Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beer City Fest in Asheville - because we have won!

Despite all of the wonder on how "Asheville" could win the Beer City USA title, we did win. How could a City the size of AVL beat other bigger cities with 10 times the amount of people? The Craft Beer subculture in the area is tremendous. We brew, home brew, drink, celebrate, enjoy, party and have fun. These are not your average beer drinkers either. Boutique brew puts a whole new light on the subject. With advocates such as Barley's Taproom, Bruisin Ales, Highland Brewing and so many others popping up on the scene; Asheville continues to grow as the Brew Mecca. Asheville??? Yes... Asheville!!!

Here are some video clips from the recent Beer City Fest at Pack Square Park in downtown AVL.

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