - Nov 16th - 21st

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Asheville Event: Friday, November 12th: BUILDING COMMUNITY PART TWO

This Friday, November 12th, 2010 - Building Community II

The statement Ron Czecholinski started with last week is so right on! “If we do not build a sustainable community, we will not build anything else sustainably.” Help build the Asheville community this Friday, November 12th, from 6 – 8 pm. (Yes, we are back to our original times!) at the Southern Kitchen & Bar with Asheville Green Drinks. Gayatri Erlandson, PhD, will speak at 6:30pm about innovative ways to build community – in our existing neighborhoods, and enhance the economy in Asheville. Part of the program will be based on the inspiring book, The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community (Orsi, J. & Doskow, E. 2009).

We’ll also briefly look at Dynamic Governance, an organizational structure and decision-making process that, “has all the advantages of consensus and none of the disadvantages” (Diana Leafe Christian, long-time community builder and editor of Communities Magazine). We see this as a very promising and inclusive way for local groups of people to effectively and harmoniously work together. In addition, we’ll identify some local organizations that can be partnered with that already bring people together more collaboratively and sustainably. We’ll also look at how a few other cities are doing very innovative programs. We see Asheville as offering it’s own unique approach for creating sustainable communities and perhaps becoming a model for other places around the country.

Gayatri is a psychologist and social architect with long-standing interest in community, social justice and in sustainable living. She is sponsoring one of the only DG consultants in the country, John Buck, to be in Asheville on Monday – Wednesday of next week (Nov. 15-17). He will be offering an all-day workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 16 on Dynamic Governance. For information on this, see the attached file or go to: You can contact Gayatri by calling: 828-581-9036.


Connect with Gayatri, Asheville Green Drinks & your community.

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Award Winning Ground Breaking Artist Opening Presents “Aah Asheville”

Award Winning Ground Breaking Artist Opening
Presents “Aah Asheville”


Ananda Studio
22 Broadway Street
Asheville, NC 28801-2917
(828) 232-1017


Saturday November 27
7pm to 9pm

WHAT:  Music by local musician Chris Rod
              Beer from Bruisin Ales

Internationally known artist, author and educator, Marilyn Sholin creates a show about the best parts of Asheville, NC. The people, the mountains, the arts, the food.
All that makes it:
“Aah Asheville”

Marilyn moved to Asheville from Miami, Florida and has never looked back. Her incredible twenty five years as an award winning portrait photographer took a turn to painting ten years ago and she pursued painting with a passion and a twist. Her original paintings involved a long process of starting with photo references that are combined on the computer and after painting them digitally they are then printed on canvas and again painted with acrylics and other mediums giving the paintings a depth and layers that bring them to life.. All her paintings are originals and involve a great deal of color and vibrancy capturing moods and moments and some are whimsical collages.

Marilyn’s paintings have won Best of Show at the juried Grace Gallery and has also hung in the Asheville Airport Gallery. She has been working on “Aah Asheville” to    show her joy in living here, but will also include award winning pieces from New Orleans, Miami Beach and a variety of other pieces from her City Art collection.

The show will be open through the holidays and more information can be found by stopping by Ananda and picking up a card after seeing the show live and in person.

Marilyn is also one of Larks authors and a contributor on the popular site.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Asheville dances to Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Red Room

The Red Room in Asheville was jumping with excitement as many locals performed "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Asheville Drinks & Dialogue coming Nov. 13th from 8pm - 11pm #DD

Drinks and Dialogue is an open forum where people can come together and talk about social, relationship, and general issues.  In the last 2 discussions we talked about "Why is Asheville segregated?" This time the emphasis is Asheville's future. Where is it going and where do you wanna see it go.  Also, seen #ashevillethrowback was such a big Twitter topic, I feel it's only right we do some Asheville trivia. It will be fun. Typically a crowd of 30 to 60 people with open minds and dialogue. It will be held at Burgermeister's 697 Haywood Rd in West Asheville Sat Nov 13th.  Food and drink specials all nite. Free admission and starts at 8pm.

Topics will be the Elections and why people did not vote, a local trivia game, what is in store for the future of Asheville, and discussing some gaps that have been bridged since the last drinks and dialogue. 

See many Drinks & Dialogue videos - also follow @SocialLifeAVL on Twitter.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weaverville NC Art Safari coming this weekend!

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Asheville International Children's Film Festival 2010

Going on right now in Asheville North Carolina, and for the next 2 weeks is AICFF (Asheville International Children's Film Festival)

Lots of great films and events going on at many venues in and around AVL.

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Asheville AIDS Awareness Walk this Saturday!

In partnership with 38 community-based organizations, non-profits, churches and businesses, WNCAP will host the 2010 AIDS Awareness Walk this Saturday, November 6th. Walkers will gather at 11am in The Grove House at 11 Grove Street in downtown Asheville and proceed up Patton Avenue to the Vance Monument where Womansong of Asheville will perform. Scheduled speakers include County Commissioner David Gantt, AIDS Advocate Joy Oliver, and Rev. Brian Combs of the Haywood Street Congregation. PLEASE MAKE PLANS TO JOIN US TO HELP RAISE AWARENESS AND SHOW SUPPORT FOR THOSE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS. To see the list of Community Partners click here!

Miss NC International Visits WNCAP
Miss North Carolina International, Kristie Tobias, was in Asheville on October 26thpromoting the AIDS Awareness Walk. She toured the town in her sash and crown shaking hands at Isaac Dickson Elementary, meeting with students from WNCAP after-school programs at Asheville Middle School and Delta House, and speaking before City Council and Mayor Terry Bellamy. All in an effort to encourage people to participate in the Asheville AIDS Awareness Walk! Kristie is spending her year as Miss North Carolina International advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness and education. She’ll be back in Asheville this weekend for the walk.

WNCAP and NC Stage Company Partner to Raise Awareness
We are grateful to the NC Stage Company for allowing us to partner with them around their current production of Angels in America. A lot has changed since the play was written nearly twenty years ago. There have been huge advances in medical care and management of HIV/AIDS and we now know a lot about how to prevent transmission. Prevention efforts can only be successful, though, if there is open and honest discussion about HIV risk and prevention -- so we are especially grateful to the NC Stage Company for allowing us to facilitate community discussions at the theater before and after select performances. There are five more performances this week (W - Sun) and Michael Harney will be in the lobby prior to Saturday's show to talk about current HIV/AIDS issues and trends. Visit for ticket information and show times.

Stay connected
Click the icon to find us on Facebook, or visit our website ( to find information about all of our programs and services. Our goal is to connect with men, women and youth concerned about HIV/AIDS prevention and care in every county of WNC! Find us on Facebook!

Masters of Vaudeville Multi City Tour - Asheville Dec 4th

Brought to you by the maker of
ABSfest, Asheville's 6th annual Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival.

The Masters of Vaudeville Multi-City Tour 
with ringmaster and international Impressario, Armitage Shanks & guests Madame Onca of the Mezmer Society, Blast-Off Burlesque of Alanta & gypsy jazz funk punk band Sirius. B.

When & Where:
December 3-5, 2010
12/3 Atlanta, show at Eyedrum Gallery, 10pm.
12/4 Asheville, show at Scandals Nightclub, 7:30pm. Afterparty at 10:30 with Sirius.B.
12/5 Asheville, Workshops with Armitage at M & L Center, 12:30-3:30.

Masters of Vaudeville brings together talent from two coasts for two nights of
Beauty, Tragedy, Song and Dastardly Rapscallionism.

Armitage Shanks travels the world sharing his incredible voice and rouge-ish stage presence. Productions of his work are running off-Broadway, and as founder of Seattle's subcultural performance legend Circus Contraption, he is a forefather of the internationally rampant Neo-Vaudeville Revival. 
"Armitage Shanks has a voice like honey-coated gravel. A Victorian Music Hall barker (with) just the right tone...a sinister and louche presence, who put some sex in the air." Seattle's The Stranger. With him onstage appear Blast-Off Burlesque of Atlanta, annual belles of Asheville's Burlesque & Sideshow Festival. More than just sexy, Blast-Off presents hilarious performance art with sensuality, gender-bending, comedy, and joy. Blast-Off's Award-winning Drag King Dickie van Dyke melts Asheville audiences in their seats at ABSfest every year and Sadie Hawkins smolders onstage doing aerial work. The whole group sizzles.

Also on the Masters of Vaudeville tour is Madame Onca, an Asheville-based career singer, dancer and entertainer. As Director of Future of Tradition Productions, she creates events including the annual ABSfest, Asheville's Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival, now in its fifth year. Onca travels the country as a singer, dancer and arts mentor, is one half of the Mezmer Society, and is a member of the Accidental Circus, directed by the Jester of England, Paolo Garbanzo.  She organized Masters of Vaudeville to create awareness of Armitage's incredible skills as a performer, a conduit of performance history, and a mentor to the rising international New vaudeville movement.

On Saturday night after the show, we take the show down into the Boiler Room with Asheville's own Siruis.B. The band will entertain the masses with their absurdist gypsy jazz funk punk. The afterparty starts at 10:30pm and is just $5.

Workshop Details:
Armitage is known around the world for his work as compere, singer and revolutionary. Don't miss the chance to study with him!
Sunday, December 5, 2010
12:30pm-2 “So You Got a Big Mouth”- Ringmaster/MC 101
Open to All Levels. Topics covered by this international impressario include: What is the role of a Ringmaster/MC? What are the responsibilities to audience and performers? Create a persona for stage and midway and more.
2-3:30pm “Notch it UP” – Ringmaster/MC 201
For the Brave or Experienced. More on stage Presence and Leadership. Also, Rocking it in Ensemble Work, Truthfulness and The Big Lie, and getting started “Talking for Money & Fame”.

ONLY $20 each or $35 for both! Register by calling 828 232 2980 or thru Paypal at

Need to Know More about Masters of Vaudeville?
Attached please find the poster file for the show and web-ready images of Armitage and other artists. For high res images of Armitage, follow this link:

For interviews, press and more information, contact Onca O'Leary at 828 232 2980  or
For Tickets and Workshop Registration, visit
Onça O'Leary
"The Greatest Form of Rebellion is Joy."

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Two Asheville Home Builders Association Builders Achieve Educational Designation

Skip Brewer of Walnut Cove Builders in Arden, N.C. and Sean Sullivan of Living Stone Construction in Black Mountain, N.C., recently achieved the status of Accredited Master Builder designation.  There are only 3 individuals who have this designation in the Greater Asheville Area.  Graduates of the AMB program must complete an intensive series of 40 hours of course work, during which they learn about the newest trends and technology in the building industry.  This designation is achieved only after first completing the Accredited Builder program of 72 hours coursework.

The Asheville Home Builders Institute, the educational arm of the Asheville Home Builders Association, provides these courses locally for the North Carolina Builder Institute.  An Accredited Master Builder designation is recognized statewide and identifies top professionals in the building industry.  Participants also have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow builders on solutions to many everyday problems encountered in the industry.  To keep their designation current, graduates must complete an additional eight hours each year.   

Skip Brewer is the President-Elect of the Asheville Home Builders Association and Sean Sullivan is a Past President of the association.

The Asheville Home Builders Association has been your homebuilding resource since 1966. Our mission is to educate and support members, contribute to the local community, and represent the local, state, and national building industry. Affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the North Carolina Home Builders Association, the Asheville HBA ( represents more than 600 companies from the community.

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Asheville Fundraiser for Locally-Filmed Web Series

Santa Lorena Productions is holding a fundraiser on November 4 at the famed LaRue’s Backdoor in Downtown Asheville.  All monies raised will go toward the production of Tomorrow Waits For No One, a locally produced web series.  Santa Lorena Productions is a sponsored project of the nonprofit Asheville Area Arts Council.

The pilot episode of TWFNO premiered last November on local public access station URTV, cable channel 20.  Filming of the pilot episode afforded nearly 40 Asheville-area residents first-hand experience in filmmaking and video production.

Tomorrow Waits For No One is the gripping tale of Marcus Lazano.  Chased by two thugs, he is run over by Frank Cain's car and awakens in the hospital with amnesia.  Romantic sparks fly between Det. Cole Washington and Marcus as the detective investigates the “missing persons in reverse” case.  Frank is the only one who knows Marcus's identity (or is he?) but keeps mum as a fortune may be up for the taking.

Alexei Wood, who portrays bad boy Frank Cain, said the fundraiser promises to be a night to remember.  “There will be music, a raffle, silent auction—even sherbet punch!”

“We’re gearing up to shoot the first episode and keep moving forward as a series,” reported Tomorrow Waits For No One creator and producer Marcello Lanfranchi.  “We’ll be looking for cast and crew early in the new year.  You don’t need filmmaking experience,” he explained.  “In fact, this is where you can get the experience you can use to build a career in the industry.”

“I learned so much working on the pilot,” stated Hara Kahn, who plays Dr. Margaret Park.  “Everyone involved has been able to add to their resumes, and we got to work with some great people while having a lot of fun.”

Scheduled to perform are local fan favorites Sparkle Rainbow Ponies of Death.  Some of the items to be auctioned and raffled off that night include goodies from Belk, gift certificates from Amazing Savings, the Costume Shoppe, the Dripolator, Firestorm Café & Books, and Salsa’s, passes to Cinnebar Theaters and the Asheville Art Museum, artworks by local artists, design work by Ponder Design, and studio time at Electric Blu.

LaRue’s Backdoor is located at 237 Haywood St. in Downtown Asheville.  Organizers are requesting a $5 donation at the door.

To watch the first episode or to get more information on the project, you may visit [].

Santa Lorena Productions provides local residents access to filmmaking opportunities.  Working with established filmmakers, local residents will have a chance to learn new techniques and hone existing skills.

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