Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prepare War!!! Asheville Pizza Wars coming August 14, 2010

The Asheville Pizza Wars are on! We are going to have the people nominate many different pizza making establishments in and around Asheville North Carolina to battle for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. There are so many great places to grab a pizza in the AVL area. We are creating this event to expose you to the best and the rest according to our judges and also according to you. Buy Tickets HERE!

Here is how it will work: People will nominate their favorite pizza makers in the AVL area, we will gather the votes and make them aware of the nomination. They will have a chance to join the battle and possibly win, or forfeit and automatically lose. The contestants will bring 1 regular cheese pizza, and 1 specialty pizza (5 topping max) of their choice to be judged. Along with this, they will bring 8 "other" pizzas (cheese and whatever else) for the people (us!). We will have 7 judges for the cheese pizzas and 7 judges for the specialty pizzas. Videos and photos will be taken of every pizza with credit to the establishments. Every contestant will receive great publicity for entering and being a part of this event!!

We will be having Asheville Pizza Party of the year at the Garage at Biltmore on August 14th at 7pm, judging starts at 7:30pm, Pizza Party starts at 8pm. The judges will start the competition and their votes will be cast. Judges will vote for the main competition and the guests attending will have the "peoples choice" vote. Everyone will have a chance to vote!! Then the pizza party will begin. It is only $15 for the whole evening, with the party ending at 2:30am. Musicians include several bands and DJ dance times. Come ready to have a great time!

Nominated Judges according to their Twitter ID:
@DaniKnowsWine, @H0zae, @Fobes, @EdgyMama, @AVLChamber, @BouchonAville, @AVLDiscountCard, @SocialLifeAVL, @BlogAsheville, @Ashevegas, @SugarJaime, @SavvyEater, @JustinTheSouth, @Hume_Foodie @PushProduction, @Reinkster. We are asking @AshevilleFoodie to be the head judge.

Requested Pizza Moderators according to their Twitter ID: @MotherNos, @AVLCustomCloset, @DoraBerry.

Judging Standards: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place for Best Cheese Pizza and Best Specialty Pizza. Also... the "People's Choice" award. Winners will receive an award, publicity, press interviews and more. There are not any losers in this competition. To simply be nominated is awesome!

Requested Breweries: French Broad Brewery, Greenman Brewery, Asheville Brewing, Pisgah Brewing, Highland Brewing, Craggie Brewing, Wedge Brewery, and Skyland Distributing.

Nominated Pizza Establishments (so far): Marcos, Circle in the Square, Nona Mia, Asheville Pizza, Barleys, Pomodoros, Iannuccis, Piazza East AVL, Fiores, East Village Grill, Standard Pizza Company, Digable Pizza, Angelo's Pizza, Roni's Pizza, Franks Pizza, My Father's Pizza, Earth Fare West, Mellow Mushroom, Vinnies.

Benefit forFamilies Pursuing Justice of Western North Carolina

*****You Can Purchase Tickets by Clicking HERE

***Please comment below on the Pizza places that you think should be in this competition and why.

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G. said...

My Nominations are:
1) Marco's Pizza, Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC
2) My Father's Pizza, Black Mtn.

Can't wait to see who wins!

n5corp said...

Roni's Pizza, Sweeten Creek!

Gina said...

I Nominate:

Angelo's Pizza
2270 Hendersonville Road, Arden

ecophamily said...

Iannucci's Pizzeria & Italian
Have the best pizza and more!

tom said...

GalloLea Organics Pizza.
It is a fresh, organic, mostly whole wheat pizza kit that you make at home. Great pizza, great for you.

Corley May said...

I nominate the West Asheville Earth Fare!

missthing1966 said...

I vote for Roni's Pizza on Sweeten Creek.Great food and great waitstaff

Anonymous said...

Circle in the Square

Anonymous said...

pizza girl, Circle in the Square , Not only the Pizza but the most handsome crew this side of Asheville!!! GO Circle in the Square!!! NYC

Anonymous said...

circle in the square... gets my vote

Reinkster said...

Been waiting for this for years...please open nominations on the Facebook website!

My nominations are:

1. Circle in the Square
2. Mellow Mushroom
3. Barleys
4. Asheville Pizza
5. Marcos
6. Trio's
7. Digable Pizza
8. Little Ceasar's, Arden/Fletcher
9. Apollo Flame
10. Frank's Pizza

Gonna be awesome!


Anonymous said...

yeah baby!!! Circle in the Square has it hands down!!! best pizza best atmosphere!!

Vahan said...

Circle in the Square! Thin crust, New York style, luscious olive oil, heavenly crust, baked perfectly, I'm getting a pizza woody just talking about it! Great crew, too.

Anonymous said...

how could Vinnie's have been left out??? You want the best,they need to be there.

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