Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi, I'm Koda; I'm Handsome & Looking for my Forever Home

I am a strong and loving fellow. I love people and love to play with other dogs. They say I'm an alpha male, whatever that means. I just know that I like to be respected because I respect others, people and dogs. I think respect is important in life. I guess that's why I listen and obey and I am house and leash trained. My volunteer walkers tell me I'm the smartest of the bunch because I sit and shake and go down and do all the funny little things people want me to do. I am here (on earth) to please, what can I say. I enjoy how these small things I do make people so happy... like it was a big deal.

My volunteer walkers also tell me I've been at Brother Wolf way too long. They think I am too smart and good to always be passed on. But they treat me nice here at Brother Wolf and I am thankful... so I tell my walkers not too worry; I know my forever home is out there and my family will come soon. Between us, though, the truth is I would love to find my forever home soon. I am well-adjusted and flexible. Whatever comes my way, I am happy. That's the way it should be. Why fret about what you can't change. But, it sure would be really nice to have a family I can call mine. A lot of my friends have been adopted and I patiently wait because I know my turn will come. I think that's what people call faith.

I know the right home is out there. I can't wait to cuddle up with my family and watch TV and go for walks and just play and have fun.

I am wondering... would that be you?
You can meet Koda at Brother Wolf. He is such a good boy. Come and meet him and take him for a walk. Give him a chance. He is an amazingly loving dog. Once trust is established he is simply the best. Bonus: We'll pet sit for you if you have to go out of town.

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Lori Klein said...

What a sweet beautiful boy. I'd take him in a heartbeat, but I have an alpha male German shepherd, and he tends to be very protective. Not sure he would welcome Koda.

I'll retweet.

Lizette Pirtle said...

Thanks Lori... Koda is so special. He loves Star and we often bring him here for play days and take him on outings. Always perfectly behaved... always fun, always respectful and he puts up with Star's puppy drive to play all the time :-)

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