Friday, October 22, 2010

I’m Elvis; Yes, I’m back, and I'm waiting for My Forever Home.

Hello, I am Elvis and I have been at Brother Wolf’s Adoption Center for way too long. Let’s get it straight; I’m not perfect. I got a few quirks. But, who doesn’t? Nevertheless, I’m a hound dog; so, like the other Elvis, I like to sing and sometimes that bothers some people. I don’t know why because I sing almost as good as the famous Elvis; I definitely don’t cry and I’m much more than just a hound dog.

I am also a bit aloof, but you would be too, if you’ve had my life. I don’t like cats that much, and trucks, bicycles or motorcycles are not my favorite things, either. They get me really excited and I want to go chasing after them. And, lastly, I’m pretty tall, so I can jump low fences if you just leave me outside to fend for myself. So, there you have it, these are all of my shortcomings.

Now, let’s talk about my good points, shall we? I’m very handsome, if I may say so myself. I make a great running or walking companion… I love to go on walks; and if my walkers could be runners, I would be in heaven; but I am perfectly content to go for walks. I especially love hiking and go on hikes with the Outward Hounds Hiking Club most Wednesdays.

I really love people, but they haven’t been that kind to me that’s why I’m a bit aloof. However, from time to time, I can’t contain my true self and I find myself kissing and loving on folks. Let’s keep it between us though; I have a reputation to maintain. I am sure that if I knew you would love me tender; and, I would immediately know I couldn’t stop loving you.

But, wait there is more good stuff. I also get along with other dogs just fine, thank you very much! This is big, you know; there are so many dogs that don’t seem to get along with other dogs. I don’t get it, but that’s the way it is. Not with me, though. I like my friends and I’ve had many playmates here at Brother Wolf.

All of these good qualities would make you think that someone would adopt me. Well, unfortunately, easy come, easy go and so they have; and they have brought me back because of my sins. That’s why I started this conversation by sharing them with you.

I would do just fine with someone who could take me running, hiking or walking and tire me out. I would sleep for the rest of the day until the evening walk or run, and probably wouldn’t feel like singing, jumping or chasing cats. But, with me, you have to have time. I have to be always in your mind and I will love you so, you won’t be all shook up.

So, if you are lonesome tonight, if you are so lonesome you could cry, know I am lonesome too but there is no need for it, just stop by Brother Wolf and bring me home with you. I can’t stop believing that it will be any day now when I will get my forever home; just remember, I need you so. I am a hound dog, but I’m much more than that; let me be the one for you forever, not just for tonight.

Brother Wolf’s adoption center is located at 31 Glendale Ave, just off of Swannanoa River Rd., between Biltmore Avenue and Tunnel Road. Call 505-3440 for more info or email

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