Thursday, January 29, 2009

Asheville, Meet Ashevilla Wines & Try Some! Big Tasting @ Vino Vino on Saturday 2-5pm! Great Social Time

Ashevilla Wines announces its arrival in Asheville! These premium wines are distributed exclusively by Smoky Mts. Wines, headquarter in Asheville.

Ashevilla Wines was founded by George Ibrahim, an Asheville resident for decades and a native of North Carolina. George practiced urology for nearly 15 years before a change in his health forced him to stop operating. Having made beer and wine ever since his days at Davidson College, George turned his attention to his second passion in life, wine.
Borrowing time and space at a friend’s winery near Yadkin Valley, George started making enough wine that he was able to share with others. Their encouragement led him to create enough wine to go commercial, and the Ashevilla label was born. These premium wines are produced with in-state fruit from the Yadkin Valley Appellation region, fermented in state, bottled in state, and distributed in state; thus reducing the carbon footprint that cross country shipping of grapes or juice entails. He is involved in every step of the wine’s production, having recently bottled the 2008 vintage (see photos)
From day one, George focused on using Asheville’s resources and talents in as many aspects as possible. The labels were original works painted by Jeff Pittman, a local artist known by many around the area. The painting for the Chardonel, a relative of the Chardonnay grape that grows better in this area) is a seen in Mills River. The Merlot label depicts a local mountain view seen from an unnamed location in Asheville. See more of Jeff’s paintings by clicking HERE.

The logo was created by Freestyle Creative Group. The reversed “l” in Ashevilla creatively depicts a wine bottle within the name. If you look closely at the two lower case a’s you can make out the shape of the state of North Carolina, further establishing this brand as a truly in-state product.
These wines are coming to retailers and restaurants around town. If you don’t see it in the store or on the menu, ask the proprietor to carry it. These wines as well as other merchandise with the Ashevilla logo can be found at
George invites you to sample the Ashevilla Wines 2008 vintage this Saturday at Vino Vino, located at 178 Weaverville Rd. in North Asheville / Woodfin from 2pm to 5pm.
See some of the photos George has on

*Please enjoy these wines in moderation, and if you plan to travel, please designate a drive.

Giant Elk come out of the Cherokee woods

Ben from sent this pic in today from Cherokee NC. He said the Elk were coming out of the woods like mad, lol. So Madison County (born and raised) Ben grabbed his Blackberry and starting shooting pictures, like we taught them to... And even uploaded them to the Asheville Framing blog in moments! Go Asheville Framing!

The Palm of Jesus

This has been a really rough week as we get ready for Winter Romance at Biltmore House. I have been feeling a little down and unloved, but as I drove home yesterday from work I started looking at the clouds and taking quick picks. Later, I looked at my phone and this was an image that had formed from the clouds. A reassurance that Jesus has me in the palm of his hand. If you look closely you can see his thumb on the left, then four fingers. In the very center of his palm is the sun and the rays from the sun around it filling his palm! Amazing and what a blessing!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss North Carolina's New Social Media Blog by AskAsheville!

Miss North Carolina is involved in many activities and appearances all of the time. It is not all glitz and glamour either, but real life, down to earth, networking with plenty of inspiration behind it. These girls, ladies, and women are hereos in a certain world that many of us could afford to look up to. Encouraging words of support, reaching out to communities, and volunteering to help is something these ladies are involved in daily in one way or another. Pageant participants go through a wide range of items to "qualify" to be a part of the events, and have many mountains to climb before they can even think about getting crowned. These participants are the elite of their class and have been chosen!

Recently, AskAsheville had the honor of doing the Social Media package for Melissa Chambers, Miss North Carolina. She was already doing awesome on Facebook and we approached her with an option. We worked together and released the new blog for Ms. North Carolina Melissa Chambers last night. And this is only Phase 1, as we are going to build the blog up in the next 30 days, train her on effective marketing and reach in North Carolina, and get some final ideas for the main site. Click HERE To Visit Ms. North Carolina. Also, if you are a Twitter fan (like us!), visit Melissa by clicking HERE! Asheville, WNC... lets show our support and stand behind her. She represents the whole State of NC and her hometown is Weaverville! Thank you Melissa for giving us some time to get to know you and the great work that you are involved in.

Official Asheville Picture Point #5, Asheville Kissing Point #5

Asheville is full of little surprises all over the City streets and sidewalks! Here is a monument that I had called "Asheville's Liberty Bell" for years. This is Asheville's Kissing Point #5! Take your picture at this point and name it "Me @ Asheville Photo Point #5".

This historic bell is similar to the one that hung in the 1892 City Hall that stood on the East end of Pack Square in Asheville North Carolina. The granite circles at the base of the bell represent bollards and are in the shape of the octagonal City Hall belfry. Information supplied Sarah Meyer from the Asheville Area Arts Council and taken from the “Urban Trail” brochure.
The Asheville Bell is located on the corner of College Street and North Market Street in Downtown Asheville. Many historic buildings in this area as this is the Centerpiece of the City. You can look across the street from here and see the Jackson Building (one of my favorite taller buildings) and it has Sisters McMullen bakery on the very lower level. And, you can look down N. Market Street and find a few Asheville restaurants including Vincenzo's and Magnolia's. If you were to walk straight ahead, you would also see Fiore's Ristorante Toscana (the Asheville Italian Restaurant that we Loveeee!) on the left. Arcenio runs a great lunch and dinner spot here, and we have always enjoyed that second level exposed seating area upstairs. Anthony is the Manager at Fiore's and you can visit them by going to

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From "The Grove Arcade" to the Asheville Groove Arcade - First Fridays Starts Feb 6, 2009 - Be There!

Grove Arcade becomes the Groove Arcade with First Fridays!
One of the classic spots of Asheville is about to get a little bit more fun on Friday nights! Check out what the Grove Arcade has in store:

Groove Arcade Launches First Friday Series: Combat the Winter Blues with Motown Music, Great Food and Drinks
The Merchants Association of downtown Asheville’s historic Grove Arcade, a.k.a. the Groove Arcade, will kick off a new evening event – First Friday – featuring music, food and drinks that will transport you to Coney Island and take you back in time. First Friday will debut on Friday, February 6, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. with additional events taking place on March 6 and April 3.

In February, First Friday will feature Motown music from Steve Davidowski & Friends, wine and beer from Santé, cherry cokes and root beer floats from Red Bike, chili dogs from Cats and Dawgs, frozen treats from Kamm’s Custard, Coney Island Iced Teas from Carmel’s, pizza from True Confections and much more. It’s going to be a real party. So grab your friends and head downtown to boogie the winter blues away!

The First Friday events are being organized by the merchants and management of the Grove Arcade but have attracted interest and involvement across downtown. “As small, independent merchants, this sort of event presents logistical problems including having enough people to actually make sure the evenings come off,” explains Donna Wright of Jazzy Giraffe. “We sent out an email to downtown residents asking for volunteers and have been astounded at the response. It makes our downtown a great place to do business.”
The Grove Arcade is located at One Page Avenue at the heart of the Battery Hill neighborhood in downtown Asheville and offers unique shopping and exciting dining in one of Asheville’s architectural jewels. Parking is available a short walk away in the Wall Street, Rankin and Civic Center garages as well as on the street. Directions to the garages and the Grove Arcade can be accessed For additional information, call 828.252.7799.
Post taken from Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Blog

Monday, January 26, 2009

Asheville On Bikes Invites You, Asheville's Greenway Master Plan 1/27/09

Event Posted on Facebook. Asheville on Bikes. Time and Place Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2009, Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm, Location: Asheville City Council, Street: 70 Court Plaza, City/Town: Asheville, NC

Asheville on Bikes invites pedallers to show their support for Asheville’s Greenway Master Plan on Tuesday, Jan. 27 at City Council.

City Council will take public comment concerning the permanent closing of Wellack St. Should Council close Wellack St, Asheville looses an important piece of the greenway. We cannot allow this to happen. City Council needs to know we care.

Send City Council a strong message of support for the Greenway Mater Plan. Attend the meeting with your helmet on your head.

Without continued support from individuals, our city’s transportation infrastructure will not advance. You can make a difference in our city.

Attend City Council with your Helmet on your Head.

Ride your City.

Asheville Salsa - Dancing Away!

The Salsa Party in Asheville was a great success for all of the groups that came together from Atlanta, Johnson City, Greenville, Charlotte, and from several other nearby networks. It was held on the 3rd Floor of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and it was the perfect location for the party to be held. Very nice place for special events in Asheville.

Salsa in Asheville is on the move, and we invite you to become a part of it. You can visit the new Asheville Salsa blog by clicking HERE, or visit the Asheville Salsa YouTube Channel by clicking HERE.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Evening

I went ice skating for the second Saturday in a row and only the third time in my life. I have to say I'm terrible at it, stayed close to the wall, as you see most of the time, but I sure had a blast! I recommend it to anyone. It is a way to step out of my box and comfort zone. It was a big deal for me to do this once, but twice. I don't do well walking on ice much less sliding around on it with silver blades at the bottom of my feet! It is a treat to have the opportunity right here in Asheville to experience ice skating. It is at the Asheville Civic Center. This is the last weekend (I think) of the season. There is skating tomorrow which unfortunately is the last day of the season. So, keep your eyes and ears open for next years schedule!

You can see the schedule at:

New Asheville Videos, Check them out, comment, rate, subscribe!

We stopped by the PaleoSun "Website Insight" meeting last night for some networking and met some really great companies and people in Asheville. If you have any questions at all about websites, how they work, and what would be the best fit for you, plan on coming to the next one they announce! See the PaleoSun Website Insight video by clicking HERE

Went to Red Lobster and took some nice footage, click HERE to see it.

Stumbled upon an Asheville wine tasting, click HERE to see Vino Vino.

I just love "The Hop" on Merrimon. Ice Cream & More! Click HERE to see some footage.

Oh, and as of today, we love Rise N Shine Cafe on Merrimon Avenue across from the Atlanta Bread Company. Such a great crew! Their video is the one featured above. Thank you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Asheville McDonald's in Biltmore Village (Biltmore's Special McD's)

Quick Video Tour of the McDonalds in the Biltmore area of short South Asheville (about 5 minutes from the center of Downtown). Manager also gives us an update of how they are going to incorporate the new McCafe into the whole picture. McCafe's are going to start popping up everywhere in and around Asheville North Carolina. Some of them are new construction such as the one on Patton, well... demolition and then new construction; while locations such as Biltmore Village will get some major renovations with a nice McCafe area added.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Did Twitter Change Your Life?

I have been thinking about this for several days now and finally have a full rounded idea of how this is working. It used to be when we had or heard of some news, we sent it to one of the conduits available at the time, whether it was "back then" when we telephoned the local news station... or if it was even more recently in emailing our news to the TV stations and/or sending it via text messages.

News, and ways to receive it has changed dramatically even in the past 6 months. The actual news "paper" is in trouble. Television stations are showing old news by 11 o'clock in the evening. The Age of Twitter has come! People no longer have time for, or want to have to get the newspaper and read through a long drawn out article. The main news is in the headline... and then maybe a short subtitle, perfect for the 140 character Tweeting.

I thought about how got that photo of the airplane down in the Hudson around the world in moments. I was not waiting for the news, and I did not have to even wait for the online news feeds to get the story. Jkrums was there and so was I!

I was thinking last night how the future of news is going to change drastically in the next 12 months. News reporters and big video cameras are no longer needed. The best reporter a news station can hire in this new 2009 tech era is one who knows how to use a Smartphone (Blackberry in my case, but I want an ObamaBerry!) and a Flip Video Camera.

Asheville Custom Home Builders, LLC. heard about Twitter through and quickly grabbed the Asheville Home Builders url with the max amount of characters allowed. Nice. I was talking to Miss North Carolina International tonight, and she is the first (Numero Uno!) active Miss International to ever be represented on Twitter. Wow! Melissa's url is This is a whole new day and age... and when somebody yells something new or high tech, you best listen my friend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AskAsheville's Love Call (NLAA)

When AskAsheville was started, one of our main people was simply looking for a dashboard resource of Asheville without having to dig through many sites, links, and pages. The concept was born. We decided that the best thing we could do for Asheville North Carolina was to add any local businesses we could find (with a website of course) to our Asheville Search Engine.

We added all of the main Asheville North Carolina links on the top of every page of AskAsheville for quick reference, and also a QuickLinks page with 100's and 100's of local direct links.

We started asking some companies and sites around Asheville for some reciprocal links (love), but did not get any answer. So we asked again and some responded and said "yes", some said "okay", some said "no", and one even said "he had no room on his site", LMAO! (C'mon guy, looking at your site right now)

So we have this new phrase (and the man actually has an excel sheet) of NLAA (No Love At All) companies in Asheville who refuse to network with other area resources for one "reason" or another. They want to be the "Lone Ranger" Asheville resource and/or you must pay for their acceptance!!! "I Am The Authority and There Is Nobody Else" they think. Asheville is exploding my friend and you cannot contain it. It does not matter how long you have been here or how old your website is; Asheville is Bigger!

I remember one of the guys here went on AskMeta for some questions about the AskAsheville site, and got slammed by people saying "this should be on...." one of the Asheville sites (I will not mention what site they said, and it does not matter), just talking about attitudes. He did not even know about the site they mentioned and when I checked it out, there was not any place on the site to ask a question or for some feedback out of the blue.

Thought of this today as I was thinking about how actually contacted us (on Twitter) to let us know they were linking to us on their site. How awesome is that? We hit them back with a link on our blog and they have mucho kudos with us now! Thank you by the way. Reaching out and networking, that's how you do it! Twitter page going up on very soon, with Asheville Twitter network links too. Watch my friends...

Maybe it is time for you to open up a little?

You can find an Asheville News feed that has dozens of Asheville resources contributing to it on Also visit Ask Asheville @

Oh... Asheville Live Cams is

AVL - Buddha Bagels - Owners are Great!

I stopped by Buddha Bagels on Merrimon Ave in Asheville (about 2 minutes north of Downtown) to get one of their Boar's Head sandwiches, and got this pic of both of the owners walking around, greeting, checking the customers, and just partaking in the convo.

I love to use this place as one of my Asheville (free wi-fi) pit stops. Great atmosphere, food, giant Mac for customer use, awesome! Thank you Buddha Bagels for contributing to Asheville North Carolina.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Operation WORLD SMUDGE - Help clear the air for a new administration!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009, Time: 12:00am - 12:00pm, Location: Everywhere

Smudge where you are! Participate from home! Smudging is a Native American tradition that involves the burning of herbs such as: sage, sweet-grass, tobacco and cedar for the purpose of purification. Join in the WORLD SMUDGE event and smudge your home, office or land on Inauguration Day. Help clear out the old administration and prepare a clear space for change.

To view the event on Facebook, click HERE.

Salsa Workshop in Asheville with Jimmy Rumba, only $20 for both sessions!!! 1/24/09

Great Salsa Lessons on the 3rd floor of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce! Need something really fun and cool to do in Asheville? Learn Salsa. Famous Instructor Jimmy Rumba is coming to Asheville for one evening of Instruction and a little after-party on January 24th 2009. You can contact DJ Carlos Carmona by emailing, by calling him directly at 828-335-6849, or by visiting his Facebook page by clicking HERE.

North Asheville 19/23 5:45pm 1/19/09

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Asheville Wine - The City Toasts!

Wine in Asheville North Carolina is not hard to find. There is the Biltmore Estate Wine and many other wine stores spread out across the City. I usually stop by Vino Vino Wine on the North side of town and their wine selection, staff, atmosphere, and extras are wonderful. I love their contemporary wine tasting bar, beautiful! To see the Asheville Wine video click HERE. To visit Vino Vino Wines in Asheville, click HERE.

Other great wine stores in the Asheville area are The Wine Emporium in Arden, The Asheville Wine Market which is Downtown, and Weinhaus which is also downtown (the second place we normally shop).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Asheville Transit Public Forum - 1/22/09

Buses and Bicycle are the chocolate and peanut butter of the future. Attend the City of Asheville's Transit Master Plan public forum on Thursday - January 22, 2009 from 4pm-7pm, Asheville Civic Center banquet Hall. The purpose of this meeting is for the public to offer first-hand feedback to the consultants writing Asheville’s first-ever Transit Master Plan. It’s time to share the pedal perspective with transit planners. To supplement the information for the Transit Master Plan, ATS staff created an online survey to get feedback and suggestions. Please take a few minutes to complete it: Click HERE. Email is

Event Info: Thursday, January 22, 2009 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Asheville Civic Center banquet Hall 87 Haywood Street Asheville, NC 28801 Asheville, NC Phone: 8282535691

Visit Asheville On Bikes on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Asheville Twitter, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Tweeting or Twittering in Asheville North Carolina is really picking up lately. For some, the question "What are you doing?" is too simple. For others they see fun, opportunity, and a way to bring the Asheville community even closer. We have recently set up an account, but we also have another account that is a little more co-op... called

This latter one (AshevilleNews) is a feed that actually pulls data from about 15 awesome Asheville blogs (including AshVegas, BlogAsheville, Carolina Mornings, The Chamber, AskAsheville, etc), 10 Asheville Twitter accounts (including AshevilleLive, AshevilleBuildr, FoodTopia, AshevillesHot, AskAsheville, PaleoSun, MountainXpress and more)... and more to be added as they become relevant. Everything posted to any of these sites get Twittered or Tweeted on this feed. Of course we did not add your blog if you have not written in several weeks or did not overapply to Asheville (for this AshevilleNews twitter feed at least).

Maybe I was reading of how EdgyMama finally got addicted to YouTube and I thought about how sometimes we hesitate in making a good move that may help our business life or contribute to our personal life in one way or another. I kind of used "Edgy" cause she herself is in several YouTube videos, but never got into WATCHING them. (Note To All: if you take the time to watch a video on YouTube or AOL, take a fraction of a second to hit the rating stars right below the video, thanks!)

I thought about Twitter... and all of the great Asheville names still available... and wonder when are these people going to "see the light" and grab these great urls? Some URL's that are available right this moment at Twitter for free are AshevilleHair - which would be awesome for a hair salon in Asheville, AshevilleFood - for a restaurant or person that does restaurant reviews (business idea people!), and even AshevilleCity is still available! Man, some of us are slow. You can Twitter through your phone via text (if you do not have internet) or via the web on your phone (if you do)... on your computer of course. Asheville, go to now... and get set up in less than 60 seconds. Grab your name or that wise business tag and start Twittering and Tweeting already. We wanna know... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Salsa Dance Party in TN, Salsa Asheville is Attending!

If you have ever entertained the idea of learning something new as far as dancing, here is a great group in Asheville and Tennessee to connect with. The Salsa dance scene is growing in Asheville! Maybe you would like to learn some new moves and meet some awesome people??

The Red Night starts @ 7:00pm with a Special 3-Course Meal, Shows, Giveaways, and Dance Social until 3:00am!!!
***RSVP for the dinner: $30 per personThis includes: the 3-course meal, a mini salsa lesson, 3 performances (Salsa, Flamenco, Cha Cha), admission to dance social afterwards and then one give away to the *Best Dressed person in RED!
***RSVP with La Rumba 865.602.7871
***After 9:00pm---Admission Fee changes:-Ladies-$10, Gentlemen-$15

***9:30-10:30pm = Waldo & Sarita's Salsa Classes Beginner & Intermediate Class-no experience required! Just wear comfy shoes and RED!
***10:30pm-Begin Salsa Dance Social-Just Dance!***12:00am-Another Giveaway to *BEST Dressed in RED! & Guest Performers from Johnson City, TN! Nathan & Ashley!

This is going to be wonderful, dance-filled night with lots of opportunities to practice your skills, learn more, and help support SALSA in the Knoxville area!!! For more information contact: Edwar Avila - La Rumba- 865.602.7871
See you all on the dance floor! (Wear RED!)
For more info, please visit Sarita on Facebook by clicking HERE!
For more info on Salsa Asheville! please visit them on Facebook by clicking HERE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Asheville Fire Video - 1/15/09 - exclusive interview with person rescued

See Asheville Fire & Rescue and Buncombe County Rescue Squad in action on this home off of Patton Avenue on Pearl Street in Downtown Asheville NC. Also... exclusive interview with lady rescued from the home!

Asheville Bridal Party on Wall Street Downtown Asheville 1/15/09

Great companies from all around the Asheville and WNC area gathered together to show the area brides-to-be some of their wedding items and services.

Asheville brides (soon to be) talk about the many many options available when the word "marriage" is in the picture.

Wedding Coordinators, Asheville Wedding Planners, and area Wedding Photographers meet and talk about all of the excitement they see daily when dealing with weddings. People joining in union to begin "their" future as one.

The Orange Peel of Asheville was also there!

We also welcome couples from all over the world to come to Asheville North Carolina to begin their new life together.

Attic Fire Downtown Patton Ave Asheville 1/15/09

Witnessed one elderly lady being rescued in a blanket by Asheville Fire and Rescue. Patton Ave and Pearl Street, right across from the Western Carolina Rescue Mission. See the video on Also... follow us on

Airplane down in Hudson, passengers on wings

Here is a picture that was twittered to me by who was on the ferry to save the passengers just about an hour ago on January 15, 2009. See them waiting on the wing of the plane...

Official Asheville Photo Point #4, Asheville Kissing Point #4 -

Our Asheville Picture Point #4 is one of the Urban Trail stops. Asheville’s Urban Trail was started in 1991 and is a great walk through Asheville's history. We talked to Jenny over at the Asheville Community Theatre and she mentioned the sounds you hear as you spin the record on this Asheville monument. Great Asheville Kissing Point!

You can see ACT in the backround and there are so many theatrical events going on there all of the time. My friends attend these events regularly. 35below is in the rear of the ACT building and they are committed to supporting works by local playwrights through full productions, staged readings, or developmental workshops. Behind me is one of Asheville's main nightclubs called "Magnolia's", which is also a restaurant. Mellow Mushroom Pizza is right down the street to the left. There is a bunch of Asheville Attorney offices down this street including the law offices of Jack Stewart, who is one of the "best" in the area. Many more little shops all over this great spot in downtown Asheville.

Take a pic here at Asheville Picture Point #4 and name it "ME! @ Asheville Pic Point #4!".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bellagio Bistro in North Asheville

One of best places to eat on the North end of town is Bellagio Bistro in Woodfin NC. Passed by for a minute and saw some Sheriff's eating an early dinner/late lunch to accomodate their schedule. Great food, service, and waitstaff.

Gaston - Coming To Asheville! 1/14 and 1/15 Today & Tomorrow Only

Gaston is coming to Asheville to be a part on our Grand Opening at Club Nashwa where he is offering to teach a class before the party. If you are interested, take a look... The class is from 8:30 to 9:30... $15.oo will cover Workshop and Party. He will also be teaching Private Lessons for only 60 Dollars... you cannot beat this last minute deal for this one on one lesson with a professional dancer. (Available Wed and Thur)

Come for the workshop and show off your moves at Club Nashwa this January 14th! Take a look at his video by clicking HERE. If you want to get more information about the Workshop or the Grand Opening feel free to contact us.

Sincerely; Andres Montoya (828) 216-1452

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asheville's Jerusalem Garden Cafe... Dining & Bellydancing

Stopped by the Jerusalem Garden Cafe for a late lunch (breakfast for me). I wanted to go to Tupelo Honey Cafe first but for some reason they let the group in front of us in... and told us "they were closed", so I figured I must have gotten there a few seconds past the deadline and the hostess had to stop it somewhere.

I was actually saving the Jerusalem Garden Cafe in Asheville for their Friday night belly dancing. Going back to get some video soon. Here is a quick pic of their rear dining area, a little more private than their front area which faces Pritchard Park in Downtown Asheville.

Food Not Bombs, Asheville NC - Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm!

Just stoppped by Pritchard Park in downtown Asheville and bumped into serving some really great looking food off of the steps. The food is served from 3:30 to 5:30pm every Tuesday.

Talked to 2 of the ladies and they said this was the Asheville North Carolina chapter of "Food Not Bombs". They invited me to join them in peace and food before I introduced myself and started tweeting on it. Meeting this crowd made me yearn for peace for a moment, even in the midst of many wars on the inside (my personal battles) and out (the world), lol. Thank you!

Official Asheville Pic Point #3, Asheville Photo/Kissing Point #3

In front of Malaprop's Bookstore on Haywood Street in Downtown Asheville is where you will find Asheville Picture Point #3. It is a metal art sculpture of 3 women walking a dog and shopping.

You can take your picture at this photo point and name it "Asheville Kissing or Pic Point #3".

Plenty of really great businesses surround Asheville's Pic Point 3, including Malaprop's (which is the most popular non-chain bookstore in Western North Carolina), the Haywood Park Hotel across the street, Souper Sandwich and the Bier Garden across the street, Mobilia Contemporary Furniture of Asheville to the left, Constance Women's Boutique and the Asheville Public Library right up the street, Sensibilities Spa, Zambra's Restaurant (Hector's Creation!), Studio Chavarria (Asheville's Premier Hair by Guadalupe himself), and a small line of other businesses right down in the lower rear in the alley behind Malaprop's Bookstore.

Police Lieutenant Kills Wife, Then Himself - Daughter Dials 911, New York

An off-duty New York City police lieutenant fatally shot his wife and then himself, the police on Long Island said Monday evening.

Police officials in Suffolk County said the couple’s daughter dialed 911 shortly after 12:30 p.m. Monday and said that her father had just shot her mother.

Officers responding to the family’s home here found the body of the woman, Elena Cole, 46, in an upstairs bedroom.

The police said she had been shot and stabbed by her husband, Lt. Francis Cole, 48. He was taken to a nearby hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and later died, the police said.

A New York Department spokeswoman said Lieutenant Cole joined the department in April 1990, and had been assigned to the 68th Precinct in Brooklyn.

Story taken from

Monday, January 12, 2009

Official Asheville Picture Point #2, Asheville Kissing Point #2 - Federal Building Monument

Our Asheville Photo Point #2 is the Asheville Federal Building Monument. It is set on the side area of the Federal Building on Otis Street. This "new" Federal Building in Asheville was completed in 1995 and the Monument was set afterwards. The have a nice open space around it, not really used for anything. This is Asheville Kissing Point #2!

We invite you, whoever you are to take a pic at this point in Asheville and share it with the 1000's of others who will do the same. You may live in or near Asheville or you may just be passing through. Get a photo at the Asheville Federal Building!

Take a pic at this point and name it "So and So at the Asheville Federal Building - Pic or Kissing Point #2".

Many businesses right around the Asheville Federal Building including Wick and Greene Jewelers, Thrifty Mufflers & Brakes, Downtown Inn (be careful), Wall Street up and to the right with dozens of fantastic Asheville businesses, Asheville Imagining Technologies and Asheville Bus Depot down the street (behind), and Jack of the Wood bar, The Asheville Yacht Club, and Thirsty Monk to the right on the way to Pritchard Park.

Official Asheville Kissing Point #1, Asheville Pic Point #1 - Pritchard Park Monument

We have talked about setting up Picture Points and Kissing Points for years in Asheville North Carolina. We are starting it right here and now, with our 1st Point being "Pritchard Park" in Downtown Asheville at the Monument.

We invite you... whether resident, visitor, implant, replant, or passerby... to follow these Asheville Kissing Points and Asheville Picture Points to visit some great areas in Asheville and get some photos in the same Asheville spots as 1000's and 1000's of other people from all around the world!

This Monument is surrounded by many great Asheville businesses including Tupelo Honey Cafe, Mayfel's Restaurant, College Street Bar & Grill, Jerusalem Garden Cafe, Weinhaus Wine Store, Wachovia Bank, Bank of America, S&W Cafeteria Building, The New Capital Center, and the rear entrance to "The Shops On Wall Street" in Asheville. This is a great landmark and we are glad to have this as our first Asheville picture point. Take your pic here and name it "So and So at Asheville Photo Point #1".

Once we document these, all of these points will soon be on our main website We have about 30 more places to document, but if you have somewhere that you think should be a kissing or picture point, please email it to

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buddha Bagels - Asheville

Ok, so if you live in the Asheville, NC area, you have to try Buddha Bagels on Merrimon Ave. It's located in the same building as Mystic Journeys.
I went there for the first time today and LOvE a DoVe DOVED IT!

This place has some of the best coffee and an incredibly feel good atmosphere. The owners are really down to earth people with a great attitude.
It's fairly new so spread the word! I just had to rave about it for a minute =)

So yeah, Buddha Bagels! Check it out!

brightest blessings,
-TeRRi aka PhoeNix cHiLd CreaTioNs

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Larry Hochman - Facebook Inspiration

(This is a question I answered recently on another site. Pay attention..this is how the Law of Attraction really works.) Question... Hi everyone! I am as new as they get. I tried the whole clearing your mind and visualizing the whole new car smell, feel, etc. I just could not get into it. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or what. I am looking for some pointers and some insight, please.

Also, I tried the meditation thing. Not really good at that either. I just feel like I am wasting time. I don't know if I just don't completely believe in the Law of Attraction or if I am not concentrating hard enough or what. Please help !

****Answer... This one's pretty simple. Visualizing is the start of the process of manifesting. Anything we became, achieved or acquired got there because we wanted it first. Then we visualized (or listened, touched, smelled...used whatever sense that made it more real to us). So it whetted our appetite for it some more.

Then the rubber hits the road. Where fantasies turn into manifestations. Our level of commitment. COMMITMENT!

See, it's a big word. If we truly follow the law of attraction, we are lead to the intermediate steps that give us what we want. We develop skills we didn't have before. We summon our courage to step out of our comfort zones. We detach from worrying about what others think. We value ourselves enough to sacrifice things that aren't important enough and put our resources into the things that move us toward what we want. And make no mistake people... those things are time, sweat, and money.

And we create paradigm the way we think, feel and behave. It's very simple. If you're visualizing but aren't getting closer to what you really want, it's one or more of these... *You don't really want it. *You're missing the signs that tell you which way to turn towards it. *You don't love yourself enough to believe you deserve it. *You haven't summoned the will power to follow the path that leads you toward it. do you change that? Simple (though not necessarily easy)... *Clarify what you want. *Make it big and bright, again through visualization of some kind. *Develop the self love and self respect to believe you deserve it. *Make the commitment... what you want is more important than anything else in the world. *Hook on with a group that's going in your direction. *Find a mentor or coach that will assist you in these processes, if you're not getting there on your own.

This reminds me of a line from a movie: A League of Their Own. Geena Davis tells Tom Hanks she's quitting the girl's baseball team because "it just got too hard."Tom's response: "It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. The hard is what makes it great."

With Joy in the Commitment, Larry Hochman - "No More Holding Back!!!" Group on or

Asheville Women, Hendersonville Women, All Women... Unite Here!

I constantly evaluate websites in the Western North Carolina area, and quickly fell in love with what Willow has done with her site targeted toward women, ladies, girls, etc. Women discuss many things on the site including everyday issues in womanhood, names for their kids, photos of their families, politics, kids events, and so much more. Such a really great women's resource for Asheville, Hendersonville, WNC, and the whole world for that matter. If you are a Female, stop by and check out or just click HERE! Thanks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Businesses in Asheville North Carolina - Videos!

Here is an embeded AskAsheville YouTube playlist player with over 20 Asheville businesses featured on video. Awesome info, browsing, people, and stores all in Asheville NC!

Many Asheville Restaurants - YouTube Video Player

We have had some great dining experiences in Asheville North Carolina. Here is some of the footage and reviews. Please comment on your experiences at these places as well, whether good or bad. Thank you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Asheville Mexican Restaurant - Curras Dom, great food, nice pricing, perfect!

Stopped by one of the best Mexican food places in Asheville for a quick bite and it was so good. A clean, organic, tasty fusion of great food, beverages, and desserts. It is about 2 minutes North of Beaver Lake on Merrimon Avenue in the Woodfin area of North Buncombe. The owner treats customers as friends, customers hugging him and wishing him the best... nice vibe. Sarah was our server and she was very good, cool, awesome too... explaining things to me (I ask like mad), and telling me her preferences after I pushed for them. Visit their website at

Asheville Building Materials, Lumber, & Supplies by Builders Express

Builders Express in on the North End of Buncombe County, but serves Asheville, Mars Hill, Marshall, Weaverville, Woodfin, and will custom deliver to many places. The great thing about dealing with some (and I mean some) of these smaller construction materials retailers is that they will be competitive with any of the big Asheville lumber stores in the area, and will do it with 10 times the knowledge and service you would normally find in a Lowe's or Home Depot.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Asheville Coffee at the Double Decker Bus on Biltmore Ave

I remember meeting with a few teams in Downtown Asheville and going over some strategy awhile back. We would choose different locations, but one of the guys always use to want to meet on the top level of the Double Decker Asheville Coffee Bus for the meeting. I enjoyed it. It was different, cool, fun... and real convenient right there on Biltmore Ave, about a block down from the Pack Memorial in Asheville NC.

Look up Biltmore Avenue to the BB&T Building

I think Biltmore Avenue is a great area of Downtown Asheville and get excited about all of the little (and big) stores, shops, eateries, and restaurants. Here is a quick pic I took from the car.

Home Builders In Asheville prepare to BOOM for 2009!

After talking to several Asheville Home Builders, we believe the majority of good Contractors in and around the Asheville area are preparing for business to begin picking up rather quickly. Many home builders in the WNC area had it really rough during this economic situation we are facing here at the beginning of 2009. We heard today of a local Asheville plumbing subcontractor going out of business because all of his builders cannot pay him any of the money that they owe his company. Asheville Framing has had several Contractors disappear on them on payday. Customers moving to Asheville and building a home in the area must be careful to choose wisely. Many builders will be trying to pay old debt from 2008 with any profit coming in 2009. Not good at all. This leaves many contracting companies (including the "big ones") trying to catch up, pay their old debt, pay past overhead, stay afloat, and use your money to pay off someone else's home. Of course banks know about this and they are keeping a tight eye on it. Watch out for those deals that are too good to be true!

If you are interested in coming to Asheville; get in touch with a stable Asheville Home Builder such as Asheville Custom Home Builders, LLC. You can view their website at They run a lot of their business through the Asheville BB&T Bank, and can assist you in finding a great piece of property or estate as well.

Snowing in Weaverville Asheville soon

Nice big snowflakes are coming down in Weaverville NC at 2:45pm. Local residents rush to Ingles for groceries.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Missing Dog... Cash Reward... No Questions Asked

A local families dog is missing and we need your help to find him. Please if you know any information about his where abouts please call either number above. This family misses their pet and have not given up hope. Kuma is a well loved dog and his family is waiting. These signs are posted all through Weaverville and up Reems Creek. They have also placed flyers in many mailboxes. Who knows where Kuma may be at this time so hopefully someone will read this and return him home. Pass this on to anyone is the Asheville area please.

He's in the jailhouse now.....

I've got to take the day off work tomorrow so that I can take a trip to the county courthouse and pay off a speeding ticket. I'm an outlaw. It's what I do :) jk Of course, i'll need the appropriate amount of time after I get done there to sit and reflect on my wicked deed, and how I shall take measures in the future to keep from letting this happen again :) I believe i'll stop by Tripp's which I beleive is at the corner of Charlotte street for lunch :) Then i've gotta head to the super-walmart to blow this gift card I received for X-MAS. BOOYAH :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Asheville Restaurants - Bistro 1896 Lunch, Dinner, Dining

Had such a great lunch in Asheville North Carolina in the Bistro 1896 restaurant today. Everything was great, drinks made perfectly, food beyond awesome, Stephanie (out waitress) balanced with great service and attitude, Sarah (another waitress) stepped in to help our waitress as needed, and everything was just so nice. Thank you Bistro! Talked to the Manager Chris Sizemore for a moment and he worked his role perfectly whether dealing with me, dealing with the customers as they were coming in, or dealing with the staff. Great food and great team over here.

Traveling Skirt Passes Through Asheville

Got some video of this skirt that was traveling around the United States and had a few more States to go. Asheville was its place of rest today. Ocala Florida and Hawaii is their next two stops.

Asheville Bakery - Sisters McMullen

Asheville pastries, cakes, brownies, and cookies are what Sisters McMullen supplies much of the area with. We have been eating there for years and have been to every location they have had. Here is the downtown Asheville location where "Bonnie's Little Corner" used to be. Very good location here on the corner, right across from the Pack Square Monument and the Asheville BB&T Bank Building.

Asheville Musicians Jam on Pack Square Downtown

This Asheville video was taken by my 8 year old son who is a "blogger in training". Great footage, especially for his first shoot. The Flip Video camcorder makes it easy for anyone to do nice videos with minimal experience or effort.

These musicians were having a great time playing and singing in Downtown Asheville on Pack Square. Passed by about an hour later and they had some guy with a harmonica who joined in with them. I love walking around Asheville, listen to the music, spare a few bucks, and make some new friends.

Friday, January 2, 2009

North Asheville's Bellagio Bistro in Woodfin NC

Asheville's Bellagio Bistro is one of the best restaurants on the North End of Buncombe County. There is normally a waiting line for you to get in, but once you do... everything is awesome. Angelo, the owner, makes sure your every need is met and that the food is wonderful. He walks around, frequents the tables, and cares about his people... whether staff or clients. Local Law Enforcement love this Greek/Italian Restaurant in Asheville NC. The Food is Great!!!

Picnic's Restaurant & Home Cooking in Asheville

We stopped in Asheville Picnic's tonight for a quick bite and got much more than we bargained for. They had live music, great home cooking, a wonderful staff, and a very comfortable atmosphere. If you are in Downtown Asheville, head North on Merrimon about 2 minutes and Picnics in on the right, right after Merrimon Avenue Baptist Church and before Dunkin Donuts and the Corner Pocket Bar.

Stoney Knob Cafe in North Asheville Weaverville NC

Stoney Knob Cafe is one of several restaurants around Asheville that has never let us down. They tranformed this small diner into a great restaurant in the Weaverville area of Buncombe County North Carolina.

Asheville Hair Stylists at Appearances Salon & Spa

Appearances Salon and Spa in Asheville is a nice choice for haircuts, make up art, massages, and more. Several great stylists at this location including Mr. Stephen Veltman.

I'm still around, I promise!

It has been forever since I have blogged! Forgive me please! It has been a crazy past couple of weeks. Christmas. New Years. Yada Yada. I'm glad it is all finally winding down. Monday starts a crazy week of disassembling Christmas at the Biltmore House. I just wanted to give a shout out and say I am still around. Here is a beautiful picture to enjoy! Happy New Years All!!!

Applebee's on Hendersonville Rd. in South Asheville

We stop by this restaurant about once every 2 months, and were happy to see it open on New Years Day 2009. We got in, ordered our drinks, and looked over the menu. Once we got our drinks, I just happened to pick up the drink menu and read the descriptions when we realized that we were not served the drink we ordered. We called it to the waiters attention (Scott), and he came back saying that is was the wrong drink, buy he also charged $3 less than the price of the drink I had ordered. After that lame response, I knew something else was sure to happen. I told him not to worry about it. If you bring the customer the wrong drink or the bartender makes the wrong drink, you replace it with the right one at no charge. Service 101 guys. Applebee's knows this.

A few minutes later, an employee was standing there so I told her I had a bad experience with my last drink order and it got wronged somewhere between the waiter and the bar, and can she make sure it is right? Of course it did not, so I will not be by this Asheville restaurant for the next 6 months. When the new drink came, it had a minimum of double the alcohol. Another person at the table said to "take it as an apology or compliment", but I took it as another smack in that I could not drink it because of the harshness, and it was missing the little side shot again as the menu had said. Did not ask for another thing except the check, told a waiter to bring me $38 back (still gave a 10% tip), they brought me $30 back, I corrected them again, and they gave me my extra $8. The food was great, but service was less than 50%. Steak and Shrimp Parmesan and a Club Sandwich were on our order, and Margarita's that never did come out right. | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |