Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Constance Ensner in Asheville NC reaches out

I have a little history at Constance Boutique in Asheville North Carolina. I remember the "good old days" when the economy was wonderful and I used to stop by there every other week to grab a special gift for a friend of mine to wear. We used to stop by the shop in downtown AVL on a Friday or Saturday evening, have a glass of wine, listen to some great music, and the ladies would play "dress up" for grown ups, lol. It was like a small community meetup based around friendship, good times, wine, music and awesome clothing. Not just any clothes either. Constance always made sure she had a premium selection, which is a market that suffered greatly in this current economy. I even heard that she had been designing her own clothing line. This is her life and this is what she loves to do. She has 3 shops located in the Asheville area. One is right across from the public library in downtown Asheville called Context, the other is in Biltmore Village (which was flooded years ago when she first opened,) and the third store is in South Asheville right across the parking lot from Pomodoros Cafe. It is hard to hear about anyone stuck in a bad position and having to do what they can to protect their business and life, and we reach out in full support of Constance Ensner and her business. Please do the same.

From Constance herself:
"Just making sure the spin doesn't go awry in light of the current buzz over my chapter 13 filing, which was actually several months ago. One of the hardest decisions ever....... but one i had to make in order to stay in biz while anticipating better times. So would you spread the word.... wide!..... that all 3 of my stores are emphatically open? The good news is that business is picking back up...... the last 3 months have been so much busier. So let's all stay out there and continue to support the local economy and make sure Asheville doesn't lose any of it's unique and hard working enterpreneurs, right?"

Constance Boutique

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Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Constance has always been a great person in the Asheville community and we hope everything works out for her and the business.

Davyne Dial said...

Constance's boutiques have always had to most stylish designs. You can step into any event, anywhere in the world in one of her items. We need innovative people like her. Hard times always clear the wheat from the bet is Constance will survive.

r. brooke priddy said...

Constance is the personification of style and grace - her presence makes this town endlessly more appealing. | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |