Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet the Judges for Asheville Pizza Wars

The Asheville Pizza Wars are on August 14th at the Garage at Biltmore. The ticket price includes pizza from a dozen local restaurants in and around Asheville NC, and also unlimited beer samples from 3 different local breweries: Craggie, Highland and French Broad.

Here are the nominated judges according to their Twitter Identification:

1. @DaniKnowsWine - I drink, I eat, I listen to a lot of music. Then I write about it.
2. @h0zae - Husband, Daddy, Casual Nerd.
3. @fobes - publisher, gardener, promoter of active, thoughtful, networked citizenry (Local matters!)
4. @edgymama - Columnist and journalist on the parenting, beer and business beats.
5. @michaelfmuller - I like smoking, drinking and ordering in restaurants.
6. @bouchonaville - Bouchon is French Comfort Food in the Paris of the South--Asheville NC
7. @AVLDiscountCard - Asheville, NC is an amazing place to work, live or visit! Asheville Discount Card is trying to bring savings to the Area.
8. @SocialLifeAVL - I got a story to tell, listen to it from my eyes
9. @BlogAsheville - Collaborative news, fun and info for Asheville NC.
10. @Ashevegas - blogger, photographer, writer, reporter
11. @sugarjaime - I am the owner of Sugar Momma's Cookies in downtown Asheville, spreading peace and happiness through cookies.
12. @JustInTheSouth - Social Media Evangelist. Entrepreneur. Blogger. Lover of the RedSox. Champion of Non-Profits.
13. @Hume_Foodie - Foodie at heart! I am from the West Cost city of Portland OR. I am currently the Food and Beverage Coordinator at the Grove Park Inn.
14. @PushProduction - Asheville fashionista
15. @Reinkster - Local home brewer in the AVL area
16. @FPJAsheville - Families Pursuing Justice - non profit 501c3 - combination of family members of cold case homicide victims, police, social workers, family, friends.

And last but not least, we have asked "@AshevilleFoodie - All things foodie" to be the main judge of the evening to tally up the scores and present them to the public.

@AVLCustomCloset and @MotherNos will be moderating assistants to Asheville Foodie.

You can get your tickets by clicking: Garage at Biltmore

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Reinkster said...

Thank you everyone, you rock. Judging this was a blast!


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