Friday, March 18, 2011

The Water Corner Opens on Fairview Road

Matthew Westerman has opened up a space on Fairview Rd. where people can learn the benefits of restructured water. Restructuring water separates it into two parts; one is more acidic, giving it antibacterial properties, making it good for things like cleaning and sterilizing surfaces without harsh chemicals. The other part is more alkaline and provides important antioxidant properties when you drink it.

Matthew offers free demonstrations at The Water Corner Monday through Friday between 3:30 and 7:00 pm. In just a few minutes, he'll explain the benefits of restructured water and show you exactly how it works. Here's a little bit of what Matthew has to say about the water:

"This water is micro-clustered(allowing greater absorption of minerals and oxygen and increase in the rate of 'acidic waste' being removed from the body). It is high in bio available alkaline minerals(which aid our bodies' ability to perform numerous biological functions) and has a high concentration of much needed anti-oxidants in the form of "free" electrons. I have always sought a simple method of giving my body what it needs to stay healthy and fight disease and when I found this, I tried it,and knew that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. So I opened The Water Corner. I am now 38 and feeling younger everyday. The first thing I noticed was relief from early carpal tunnel and then more energy and clarity.

At The Water Corner we share water and information about the properties of other water people are drinking everyday and a little bit about how our bodies work.
This technology originated in Japanese hospitals in 1974 and has finally made it's way to the US .Millions of people around the world have been enjoying the benefits of drinking Alkaline Ionized Water and now you can too."

In addition to offering demonstrations and information, The Water Corner offers a water club, allowing you to come by and purchase water for use at home or in your office. Every month some of the proceeds from the sale of the water go to a different charity; stop by this month and you'll be helping out Helpmate, a local organization that offers services to abused women and their families.

On a more personal note, I'm a skeptic about almost everything, but it's hard to argue with the evidence I've seen and the clear, concise information Matthew offered when I visited the store. The water is worth drinking for flavor if nothing else; it has a crisp, clean taste, like something out of a high mountain spring.

The Water Corner is located at 802 Fairview Rd in Asheville, right next to the Bikram Yoga Studio across from the Bi-Lo shopping center. Visit Matthew's web site at, give him a call at (828) 335-1225 or email him at for more information or if you have any questions.

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