Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It’s another funky party up in BootyBandLand! Sept 24-27th

In a chill spot called Booty Band Land, musicians and artists will flourish through an epic celebration not to be missed… or forgotten. This festival was created to provide an affordable and interactive, yet top-quality event that will showcase the excellent emerging artists in the region, as well as some world-class greats. Having the festival in the breathtaking Tennessee mountains, at the perfect time of year, only makes it that much better. Explore the website to check out the incredible lineup, the funky theme camps, the Saturday night effigy burning of the Booty mama, DJs, art and craft, performance artists and so much more. Then, make your plans for Booty Band Land! There will also be a Bootygras Masquerade, so your costume and boogie!

Date, Times, & Details: The festival will start on Thursday, September 14th for those lucky enough to make it, with music starting at 6pm and continuing on all three stages until the early AM. Booty Band Land will rock a FOUR-day weekend through Sunday September 27th, with music on three stages. Ticket process stated off low with early bord being $59, They are $79 at the gate and extra perks are available to purchase. Booty Band Land is going to be held at The Sneedville Yacht Club Ranch, located at 343 Lawson Road in Sneedville, TN 37869. It is about 2 hours from Asheville, 1 hour from Knoxville. Call for more info: 404-255-6100.

Festival Performers include (bands in bold have members living in Asheville area): Two sets of Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band on Friday and Saturday nights; The Big Ol Nasty Get Down closing out the festival on Sunday night; two night of Donna the Buffalo (Thurs and Fri); Sipe, Sears, and Fountain (WNC); Gent Treadly & Steven Molitz (NYC); Mad Tea Party (Asheville), The Asheville Horns (Avl); Eymarel (Avl); Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (Avl); Jen and the Juice (Avl), Electrofunkadelica (San Francisco), Sci Fi (Wilmington); the Mantra’s (Greensboro); Stereofidelics (Avl); Danny Bedrosian’s Secret Army (Tallahesse); Ga Na Si Ta (Knoxville), the Soular System (Tallahassee), Lefty Williams Band (Atlanta); Hot Politics (Greensboro); Dot Line Projekt (Atlanta); Agobi Project (Avl); Wezooga; BPL (Boone); Tennessee Jed (AVl); Rollin in the Hay (Birmingham); Bums Lie (Charlotte); Matt Williams and the Ocean (Avl); Susannah Masarie (Atlanta/Boone); Blue Haired Ladies (Atlanta), and more . . .

About the Venue: The Sneedville Yacht Club Ranch is located in Sneedville, TN. This is about 2 hours from Asheville and definitely worth the trek. Sneedville Yacht Club Ranch is a beautiful 135-acre farm located on the Clinch River in the mountains of NE Tennessee. Along with camping, disk golf, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking are also available.

Theme camps will be encouraged at Booty Band Land. A theme camp is a group of people collaborating to camp together and create a common theme to present to the Booty Band Land participants at large through services, activities, a great place to hang out, art, performances, etc. Just about anything goes and the themes and offerings span a wide range. A theme camp could center on a dance club, a bar, a classroom, a chill crash space, a stage for wild performances, an amazing art installation, etc. Creativity rules!

Theme camps often provides their own water, power, building equipment, labor, etc. And everything that comes in, goes out, leaving no trace. PERIOD! Theme camps will often also have their own schedule of events, classes, presentations, etc. A theme camp doesn’t have to be big. It could be three friends camped around their art project or the base that launches a mobile theme camp or troops carrying services out into the city.

Other items scheduled: Morning & Evening Yoga, The High Noon Patriots discussion session, a 12 step community support… maintain your clean lifestyle while supporting others, Workshops hosted by Al Al on Bass, Jeff Sipe on Drums and Lefty Williams on Guitar, and early morning DHJs for those wanting to party til Sunrise with the Booty Band! Johnny Blue Ray will also be filming a DVD of the entire event

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Booty Band Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKqR3-8oicE

Come on out and shake your booty!

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Asheville said...

Looks like the makings of a great musical event, and only 2 hours from Asheville.

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