Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Story Hour with Moscow Ballet Soloist SvetlanaTodinova

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP) is honored to be partnering with the Moscow Ballet for a very special fundraiser opportunity. WNCAP is selling fundraiser tickets to The Great Russian Nutcracker scheduled for December 22, at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium at the Asheville Civic Center. To help promote this special event, Moscow Ballet Soloist Svetlana Todinova is coming to Asheville this weekend, October 31.

Svetlana will be participating in a special story hour at Barnes & Noble in the Asheville Mall at 2:00, and later that day she will be attending WNCAP’s Raise Your Hand Auction at the Deerpark Restaurant on Biltmore Estate. So if you have children and are looking for something to do before the trick-or-treating begins, head to Asheville Mall and meet Svetlana at Barnes & Noble, if you’re not trick-or-treating, we hope to see you at the Raise Your Hand auction.

Please visit the WNCAP website for more information and ticket sales.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asheville Journalism - Who are you sleeping with? Will you awake?

Journalism in Asheville North Carolina could, at many times, be very biased. When an insider or outsider is looking for information; they do not want to listen to reporters only tooting the horn of businesses that advertise with their publication or their friendly contacts. I believe this issue is being dealt with in the Mommy Blogging world as well. Some of these famous bloggers were being paid to put their approval on certain items that they did not necessarily believe in or even use. The outcome... hundreds and thousands of "followers" followed their advice and purchased the product. Everyone makes some money so it is right, Right?!

So called journalists many times do the same thing. Even though we hope that journalism carries a non-partial attitude when it comes to community, networking and sharing; writers who have a certain "control" when it comes to media, use this avenue many times to limit the messages of others and exclude. While some scream "community" to simply gain fans - many in the community remain excluded.

Even on your local Twitter scene. I would be a networked hireling if all I read and retweeted was what my fellow reporter friends posted. Some individuals are just as closed. They retweet any good thing or absurdity that their clique posts, and pass over a lot of great info that others may contribute for fear of losing control, seeming like they are a traitor, or to hang onto a false superiority. Weakness.

So is it a cult or is it a community when it comes to the distribution of information? The deprogramming of a open-minded yet closed community must happen in order to unify. Some say "We are the best source" or "We have been here the longest"; but does that eradicate others from contributing information and having a voice? NO! Is community journalism just made up of who you accept as part of YOUR community? Or better yet... is it made up of just your staff, advertisers, and the extreme brown nosers?

Western North Carolina kinda always had a sort of "Good Old Boy" mentality where you scratch our back and we scratch yours. It may be passing on in other negative ways than previously viewed, and a little worse now in this struggling economy. But when this seeps into a community and limits thinking and participation among everyone as a whole, it is not good. Who wants a bunch of robots controlled by a false empire built on their way of thinking and their prejudices and preferences.

The Asheville Citizen Times is working on a community blog information network. AskAsheville is supportive of this work. Why not? If someone wants to improve in certain areas, why would you be against it? Why would Asheville as a whole not want to rise up, offer ideas, and support this publication? Why would we degrade and attack our local news, WLOS News 13, because they are "not as good" as some of the big city stations that we are used to? So what!?! If I were in charge of the television station, I would love to network with furniture stores and clothing shops in the Asheville area, and have them furnish the newsroom and refresh the wardrobes monthly. And I have dozens of more ideas just like you may have too. But I am not in charge and this is simply a suggestion. They do not "have to" use my idea and I do not hate them if they don't. This is where feedback, and companies paying attention to that feedback, comes in handy. As a business, we should always be able to ask "What are we missing", "How can we improve" and "How can we blend with our community?" I have noticed skeptical comments and criticism coming from those whose "control" and influence may be affected. Of course, the lack of judgement and decency by the critics due to partiality blinding their eyes causes a vibe of division among a growing community that has so much potential. Asheville... sometimes I feel as if we are killing our own. Is AVL not our common ground? We are meant to be a little more open than this!

Instead of the live and let live mindset, it is live and lie in wait for anyone who gets in OUR way to die. And when they seem to be dying, we will even wish them the best and claim to be supportive. What Vultures! Asheville needs to open up just a little more to prevent being trapped by these people attempting to put us in THEIR tiny little box.

Asheville is a community. It consists of people you like and people you may claim to hate. It has people who you think are weird, and others who are sure you are the weirdo. It has people that agree with you and folks that always seem to disagree. We have people who believe in many types of religions, and some who do not have any faith at all. There are many races and nationalities in the area, and people who have moved to the Asheville area from all over the World. When they come; I rather have them bow to a great thriving community and an awesome quality of life, and not be segregated by a divided community with improper motives and attitudes. The media has a big part in leveling this out and we hope that all learn how to be fair to our community and to everyone involved. We have the ability to bring the people together or to force them to take sides to stabilize our insecurities. Let's build Asheville and WNC together!

Monday, October 26, 2009

YWCA MotherLove Giving Tree

The YWCA of Asheville’s Annual MotherLove Giving Tree will be on display in the lobby of the YWCA at 185 S. French Broad Avenue starting on November 11. The Giving Tree is made of stars, each bearing wishes from a local teen mother. The public is invited to come to the YWCA and pick out a star to help make someone’s holiday brighter by providing gifts for them and their children. The purpose of the Giving Tree is to assist with the holiday expenses of teen mothers in the YWCA MotherLove program.

For more information, call Tangela Ballard Bowman at 254-7206 x 116 or visit the YWCA website,

The YWCA MotherLove program is a mentoring program for pregnant and parenting teens. Participating teens are paired with a trained adult mentor who provides support, guidance, friendship and teaches parenting skills.

The mission of the YWCA is eliminating racism and empowering women.

Friend from Asheville sent this need in:

On Monday, October 5th, my brother-in-law, Ed Bennett, was diagnosed with liver cancer.  Ed has been living with Hepatitis C since the late 1980's. He contracted this blood disease when he got his very first tattoo. He found out about it years later when he tried to give blood. The disease then progressed into cirrhosis and now cancer.  In order to survive, Ed needs a liver transplant. Approximate cost for the first year of a transplant - $525,000. 

Last year, Ed was laid off from his job of 17 years. Because COBRA insurance was unaffordable, he and my sister Laurie obtained private insurance. Unfortunately, the plan that they purchased only covers $2500 of the transplant costs.

On the positive side, Ed is feeling pretty good right now. Ed is a young, 61-year old man who has a great many years left to share with my sister.  They have been married nearly four years and are a wonderful, loving couple!

What financial assistance is available to Ed and Laurie?  We don't know all the answers yet. The VA and Social Security are possibilities. But for now, I'm going to do whatever I can to keep some money flowing 
to them!

Laurie is a new Pampered Chef sales consultant. Pampered Chef sells cooking utensils, cookware, bake ware, etc.  For every sale Laurie makes she will get a 20% commission. Christmas is just around the corner so this is a perfect time to buy presents and help Laurie and Ed out at the same time!

In order for Laurie to get credit for her sales, you must go to her website and go to "Our Products." There will be a button that says "How to Purchase." Put in my name, Susan Fronsoe, in the purple box as the host. Order your items only through this venue!  Party ends October 28th. 

If you don't want to order any items from Pampered Chef and would rather donate some cold hard cash (anything helps - NO amount is too small) please send a check or money order to: Ed Bennett P.O. Box 27 Ranger, GA 30734.

Thank you so very much for your thoughts, prayers and donations.  With your help, we will see Ed and Laurie married for at least another 20 years!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last club gig 4 DubConscious 6 Asheville

Tonight to be the last club gig for the original DubConscious 6 members!!!

DubC is in Asheville loving the Fall and about to play with Galactic at the Just Because You're in Asheville Event on Lexington Ave. And then a special show at 828 (formerly Nashwa) with Wayfarer's All and Mindelixir to blow it all out. Tonight will be a big reason to celebrate and also will mark an end to an era of the original 6 members playing together.
Tonight to be the last club gig for the original DubConscious 6 members. After 7 years of doing it, DubConscious is evolving and changing with the times and certain people are moving on. A more formal announcement will be made later this week.

Tonight's show in Asheville will be the final Club gig and two weeks later at Bear Creek, the original 6 will perform two final sets together as DubConscious.

DubConscious will still be together and will be making new music but with a different look and feel than before. First shows with the new lineup will be a New Year's run with Asheville's amazing Telepath that will culminate with a blowout at hometown venue "New Earth Music Hall". Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you can make it to 828 tonight.

peace and dub alway

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weaverville NC ABC Liquor Store - 5 Minutes North of Asheville

Walmart has just recently opened in Weaverville North Carolina, along with a Lowe's... and then an ABC Liquor Store following not too far behind. CNBC even covered the rise and shine of this Wal-Mart store and how it is affecting the community. They contacted Ask Asheville about video footage we took during the development of the project. Not only was this alien "Monster" called WalMart coming into Weaverville NC; but as of this past week, Booze is here too!

Many people (folks) have different views on the alcohol issue. Not too long ago, people had to drive from Madison County, Weaverville NC and even Eastern Tennessee... all the way to Asheville to get a bottle of booze. Woodfin had recently opened an Alcohol Beverage Control store, which is a liquor store where the North Carolina State controls the sales and profit of alcohol from their approved stores, and it was doing very well last I heard. Weaverville was like... "I want in"! As far as the "ABC" philosphy goes; I guess you could call it controlled prohibition in effect.

Woodfin, which some consider North Asheville, was reaping all of the recent profits from booze buyers coming from the North side of the County and beyond. Now Weaverville North Carolina intercepts the pass with their brand new ABC Liquor Store right off of the future I-26 (19/23) in the Walmart shopping plaza.

When I arrived, Weaverville Police were sitting in the parking lot of the liquor store, maybe scoping the vibe for the whole new idea that entered this smaller country community just a few miles North of Asheville. When I got out of my vehicle, a man was standing outside and seemed like he wanted to ask me something. I said hello, and walked in the store. I was welcomed by about 6 people and I felt like a test dummy for a minute. Just a moment later, the guy who was outside walked up and asked if he could help me find anything. I told him I was just looking around.

While talking to some of the staff in the store, they said that 2 people had walked in the ABC Store today and said they were the missing votes that left restaurants unable to serve cocktails and shots. You see... Weaverville North Carolina barely missed the approval vote of liquor by the drink by only 2 votes!! Some people chanted victory while other were like "What the...".

In an area where many call liquor the "Devils Juice", cocktails are about to be served. Well, you can go to Stoney Knob and order a beer or glass of wine; but ask for a Rum and Coke or a Long Island Iced Tea today... and they will look at you like you are green and from outer space.

While in the middle of writing this blog, @WeavervilleGuy wrote this to us on Twitter: "I really hope we get liquor by the drink, even tho I dont drink. I would love to get some restaurants here"! Please understand that it is not all about this small community outside of Asheville simply not trusted with liquor. People are getting it anyway, just driving a longer distance. Many label "hard liquor" in the same category as illegal drugs. Major restaurants that have considered the Weaverville North Carolina area have been paralyzed by the liquor limitations. Why would Red Lobster or Chilis or any one of these major chains forfeit their alcohol profits because of those who wish to control our tolerance of alcohol? Of course Cracker Barrel and IHOP would thrive in Weaverville NC because liquor is not a part of their menu. But in todays world, they are the minority and I am sure they have considered switching roles. Chick-Fil-A will not open on Sunday, and other most "fast food" joints, they do not serve alcohol. But how many times have you driven up to their building and cursed the day because you could not get some good quick chicken?

While some in and around Asheville, claim that you are "Going to Hell" for drinking; others consider it a "fact of life" and a sort of a personal preference. Of course, when it comes to profit... there is the liquor profit, and then the law enforcement profits that arise from the violations and arrests being made. People get their liquor, folks choose to abuse, people get hurt, some go to jail, innocent live are sometimes lost in the process (extremely tragic!!!), abusers go to jail and die, the City or Town makes due and deals with the problems, and everyone wins and loses together. Let's make a deal!! We take the good with the bad and stand for what we truly believe. Sounds like sowing and reaping to me. Old school.

When you compare other Countries to the USA, liquor is not such a major problem, or profit angle as some may say. When liquor is not considered such a great problem in cultures such as France; it usually is not. Many believe that when drinking, if any, is taught in moderation, people are less likely to abuse it and become obsessive over "a drink." Is this true? Have you researched the statistics? Please comment below.

Folks at the Weaverville NC ABC Liquor Store said they were sure that this coming May, liquor by the drink will be voted in. Good for some, bad for others. North Asheville and Weaverville NC is about to expand tremendously in growth. North Asheville Baptist Church just did a giant groundbreaking ceremony on their new Weaverville property just 5 minutes from the liquor store. Randy Bassham is preparing for the huge Multi Purpose Athletic Center (MPAC) vision about 5 minutes away as well.

The Weaverville Tribune is the town newspaper in the area. My Weaverville is the best local online resource. Wonder what their views are when it comes to this Great Transition. When will Madison County get an ABC Liquor Store?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best of WNC Bash in Asheville NC

Sunday, October 25, 2009 from 6:00pm - 11:00pm at The Orange Peel on 101 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, NC

Come on and celebrate the best of WNC — voted by you! Come get wiggy with all the winning big wigs. We got food, music, performances and a town full of crazy fun folks, so let's celebrate all that madness! Skinny Legs & All will bring the heat with their red-hot performances of your favorite smokin' blues and rock tunes. If you haven't heard Firecracker Jazz Band, lace up your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie to some red-hot N'Orleans-style jazz. If you have heard 'em, you know what we're talkin' about.

Female sketch-comedy troupe LYLAS will give their irreverent take on Asheville and the Best of voting process.Montford Park Players will perform the lovers' quarrel scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Best of WNC-winning artist Gabriel Shaffer will be live-painting. And the fabulous Cookie LaRue will emcee, bringing her patented blend of irritainment and song.

If all that entertainment fabulousness has got you hungry, don't worry: We'll have heavy hor d'ouerves from more than a dozen winning restaurants, including the Lobster Trap, Mela, Doc Chey's, Jersey Mike's, Mamacita's, Asheville Brewing Company, Rosetta's Kitchen, Jack of the Wood, City Bakery Cafe, Wasabi, Laughing Seed, Tomato Cocina Latina and French Broad Chocolate Lounge. The food will be happenin' from 6 to 8 p.m., or until it runs out! Thirsty? We'll have beer specials from Pisgah Brewing!
The East-West Collective is sponsoring a massive raffle of sweet stuff from local Best of WNC winners. Tickets are $15 in advance or $17 at the door. Get 'em early from the Orange Peel box office, at or at Mountain Xpress, 2 Wall Street (on the second floor of the Miles building, behind the Flat Iron). This is a benefit for MANNA FoodBank, so come show your support and party hardy with much wig-itude! Local Matters!

Raqs Asheville - The Art of Bellydance

The Hookah Bar Belly Dance Show! Sunday, October 25, 2009 from 8:30pm - 10:30pm at The Hookah Bar on 38 North French Broad Ave in Asheville, NC

Raqs Asheville will showcase local bellydance artists on Sunday evenings...come out and experience the grace, mystery and elegance of bellydance right here in Asheville.

Exciting New Format!
Show starts at 8:30 with a $3 Cover - $2 if you wear a hip scarf! This weekend only - a celebration with the four house dancers - Lisa Zahiya, Alicia, Kristi Renee and Sarah Warren! Come on our for a great show by these four dancers - there will be open dancing! World music by Selector Plume (! Stay tuned for special nights, other local dancers and more!

Raqs Asheville features bellydance artists on Sunday evenings. November 1 at 8:30pm for only $3 or $2 if you wear a hip scarf! The event highlights Asheville's own national artist, Onca O'Leary! Experience the grace, mystery and elegance of bellydance right here in Asheville. Show is followed by open dancing! World music by Selector Plume!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Asheville Seasonal Sizzle at Seven. Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / MySpace Party on Dec 5th at 8pm

Asheville North Carolina is known for its growing technology crowd and resources. If anywhere is connected well online, we are. We have a great Facebook community, not only from the area, but also fans of the city of Asheville. If this social networking platform was not available, our local connections would have been very limited with lots of hard work. Twitter is also a huge hit in this "neck of the woods". Individuals, businesses, churches, car dealerships, auto repair, restaurants, hotels, musicians, and just about every niche you can think of is reaching out on Twitter. MySpace Tweeps are everywhere too!

On December 5th, 12th, and 19th, Seasonal Sizzle at Seven in Asheville is going to be a great time of fun and excitement in the Downtown area. From 4-7pm, lots of folks will be checking out the local Asheville restaurant scene and shopping all around Downtown AVL. At 7pm the fireworks will begin to light up the Asheville sky for about 20-30 minutes. These will be AVL "nights to remember", so if you are in the WNC community, make plans to be around!
The City of Asheville, Grove Park Inn, Asheville Chamber and many local businesses and media groups like AskAsheville are working together to make this a very special time for AVL and visitors who wish to spend some time with us. Christmas holidays and days leading up to December 25th are going to be awesome in Asheville. Make plans to come!!!

As a special event, we are holding an Asheville Twitter #avltweetup, Facebook #avlfaceup, Linked In #avllinkup, and MySpace #avlspaceup party at the Grove Park Inn in Elaine's Piano Bar at 8pm on December 5th. After shopping, eating, and enjoying the fireworks at 7pm... head over to enjoy a great networking party with a bunch of friends or friends to be. You do not have to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace to attend, but you very well may want to after this party. Everyone is invited and you can bring your whole group with you.
Elaine's Piano at The Grove Park Inn is putting together some special pricing for the evening, prizes will be given out, and lots of great people will be there, including you! The Mountaintop Musicians and the slamming pianos start playing at 9pm and we are going to bring this Asheville Seasonal Sizzle in with more than a bang. We may even have some of our other local musicians come in and do some Karaoke with us. Maybe you want to sing too?! Fine with us!
Elaine's Piano Bar at the Grove Park Inn is the perfect setting for this great event. Booths, tables, couches, lounge, bar and so much first class space for Asheville to enjoy. On one of my recent visits there, I called it one of Asheville's best kept secrets when it comes to nightlife.
*So make sure you have these dates down in stone:
December 5, 2009
- Downtown Asheville Fireworks at 7pm. Grove Park Inn Elaine's Piano party at 8pm
December 12, 2009 - Downtown Asheville Fireworks at 7pm
December 19, 2009 - Downtown Asheville Fireworks at 7pm - Maybe a Christmas party at Elaine's?? We will see!
If you are on Facebook, you can see the event HERE
Asheville photo taken from Explore Asheville
Article by G Social Media in Asheville

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's - Drinking, Drawing, and Dames in Asheville NC

Host: Corky Bordeaux Music/Arts - Performance
Saturday, October 17, 2009 from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm at Club Eleven in the Grove House on 11 Grove Street, Down Town Asheville, NC Phone: 828-505-1612 Email:

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is a monthly mix of art class and cabaret, with scantily clad burlesque, side show, and vaudeville dames posing for feverishly sketching artists. Local small businesses sponsor prizes for drawing contests such as “draw the model with your favorite vice!”At Dr. Sketchy’s, we don’t care if you picked up a pad yesterday or 50 years ago. Come to drink or to draw. We’re happy to have you.

Asheville Coming Soon Oct 24, 2009

Asheville 350 Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm in Asheville, NC
Email: Web:

People to join us for a rally that show support for addressing climate change. Asheville's 350 event will take place from 2-5 pm with the TIME OF ACTION AT 3:50 PM for a collaborative activity that will be shared with the rest of the world.

Our mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis--to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet.

Our focus is on the number 350--as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. But 350 is more than a number--it's a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.

To tackle climate change we need to move quickly, and we need to act in unison--and 2009 will be an absolutely crucial year. This December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark to craft a new global treaty on cutting emissions. The problem is, the treaty currently on the table doesn't meet the severity of the climate crisis--it doesn't pass the 350 test.

In order to unite the public, media, and our political leaders behind the 350 goal, we're harnessing the power of the internet to coordinate a planetary day of action on October 24, 2009. We hope to have actions at hundreds of iconic places around the world - from the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef to your community - and clear message to world leaders: the solutions to climate change must be equitable, they must be grounded in science, and they must meet the scale of the crisis.

If an international grassroots movement holds our leaders accountable to the latest climate science, we can start the global transformation we so desperately need.

Vertigo Jazz Project, BPL at Emerald Lounge in Asheville

Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 9:30 pm till Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 2:15 am at the Emerald Lounge on 112 N. Lexington Avenue in Asheville, NC

Immediately after the free show on Lexington avenue Saturday, Oct. 24th, Vertigo Jazz Project will keep the party going right next to the stage at Emerald Lounge in Asheville, NC. Be sure to stick around for late night shenanigans with Boone hip hop/funkmasters BPL too! Cost is only $7!

Asheville Parade of Playhomes - Live Auction

Thursday, October 29, 2009 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Asheville Mall - Food Court

Join us at Asheville Mall for a Live Auction of five beautifully crafted playhomes made by local builders! The Auction will be held 6 p.m. on October 29 in the former BDalton location.

Come see these magnificent playhomes on display in the Asheville Mall food court Oct. 15-29, then bid on your favorite at the auction Oct. 29 to give to your child or your favorite children’s charity. Contact Jes Garner at United Way 255-0696 or for details.

Asheville's Hunt for Red October - Scavenger Hunt and Oktoberfest Party

Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm in Asheville, NC.

For Western North Carolina residents looking to join in a fun and challenging community event this fall while helping a local non-profit fulfill its mission can stop searching – at least until Saturday, October 24.

The American Red Cross -- along with Arby’s, Best Buy and Clear Channel Asheville -- is sponsoring a brand new community contest, a scavenger hunt appropriately named “The Hunt for Red October”. All proceeds from the event go to the Asheville-Mountain Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.

What's in it for you? A chance to win four, yes FOUR, 42” flat screen televisions, join the “Hunt for Red October” scavenger hunt on October 24. Teams of four will compete in the city-wide event benefiting Asheville’s local Red Cross chapter. Entry fee is $25 per person for a 4-person team, and each member of winning team gets a flat screen courtesy of Best Buy.

The fun begins at 10 AM with the city-wide hunt. Following the scavenger hunt there will be an Oktoberfest Party taking place at the Red Cross Chapter on 100 Edgewood Rd in Asheville, where results will be collected, tallied, the winners announced and the prizes distributed!

There’s only a couple weeks left for registration at or to register, you can click on the link below:

Get your hunt on!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where I Live, Folks Know How To Act Right

Here is a short story/blog that Cynn Chadwick posted on her blog and sent over to Ask Asheville. Moody Cove is in the Reems Creek Valley (Community) of Weaverville NC, which is about 20 miles from Downtown Asheville.

Up Moody Cove

My walk up Moody Cove takes me past a wide swatch of what used to be a tobacco field; soon it’ll corral some horses and a barn, and that makes me happier than the development it had once threatened to become years ago. On my right is the fast rising ridge of a piney covered mountain that walls the holler like a fortress, making it night at the end of the cove before it goes dark anywhere else. After I pass the seven acre field, I come to Jerry’s. He’s my neighbor with the two pretty black horses. They are especially stunning against a snowy pasture. He also has about a half a dozen beagles, hunting dogs, out in their pens who howl as we approach, and stop when we go by, but the rounds of their barking echo up and down the cove for a long time after we’ve passed. Jerry and I always wave and often chat, sometimes about the weather, the prospects of the tobacco field, his horses, and my books. Jerry doesn’t know what kind of books I write, but somebody’d told him I was an author and so he always asks how many are ya up to?

Eugene's barn
It’s another few acres of fields before I get to Eugene’s place. Eugene’s family has owned the land for generations, and Eugene lived here with his mama and granny till they both passed away, back to back, within weeks of each other. He lives there now with other family members and his girlfriend. I didn’t meet Eugene on the cove road, though, I met him at the Ingles grocery store where he’s been a bagger since he was in high school. We didn’t know we were neighbors until we realized that Eugene went to high school with my son Sam. When I learned he lived up the cove in the house whose barn I like to paint pictures of, I gave Eugene a painting of his barn. Once, he stopped his car in the middle of the road and talked to me for a long time while we waited for a stranger (unusual out here) to pass; I’d told Eugene that the shady looking fella had seemingly come out of nowhere and had been following me since I’d turned back toward home. Eugene stayed right there on the road till the fella was well out of sight and before I continued on my way home.

Snowball Mountain
I’ve lived where I live for over twenty years now. I have watched Snow Ball Mountain change every color of every season right before my very eyes as I swing on my porch. I know which bunnies huddle in which part of the hedge that circles my yard. I know when a raccoon has been in my cherry tree. I know when Rodney’s goats are hungry, and when that crazy gal who sees dead people comes along the elbow of our road from the other neighborhood by the way Doug’s dogs start barking and won’t quit till she’s made her round with her tubby black Lab in tow. I know the different pitches of the coyote family that lives along the ridge above me, and I can hear the old couple all the way across the creek yell at each other on Saturday nights, and then go off to church every Sunday morning. Where I live, I can tell you what time my neighbor Lyda goes to bed by which lights go off in her house. I know when Bryson, up the way, goes to milk his cows by the sound of his old truck squeaking and huffing by my house. I know every car that pulls up my lane because there’s no way out, and so if you’re not from around here, you’re either visiting or lost.
...Read the rest of the story HERE

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fox-Elipsus in Asheville #avlmusic

From: Fox-Elipsus Asheville: I'm from Oxford, England, and I'm trying to bring important and meaningful songs to music, like John Lennon did.

This year I'm playing 400 FREE shows! I am playing a free show in Asheville NC on Tuesday! My show is THIS TUE 13TH Oct at 7pm at Starbucks (62 Charlotte St). I also have shows in Nashville (Sat), Huntsville (Sun, 1pm), Chattanooga (Sun, 7pm), Knoxville (Mon) and Kingsport (Wed) if those are closer.

Please come if you can and bring friends, they'll love it & I need the support. Show how much Asheville supports music! Hear the music: go to then click "become a fan." Then click "suggest to friends", share the love & peace! My 2 double-CDs are available for $10 at or e-mail

Friday, October 9, 2009

Asheville WNC Foster/Adopt Fall Festival on November 14, 2009

Event: The WNC Foster/Adopt Fall Festival brought to you by Buncombe County DSS and WNC Foster Care Agencies

Where: The Coleman Place - 3rd floor of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce 36 Montford Avenue in downtown Asheville

When: Saturday, November 14th, 2009, from 2 – 5 pm  (Drop in anytime)


• Learn how to become a foster and/or adoptive parent;

• Find out more about children who need a family right now;

• Talk to families who have fostered and adopted;

• Talk to youth who are (or who have been) in the system;

• Bring your own kids – there will be arts & crafts activities for them, face painting and light snacks.

** Admission – and parking – are FREE! **

The WNC Foster/Adopt Fall Festival in Asheville North Carolina

Children who age out of foster care without being adopted have a very high chance of ending up homeless or in the prison system within a year after leaving the foster care system. Why? Because children need caring, stable adults in their lives to support them in making a healthy transition to adulthood! Come learn how you can change a child’s life forever.

This year’s Foster/Adopt Fall Festival will be held at the Coleman Place – which is on the 3rd floor of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce – on Saturday, November 14th from 2-5 in the afternoon. The event is hosted by the Buncombe County Department of Social Services and WNC foster care agencies. Sponsors include: Volvo, Printville, and Mountain to Sea Aquatics.

This fun, free event focuses on increasing community awareness of all the multitude of ways in which people can help kids – including foster care, adoption, therapeutic respite, mentoring, sponsoring, etc. Anyone who wants to work for or with children is bound to have a good time!

There is a strong emphasis on finding foster and adoptive homes. But by inviting both the general public and the participating agencies to interact, network, and learn from each other, we hope that there will be an overall increase in understanding of how we can all help children – whether it’s through adoption, fostering, supporting, or our choice of careers. It is through this sort of community collaboration that the children have the best hope of finding themselves supported by loving and understanding foster/adoptive homes and by quality services.

Popular sections of the Foster/Adopt Fall Festival include:

1. The main “General Information” area – where agencies from across WNC will set up tables and provide information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

2. An area of “Child-Specific Recruitment” – where people can learn more about the children who are currently needing adoptive homes. This area will feature the children’s photos, their profiles…and their social workers will also be in attendance to speak with families directly.

3. An opportunity to “Talk to a Family Right Here” – a popular section that is staffed by foster and adoptive parents so that people can talk to a family about what the experience is like.

4. And, of course, a fun “Kids Area” – complete with arts & crafts, face painting, music, light snacks, and more.

We hope that this will be a way for people interested in adoption to learn more, have their questions answered, and possibly even learn about a child who belongs in their lives.

We hope that you – and 20 of your best friends – can stop by!

Please call me anytime for more information!

Erica Jourdan,
Recruitment Specialist, Buncombe County DSS
828-775-2404 or email:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Southern Fried Blues Society - Asheville October 11th and 18th

On behalf of Southern Fried Blues Society, I'm very excited to tell you that our 2nd annual Blues Challenges will be taking place the next two Sundays in Asheville NC. Here's the scoop:

On Sunday, Oct 11th, the Solo/Duo Blues Challenge will be held at Tressa's Downtown Jazz & Blues 28 Broadway in Asheville. Doors open at 3p and cover charge is $5 for the general public and $3 for SFBS members. This is a bargain, as you'll be entertained by up to 6 regional and local area Solo/Duo Blues Artists. They will be competing in this judged competition for a place at the prestigious 27th Annual International Blues Challenge to be held in Memphis, TN Jan 20-23rd 2010.

On Sunday, Oct 18th, the Band Blues Challenge will be held at Mo Daddy's Bar and Grill 77 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville. Doors open at 4p and the cover charge is $5 for the general public and $3 for SFBS members as well. Again, this is quite a bargain since you'll be entertained by up to 6 regional and local Blues Bands. They will also be competing in this judged competition for a place at the prestigious 27th Annual International Blues Challenge to be held in Memphis, TN Jan 20-23rd 2010.

Cover charges go directly toward the winning Solo/Duo Artist and Blues Band's traveling expenses to Memphis. In these hard economic times, we thank you in advance for supporting the careers of these fine and deserving artists who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate.

The atmosphere on both afternoons will be non-smoking and your silence as an audience member during the time they are each playing their 20 minute sets, to 3 judges who are local and regional industry leaders is appreciated. Please come out in support of your newly formed Blues Society and help us become even more viable and instrumental to uplifting our region's music community and community at large. Prove that the Blues are alive in this area!

Playin it forward, Southern Fried Blues Society and

Monday, October 5, 2009

David Gans - Coming To Asheville 10/15 - Music at MoDaddy's

David Gans, a musician from Oakland California, and Friends play at MoDaddy's on October 15, 2009. Show starts at 9 pm. Earlier that day, David will also be on WNCW radio.

David Gans is coming to Pittsboro NC, to the Shakori Hill festival hosted by Donna the Buffalo. After that he is headed Durham to meet some friends, and then to Asheville NC for the show at MoDaddys on October 15th.

Jay Sanders of Donna the Buffalo, Bobby Miller of Virginia Daredevils, and Bill Cardine are some of the local Asheville talent that will be a part of the David Gans musical event on Oct 15, 2009 at MoDaddy's (about 100 feet up the street from the Orange Peel) .

David Tours alone but loves to contact his local connections in the different areas where he is playing. I would say that is an awesome example of being a musical networker: Coming into a City like Asheville and many others and using the local talent that he is connected with. David has played at Stella Blue, Grey Eagle, and many other spots in Asheville over the years. It has been a few years since he has been in the area and is excited about visiting Asheville again. He says: “I am very fond of Western North Carolina, the hills, the beauty...”. I mentioned to him how Erykah Badu was recently in the area and how she was giving Asheville all sorts of props via her Twitter handle (FatBellyBella).

Sample David Gans music:
View his main Website:
Connect with David on Twitter:
Don't forget Facebook:

After David leaves Asheville, he is heading to do a few house concerts in the Atlanta area, a coffee house in Cullman Alabama, and then a 4 day music festival in Live Oak Florida. For more info about the Florida festival, please visit:

*Thank you to Erin of DreamSpider for the connection! Interview by Gary of GSocialMedia.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Benefit for Concerts4Charity at Pisgah Brewing

Come join Soulgrass Rebellion and The E-Normous Trio this Saturday Oct 3rd at Pisgah Brewing Company. This is a benefit concert for Concerts4Charity and their new film project. They will be filming the event... so bring out your best... wear your freak flag and be part of the film!

Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 6:00pm - 10:00pm at Pisgah Brewing Company on 150 Eastside Drive in Black Mountain, NC (Just 10 minutes East of Asheville)

Jason Sabbides presents New Work in Asheville

Sabbides’ oil on canvas paintings are curiously reminiscent of the daring display of figural compositions that were so much a part of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. The bewitching magic of Da Da and Surrealist artist Max Ernst and the fantastic idealistic landscapes so prominent in the Renaissance Netherlander painters such as Hieronymus Bosch or Peter Bruegel also dominate Sabbides’ work. Similar to Bosch, his work is based on a unique world that he has created. He brings rich color and excruciating details of his imagination to life in his contemporary depictions of a capricious environment through a new technique blending Renaissance glazing techniques of the Old Masters with modern methods. Through processes of underpainting in grisaille (an initial monochromatic layer) followed by glazed and scumbled layers of color, the forms are given the luminosity and timeless three-dimensionality of Renaissance works while evoking a extraordinarily magical, mythic, and surreal human existence.

Friday, October 2, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm at Pump Gallery at Phil Mechanic Studios at 109 Roberts Street in Asheville. Phone: 8282542166 Email:

Brushfire Stankgrass at Wild Wing Cafe in Asheville

After a brief hiatus we're back in action Friday night (10-2-09) at the Wild Wing Cafe in Downtown Asheville. Show should start around 9:30pm and there is no cover. This is our first actual gig at Wild Wing and we'd love to show them what Stankgrass shows are all about. So come on out, even if it's for a little while, and let 'em know you're there to see brushfire!Also, we've been working on adding new music over at We just finished posting our 8-7-09 show from the French Broad Brewery featuring Matt Williams on violin. Definitely worth checking out! Hopefully we'll have a trio show we played at the French Broad Brewery from back in January featuring Phil Barker on the Mandolin (Town Mountain) up soon as well as our set at the Orange Peel from the Last Band Standing contest. Still working out the bugs... See you Friday!

Friday, October 2, 2009 at 9:30pm till Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 1:00am at Wild Wing Cafe on Biltmore Ave Asheville, NC

Asheville Green Drinks

On October 2nd Asheville Green Drinks will be holding a Brainstorming session to discuss all things Green Drinks. This will be a audience discussion so come and talk with us about your ideas, getting involved, sustainability in the community, whats important, whats not and help us create a stronger green community.

Friday, October 2, 2009 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm at Bobo Gallery 22 Lexington Ave. Asheville, NC

Beauty Through Cancer in Asheville North Carolina

What better way to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month than to introduce Beauty Through Cancer to the City of Asheville. Join members of our organization, Board of Directors and volunteers as well as Mayor Terry Bellamy and other City Officials as we celebrate "Beauty Through Cancer" day in Asheville. The day will begin with businesses from all over the Western North Carolina Area donating a pledged amount of at least $1 for every customer, client, or patient they serve on October 1st to Beauty Through Cancer. You can see a list of businesses on our website that are generously supporting Beauty Through Cancer on this important day. "You could be one" !!!!!! The day will culminate in our Grand Opening - Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and party from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. on October 1st at our office located at 131 McDowell St Suite 202 Asheville, NC

Enjoy food by Chef in Motion, Wine by WineStyles, Beer provided by Highland Brewing, door prizes, raffle prizes, live music by Clear Water Connections, chair massage from Gary Lloyd of West Asheville Massage and Healing Arts and more.... as you mingle with elected officials, community leaders, business professionals and the community at large.

Meet our volunteers, board of directors and hear inspiring stories of cancer battles and survivorship! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you. Join us on October 1st, 2009

If your business would like to make a pledge to join our celebration of giving please call our office at 828-252-8558 for a pledge form! or email | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |