Friday, April 17, 2009

'A Number' by the NC Stage Co till 5/3/9'

A Number, by Caryl Churchill, runs through May 3rd at NC Stage in downtown Asheville. "Your parents always told you that you were unique. What if they lied?"

In A Number, a lonely father is confronted by his grown sons with the improbable truth of their origin. Caryl Churchill's tense play is only nominally about the ethical issues of cloning. More importantly, she uses this issue on the cutting edge of science to explore the nature of family and our understanding of our own humanity.

The Evening Standard wrote of the original production: "A Number by Caryl Churchill is the first true play of the 21st century. It's an hour-long experiment in prediction, a meditation upon identity, a sort of nightmare imagining of what the magic of science, in relation to cloning, may one day require of our hearts and minds."

Read more about the play at the North Carolina Stage Company. or get tickets at

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