Saturday, July 31, 2010

World Renowned Hedy Schleifer Arrives in Asheville From TEDx in Tel Aviv to Host Workshops at Renaissance Hotel

World Renowned Hedy Schleifer Arrives in Asheville From
TEDx in Tel Aviv to Host Workshops at Renaissance Hotel 

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - World renowned Imago therapist, trainer and relationship expert Hedy Schleifer arrives in Asheville today fromTEDx in Tel Aviv, where she spoke to an audience of over 3,000 on July 18th. Hedy travels the world with her husband Yumi, giving powerful and captivating relationship building workshops and speaking on the “Power of Connection”. They have helped thousands of couples in over twenty countries transform their relationships from ordinary to extraordinary and work toward more peaceful means of conflict resolution. Hedy & Yumi’s workshop’s teach relationship enhancing skills that inspire and empower people to embrace their life, work and relationships with joy and passion. 

The couple will host three separate workshops at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville over the coming weeks. Their first workshop is this Sunday, August 1, 2010. The “Wonder of Connection” is a 1-day workshop for anyone interested in improving their relationship building and conflict resolution skills for personal or professional reasons. The one day event will also host the local premiere of the award winning documentary film, “Crossing the Bridge”, a moving look at the couple’s passionate journey as they travel the world teaching compassion and understanding through personal relationships.


“The Wonder of Connection” - 1 Day Workshop
Through a combination of video presentation, heartfelt, insightful and humorous discussions and demonstrations, as well as experiential exercises, this dynamic couple will demonstrate practical and innovative ways to enhance and/or heal personal and business relationships.  You will discover life changing relationship skills such as: how to “cross the bridge” into another person’s world, ways of turning daily grumbles into vehicles for change, healthy means of dissolving conflict, and how to be fully alive!
When:   Sunday, August 1, 2010, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Where: Asheville Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin St., Asheville, NC 28801
Cost:   $120/pp after July 19th

“Adventure in Intimacy” – 3 Day Workshop
This workshop will teach you the essential skills that will enable you and your partner to reboot your relationship, reconnect with each other more deeply than you ever thought possible, and rediscover the joy of being together! 
When:   Friday - Sunday, August 6-8, 2010, 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. daily
Where: Asheville Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin St., Asheville, NC 28801
Cost:   $895 per couple; $695 per couple for previous graduates
      ($200 deposit required to register. Tuition includes workbooks, supplies, morning & afternoon snack.)

“The Art of Relational Couples Therapy” (CEUs=14) - 2 Day Clinical Training for Professionals
This clinical training is a unique opportunity to take your experience, competence, and skills as a therapist to a whole new level. Through a combination of live demonstrations, theory, and practice, you will learn to become more effective and empowered in the art of coaching couples, as well as how to work with your couples in a more relaxed and centered way. Over the course of the training, Hedy will showcase her work with "difficult couples" from the caseloads of various local therapists. 

When:  Saturday-Sunday, August 14-15, 2010, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (both days)
Where:  Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin St. Asheville, NC 28801
Cost:  $495 (only $200 deposit required to register)

To arrange media interviews call: 786-294-3990. For more information or to register for any of these events visit: To register by phone call 305-604-0010 or email

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Asheville Bed & Breakfast - The 1847 Blake House Inn

Talk about a piece of history in the South Asheville area! The Blake House Inn was built in 1847 and is now a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. Italianate architecture with Gothic Revival influence. The walls of this structure are 22 inches thick and the ceilings are 12 - 14 feet high. Many rooms are available here to make each stay memorable and original. From the "Rose Room" which is handicapped accessible, to the "Magnolia Room" which has a fabric ceiling, to the "Lilac Room" which has a small elevated terrace where you can have a cup of tea and enjoy the morning glory. Several more beautiful rooms are available. If you are looking for a wonderful place to stay in and around Asheville, The Blake House Inn Bed and Breakfast may prove to be a great choice.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asheville, religion and diversity

Recently, at Bele Chere 2010, we took this video. Here is the message that the street preachers were preaching, some of the people that opposed them, and others who supported what they were doing. If you pay attention to the end of this video; a man is opposing the street preacher, and an African American woman takes the side of the preacher and tells him to "Rebuke that in the name of Jesus" and to "Preach on!"

Asheville is called the "Buckle of the Bible Belt" by many faith based arenas. Some churches are wondering why their "hometown" is being consumed by other religions and philosophies; while millions of dollars a year is going to "Save" 3rd world countries and missionaries. Is Asheville North Carolina numb to Christianity? I doubt it. There are plenty of strong faith based works going on everyday in the AVL community. Churches like C3, Church In Motion, and Seacoast are coming into the area strong, in addition to already established congregations such as Crossroads Assembly, North Asheville Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Biltmore Baptist Church and many others. A lot of good, sometimes unnoticed or unseen, comes from these local congregations.

There are many religions in the world, and now they are in Asheville NC. Is everyone allowed the same freedom of speech as the other religion? Is there only one right way? How do we all get to heaven and live happily ever after? Some say by faith in Jesus Christ, others preach faith and works, and then there are some who believe that you just have to be a "good person" and it will all work out in the end. Pretty simple, right? Not exactly. Legalism comes into many of these groups where you must conform to their principles that according to them, had originated from the Bible. I have been in churches where they called women whores if they had makeup on; and preached against men who wore striped ties and used deodorant. I doubt this has anything to do with the Bible, religion or salvation. Extremism has hurt the mission of many pure hearts who sincerely care.

Why do churches want to reach a community? We have heard some of these reasons: To build their congregation, to be instrumental in saving our souls, to help our lives, to build a faith based relationship, to teach us the scriptures, etc. These are just a few of the many reasons, both negative and positive according to who they are trying to reach. Some people have refused and rejected the offer and have a perfect right to do so; and going to "face the consequences" according to others.

Is freedom of religion really a part of Asheville North Carolina? Are Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses treated with equality when it comes to what they believe and expressing their faith? Are people who do not have any faith allowed to do so without being badgered or stoned? On the other hand; can someone have faith and still be treated equally by folks who do not have any type of religion?

What has your church experience been like in Asheville or Western North Carolina? Leave a comment below. Thanks.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asheville has great water; but will this always be the case!

41 country's abstain from safe water
The United States abstains from declaring safe water and sanitation as a basic human right under UN resolution. To much to loose?
Asheville has has some of the healthiest fresh water reservoirs in the country and we take for granted that this will always be the case. Don't be so certain! 

Today is a day worth noting in human history. A non-binding UN resolution was passed today that proclaims safe water and sanitation as basic human rights. I have long been an advocate for declaring safe water as a basic human right; along with the other two necessities for sustaining life- safe food & safe air. It’s the trinity of survival; Air, Water, Food; everything else is non-essential. I believe that this trinity of survival should be an inalienable right for all human beings; regardless of cost or degree of challenge. 
41 county’s including the United States chose to abstain. I am eager to hear the reasoning behind the decisions. I would venture to make an educated guess and preempt the coming disclosures as being politically motivated on behalf of the citizens. They will proclaim inadequacies and lack of clearly defined rolls and responsibilities governments. The reasons will be relative to potential liabilities, costs and burdens. What you won’t hear is how they don’t want to loose their rights to sell water or relinquish control of it for profit and power. UN record of vote Introducing a draft resolution on the human right to water and sanitation (document A/64/L.63/Rev.1), the representative of Bolivia said that human right had not been fully recognized: read more

TurboChef Mobile Culinary Institute comes to WNC

True Commercial in Your Home - Visit the TurboChef Mobile Culinary Institute to see live cooking demos featuring TurboChef Double & Single Wall Speedcook Ovens.

TurboChef high performance gourmet ovens are designed for today's home chef, with a signature style that makes them the centerpiece of and high-end kitchen. With TurboChef cooking technology, seeing truly is believing.

Open House at Salon Blue Ridge located at 518 S. Allen Rd, Flat Rock NC 28731 on Thursday July 29th from 9am - 4pm. For more information, please call Audrey at 828-696-1934

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Asheville Pizza Wars on August 14th - Get Your Tickets Now!

Location - Garage at Biltmore 101 Fairview Rd Asheville NC 28803
Date - Saturday August 14, 2010
Time - Doors at 7pm, Pizza Judging at 7:30pm, Pizza Party 7:45pm, Benefit Party with Music and Beer till 2am
Tickets - Tickets are $15. Purchase in advance by clicking HERE.
Included - Pizza from a dozen or more establishments, unlimited samples of beer from a mini beer fest including 3 local Asheville breweries; live entertainment, music and dancing
Benefit For - Families Pursuing Justice, a group supporting our community and committed to solving cold cases and other crimes in Asheville & WNC
Peoples Choice Award - All persons entering will receive a ticket to vote for their top choice.

1. Pizza companies will make 2 pizzas for the judges. 1 regular cheese, the other up to 5 toppings
2. Pizza companies will deliver the 10 pizzas (2 to be judged and 8 for the benefit) at 7:30pm
3. Pizza judging will end at 8pm, pizza eating will continue until all pizzas are gone.
4. Pizzas that are to be judged will be marked and go into the private room at the Garage, others will be set up in the venue
5. Pizzas slices will all be double cut
6. Pizza companies will have a sign or branding to identify their establishment

Pizza Companies that will be competing:
1. Barleys Pizza
2. Circle in the Square Pizza
3. Vinnie's Italian
4. Iannuccis Pizzeria
5. Nona Mia
6. Pomodoros Cafe
7. Fiore's Ristorante Toscana
8. Piazza East
9. East Village Grill
10. Standard Pizza Company
11. Earthfare West
12. Franks Pizza
13. My Fathers Pizza
14. Mellow Mushroom

Breweries On Site:
1. Highland Brewing Company
2. Craggie Brewing Company
3. French Broad Brewing Company
4. Skyland Distributing Company

Click to purchase the tickets for this event here: Garage at Biltmore Pizza Wars Tickets

Original post about the Asheville Pizza Wars. Or view the Facebook Event for the Asheville Pizza Wars.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Asheville offers unique musical heritage

A couple weeks ago I happened across one of Asheville's little treasures. After twenty years this town continues to impress me. I attended a meet and greet hosted at the Biltmore Estates newest attraction called Antler Hill. While roaming around to see the features of the Hill I heard the distinctive ringing of a Blacksmiths Anvil, but there was clearly a musical quality to what I was hearing. the. The Biltmore Estate still maintains an full time Blacksmith by the name of Doc Cudd. Doc is a very personable man who loves to tell the rich history and proud heritage of the Anvil. Much more than just a blacksmiths tool, but also a communication devise used by the tradesmen and is classified as an instrument that has been featured in Symphony, Opera, movie scores and more. Doc, as I discovered is one of only 5 anvil masters in the United States. Below is a video recorded during my visit of Doc explaining a little about the history of the anvil and doing his thing.

Love this town! Don't you?

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silver Machine Bele Chere After-party with Graviton

Hey hey! If you don't know that Bele Chere kicks off tomorrow, wake up! The southeast's largest street festival sends happy revelers into the streets of downtown Asheville, feasting on good food, the hyped-up social vibe, and of course, some of the best music you're going to find anywhere.

But listen, don't count on the festival to provide all your entertainment, loves. At 10:00, local psychedelic voodoo gods Silver Machine take the stage at the Hookah Bar (38-B North French Broad Ave) to help ease you into your weekend. Get in out of the heat and soak up the sweet sounds of original space rock and classic covers given a funky twist. You're in for a treat at this show; Wilver Machine are sharing the bill with Graviton, and all I can say about that is prepare to have your mind blown. Seriously folks, if you could play the weather through your speakers, it would sound like Graviton, sunny and bright one minute and pouring rain the next.

Check out info about the show here. Find out more about Silver Machine on their web site.

April is a freelance writer from Asheville. Read more of her work here or follow her on facebook.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Asheville benefit to save little Brianna - read the story here...

As many of our friends and regular customers know, we tragically lost our daughter and sister Christina on Mother's Day this year. She left behind 2 year old Brianna and it was her wishes in her Will that she was left in our care.

Having Brianna with us since Christina's death has been a blessing for us...we will always have part of her here with us in her daughter. Unfortunately, during this time of loss and sorrow, the small estate that was left to Brianna by her mother has gotten then attention of Brianna's father, who has played a very small part in her life and has never done anything for his daughter financially or emotionally. We have had to go to court twice so far to protect Brianna and her humble estate...and we have won both times. But the fight continues!

We have started the Brianna Lynn Morehouse-Izon Estate Legal Fund to help raise money for Brianna's legal fees. We are having a special dinner event to continue raising money for this fund. We just finished the menu and we are very excited about it. We are prepared to make you some of the finest food to come from our kitchens using fresh local foods and the love from our family.


Chilled Peach and Ginger soup

Champagne and Brie Fondue in Sour Dough bowl w/crudite`

Caesar Salad or Organic Mixed Baby Greens

Main Course Choices:

Bistro St. Jacques
Tender scallops, crab meat & shrimp blended in a white wine Alfredo sauce, seasoned and crumb coated for a quick flame broil. Served with an Asparagus Risotto pyramid.

The ultimate mouth watering Tenderloin of Beef sliced thin, served with Bearnaise's, artichoke bottoms and truffled potato rosette.

Duck Breast
Grilled to perfection, sliced and served with asparagus risotto and fresh vegetables and chef's choice of glaze.

Vegetarian Prima Vera
Spaghetti Squash tenderly roasted, tri-colored peppers, black olives, artichokes, seasoned and tossed with olive oil and Asiago shavings.


Deconstructed "Brianna Berry Pie" with handmade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

*Special wine pairing with main course and dessert.

$99.00 per couple-includes tax & beverages

Please reserve early!

Proceeds for this event will be donated to the Brianna Morehouse-Izon Estate Legal Fund.

Mother & Son Bistro

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Video: Asheville Fashion Show at the Orange Peel by Push Productions

Push Productions put on a grand Asheville fashion show at the Orange Peel last night. Here is the last clip of the evening with more clips soon to be posted on AskAsheville's YouTube Channel and also Push Productions YouTube Channel. All of the videos and social media work on both of these video channels was done by G Social Media based in Asheville NC.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asheville's Worldwide Photo Walk 7/24/10 #WWPW

Asheville is once again getting involved in the Worldwide Photo Walk, in which groups from all over the World tour their cities, take photos, and share them. This is a great opportunity for any level of photographer, even if you only take pictures from your camera phone. For more information on this event, please see the post by G Social Media by clicking HERE. Thanks.

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Craggie Brewing Company's Toubab Brewe, named for Asheville's own Toubab Krewe

Craggie Brewing Co.'s Toubab Brewe, named for Asheville's own Toubab Krewe -- Bele Chere Headliners

July 14, 2010 - Asheville, NC - In honor of Asheville's own instrumental quintet, Toubab Krewe, Craggie Brewing Company released its newly crafted, Toubab Brewe* – a crisp, malty, and slightly hoppy Bavarian lager.

Based in Asheville, NC, both Toubab Krewe and Craggie Brewing Company contribute to the arts in their own ways. Toubab Krewe draws from American and West African influences to create a unique and groundbreaking blend of sounds while Craggie selects unconventional recipes to reflect the brewery's innovative interpretation of beer. "Both Toubab and Craggie have their roots in Asheville and the pairing just feels like the perfect fit" - Craggie Brewing Crew

Not only is this a tasty local collaboration but the partnership will also benefit others on a global level. For each keg of Toubab Brewe sold, Craggie will donate $5 to Instruments4Africa, a non-profit selected by Toubab Krewe. Instruments4Africa facilitates artistic development for underprivileged youth and works to preserve music and arts in Africa.

"We are thrilled collaborate with Craggie Brewing Company and Instruments4Africa in an alliance that supports our communities both here in North Carolina and in West Africa." - Toubab Krewe

Asheville itself boasts a vibrant art community, including music and hand-crafted beers. Craggie endeavors to support and highlight local artists as well as the thriving arts community as a whole. Through partnerships like this, both Toubab Krewe and Craggie Brewing Company hope to reach an even broader audience with their altruistic efforts.

Craggie Brewing Company:

Have a brewe for the worldwide krewe!

*Toubab Brewe: A Bavarian-Style Zwickel Beer
Organic Munich and Pilsen malts are bittered with Organic Hallertau Tradition. This unfiltered Bavarian lager is crisp and malty with a slight hoppy flavor. ABV 4.2%

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shindigging on the Green in Asheville North Carolina

The Asheville community came out in droves for the 1st "Shindig on the Green" in Pack Square Park. Bands, cloggers, dancers, families, couples, individuals and kids all came out to enjoy this great time. We look forward to several more of these scheduled for the summer!

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2010 Asheville 4th of July Firework Finale

The Asheville 4th of July fireworks had a short delay due to a fire that some say was caused by a few people shooting off their own fireworks on the scene. Some thought the finale was done and that is was the worst ending ever. But that was not the case. Here is our view from the Penthouse of the Hotel Indigo in Downtown Asheville. Take a look at this video and see the grand finale for yourself...

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