Friday, August 5, 2011

Park Ridge Weekly Events

Park Ridge Weekly Events for 8/8/-8/14-Free Health Screenings with the Park Ridge WOW Van: Vision Screening: Vision screenings are for near-sightedness, color acuity and macular degeneration. Friday, 8/12, Wal-mart, 50 Highlands Square, Hendersonville, 2-5pm. EKG and Blood Pressure: EKG suggested for those with cardiovascular disease, family history of heart problems, high blood pressure, smokers, and diabetics. Please wear clothing to access chest area. Tuesday, 8/10, Food Lion Hendersonville, 800 Greenville Hwy, 1-4pm. Support Group: Alzheimer's Association Henderson County Caregivers Support Group: Care for persons with dementia is available for those who can function in a social setting without their caregiver for over an hour. Please call Sally Griffin at 828.808.8635 for more information. Tuesday, 8/9, Carolina Baptist Association Office, 601 Hebron Road, Hendersonville, 10-11am. Baby Place: Childbirth Class: Eager to learn but juggling a frantic schedule? Our childbirth class is also available as a one-day session. This is the same interactive format that involves mom and dad. We'll start with ailments that can crop up during pregnancy. We'll then move on to what happens when you're in labor-including how to recognize when it starts-as well as delivery options ranging from low-intervention to natural to traditional childbirth. Finally, moms and dads will learn how to take care of their new bundles of joy. They'll also get a chance to tour the new Baby Place where they'll welcome their baby into the world. This class covers the cost of the Breastfeeding class that is held on scheduled Tuesdays at 6pm. (see breastfeeding class schedule). Bring to class 3 pillows and a baby doll or stuffed animal. Monday, 8/8, Park Ridge Health, 100 Hospital Drive, Hendersonville, 9am-4pm.

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