Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does Asheville have America's Best Breakfast? VOTE for Sunny Point Cafe!

The contest: The way it works is IMMEDIATELY after the segment airs on Good Morning America on Saturday, May 15th (both the taped piece and the live portion out in Times Square), and voting begins. Viewers log on to and look for a link that says, "VOTE FOR THE BEST BREAKFAST". This will be up until (roughly) 8PM (ET) as they monitor the voting results throughout the day.

Online - you can only vote once. Which is why the more people you tell about the contest, the better. So GET THE WORD OUT!! The viewers' votes add up to 50% of the vote.

The other half goes to the four anchors (after tasting the food). About 7/8pm (ET) they will make a decision and call all the nominees and let them know the outcome.

If we win, they want to talk to Sunny Point Cafe live from their restaurant on Sunday May 16th in the morning. It should be pretty exciting! If we do win, we want all of Asheville to be out there and excited about our victory.

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