Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello Asheville; Hows the water?

Hello Asheville. I begin my AskAsheville blogging adventure with the hopes of providing readers with useful information and insights of value on a subject that has been my passion for many years; Fresh Water. Fresh water throughout Asheville is distributed, for the most part via three primary transmission lines; 16”, 24” & 36”. They are fed from two reservoirs; North Fork and Bee Tree. Some of this system is pretty close to 100 years old.

The picture below is of a leak on one of these primary lines. Granted the entire system has a lot of leaks, some of which are greater than this one. This one is unique in that the line surfaces in some local woods between Black Mountain & Asheville and that it has been leaking for a long time. I first came across this leak almost 6 years ago. This leak has been reported to and investigated by the Asheville Water Maintenance Department several times at my request.

I have recently calculated the measurable flow rate of this leak at approximately ½ gallon per minute. By measurable I mean what I can catch in a receptacle; which is clearly not all of what is leaking from the joint of this pipe. The loss of water from this leak alone calculates to at least 262,800 gallons per year! OMG!

Call me strange but these are the kinds of things that keep me awake at night. Maybe I can open a water bottling company and send this water to places in the world where they need and appreciate the value of Fresh Water?

Wait, did i say bottled water? Now that’s a whole n’other topic we’ll delve into later.

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gordonsmithforasheville said...

The good news is that Asheville is in the middle of sinking $30m into repairing the aging water system.

The bad news is that 262,800 gallons a year is an olympic sized problem.

Thanks for your post. Good info.

Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

I cant believe that! That much out of one little leak. AquaPro to the rescue. Thanks Chris. These people need to get with you to learn how to save some real water. Love your new products too. | AskAsheville Youtube | Follow AskAsheville on Twitter |